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The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past

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Step mom isn't the only one with a secret

I didn't feel that the sex in this movie was inspiring or memorable. There is a threesome but no roughness or other variety. Audio problems in the first half of the movie detracted even more from the enjoyment of this movie.
Beautiful actors, an ok plot
vanilla sex, loud scenes, audio problems
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This movie is about a stepmother, Julia Ann, with a secret past and her stepdaughter, Gracie Glam, who openly resents and despises her.

There were serious audio problems throughout this movie, but especially in the beginning, as the music is loud and characters are randomly loud or impossible to hear.

Only after the movie is completely over do we see the 'Play Feature' link, at least on this reviewer's laptop. When the movie is first inserted, only the scene selection menu is shown. Also available on the menu that should have displayed in the beginning is a link to a slideshow of promo pics.

I - Gracie Glam, James Dean
The movie opens with James Dean and Gracie Glam discussing her stepmother and the problems she has with her. Its difficult to hear what they are saying in this scene. The audio quality is terrible. This turns into the first sex scene - three minutes into the movie. Their scene begins with kissing and him fingering her. Then he is given a handjob and blow job. She looks very skilled and enthusiastic about the blow job. Then its her turn for oral. She is loud no matter what is happening. He finishes on her abdomen then re-enters her for a few more minutes.

II - Julia Ann, Tommy Gunn
In the next scene, Julia Ann admires herself in the mirror as Tommy Gunn, her new husband, looks on. The music is loud but their talking is low and difficult to hear. Almost immediately they are at it. It begins with a blow job, various positions, a pause for more blow job, more positions, another blow job, still more positions and a blow job finish. He comes in her mouth during the final blow job. The scene closes with a minute of cuddling. This is a great scene for lovers of blow jobs.

Tommy then greets James and Gracie as they arrive. James sees Julia on the staircase and is instantly mesmerized, staring at her like she's a vision. Light effects make it appear like we are seeing Julia in heaven. The mesmerization is apparently mutual. Gracie is obviously unhappy to be there.

James gets up in the middle of the night and Julia enters the kitchen wearing a sexy nightie. How appropriate! She offers him a drink to help with his insomnia. She gives him give-it-to-me eyes, running her finger around the rim of her glass all the while they drink. Gracie, realizing that James isn't still in bed, goes looking for him and is not pleased to find him with Julia. Julia seems far from a loving step mom. She doesn't seem warm or protective or motherly toward Gracie. Gracie is openly hostile toward Julia in return.

III - Nina Hartley, Christian, Gracie Glam
This scene opens with Nina Hartley and Christian in bed talking about how Gracie is late. While Julia doesn't treat Gracie like a daughter, Nina is quite motherly toward her which is a little odd since they're all having a threesome. Nina wears a black garter the goes up to her waist, as though she needs something to emphasize her age. After some exchange of oral, Nina mounts Christian and is loud as can be all the while. She kept the garter belt on through the whole scene. It could be that she needed the tummy control.

Gracie sees a glamour pic of Julia and learns her big secret. Christian also shares that he is certain Julia will not be faithful. He's right. And clearly, the step apple doesn't fall far from the step tree. Julia and Gracie have a bit more in common than Gracie thinks.

Julia enters James' room to talk. She suggests that they finish the nightcap they started, but before he can respond, she's kissing him. Her plans are interrupted when Gracie comes home.

Later Gracie confronts Julia with what she's just learned. Julia manages to turn the situation around and maintains the upper hand.

IV - Julia Ann, James Dean
Julia fakes illness to arrange for Gracie to take her husband to the airport so she can be alone with James. And so begins their scene. It ends when James comes in Julia's mouth during a blowjob. This is the second of two scenes with Julia that ended this way. In this case, the scene went on so long that I wondered whether James was just unable to come for some reason. But it takes him less than a minute to finish by blow job. Julia must have mad oral skills.
I would like to say that the sex scenes were arousing, but I can't. Strangely, the three ever so brief parts that did the most for me were a one second long time when we see James from the side with a full erection, a minute of time during the threesome when Gracie is receiving oral from Nina as Gracie gives Christian a hand job and lastly Julia, wearing a tight, sexy dress, sitting down on the stairs and unintentionally revealing her pussy as James and she kiss. Other than these very brief instances, the sex seemed quite ordinary. A point can be given for a plot that doesn't end with the first scene however.

Something about the threesome scene bothered me. I don't think its the age differences. I've seen enough other porn movies with large age differences that didn't bother me. Perhaps its too jarring to see Nina outside of her Tuesdays with Nina videos. All the while I watched this scene it felt like I was listening to pieces of those videos. For example, Nina says of Gracie, "She'll get all the foreplay she needs." I've been wanting to see Nina in a movie for a while. I seriously doubt this is her best scene.

I've concluded that full length porn movies will never give me what I want - teasing and seduction first, rather than plunging straight into sex. Its the lead up to sex that is so erotic. This movie, like many others, didn't have nearly enough of that.
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  • SiNn
    nice review ty for it
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    Thanks for the review.
  • I'll Miss You EF :(
    I wanted SO bad to like the Nina Hartley scene, but I could not.
  • Tuesday
    SGCris, My thought exactly.
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