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Tuesdays with Nina

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The old saying goes, “Them that can, do; them that can’t, teach,” but sometimes there’s that one in a million who can do both—and SexIs has her. Each week, adult actress, activist, auteur and legend Nina Hartley answers your questions on all things sexual. Vlogging will never be the same.


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Contributor: Carrie Ann

This is so awesome! I have a new highlight to my Tuesdays now. Smile

Contributor: Jill Ingoff

ooh I'm so excited!! I LOVE Nina Hartley!

Contributor: DominaDoll

I love Nina! Heart Throb! Sexy & Smart!

Contributor: The Bloggess

Totally bad-ass.

Contributor: Bila

I've never seen an educational DVD with Nina Hartley, but after being disappointed by a few others, I had sort of given up on the idea of a fun, educational video on sex. Hope is now renewed! edenfantasys wasn't lying when they wrote how likable she is! I don't mean to get all New Age on your bums, but I'm really looking forward to watching and growing as a sensual being. Smile

Contributor: Illusional

I love Nina!

Contributor: Mr. & Mrs. Peg

I am a HUGE Nina fan. She has done so much to advance sex positive attitudes. I love her personal story as well. Plus, we have a lot to thank her for .... she did, afterall, help introduce us to pegging.

Contributor: Nkev



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