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This isn't worth it for me and shouldn't be used as an everyday toy cleaner. The chemical smell could ruin any toy in my opinion. I won't be buying this product again, once I run out of this bottle. I might even just toss out the one I have.

I would certainly recommend this quick and easy to use cleaning spray to anyone. It works well on a variety of toys (including silicone) and the discreet design of the bottle makes it even better.

I like this toy cleaner a lot. It does its job well, and my toys look brand-new each time. The scent is a bit strong but fades after awhile. Solid cleaner. I like my products to be on the natural side, so this is acceptable to me but not the best. When I have used this product up (if that ever happens!) I might look elsewhere, but for those who aren't as picky about ingredients, I definitely recommend this.

Lelo’s antibacterial toy cleaning spray is a lovely sanitizer that is body friendly and won’t leave you with irritation or semi-clean toys. It does the job and looks discreet on a night stand or in a purse. I just wish it came in a larger bottle!

This toy cleaner has become a must-have in my house. I adore how clean it gets my close, and I especially like the fact that I can use it on non-sexual items, as well. I just wish that it didn't smell like chemicals.

All of Lelo’s products are gorgeous, and this toy cleaner is no exception. In addition to its physical appearance, however, Lelo’s antibacterial toy cleaner is extremely effective and discreet as well.

Body Safe Cleaner

Overall this is a superb toy cleaner. It cleans very well without using harsh chemicals and it's body safe. There's no left over residue and leaves my toys squeaky clean. I'm very pleased.

This product is inexpensive and cleans your toys; if not the same as water, may even clean it a little better. Either way you're nowhere worse off for being more attentive to sanitary needs during sex.

A little goes a long way with this antibacterial spray, and I've found it to be worth every penny. It's easy to use and very effective. No after-cleansing rinse is required, and it doesn't irritate my extremely sensitive skin. The 2oz container is safe for airport travel and is very discreet to have in your bedroom. This antibacterial gem has made my experience with toys much easier (and safer).

I can’t wrap my head around spraying a used toy and thinking that it’s 100% disinfected. I don’t think it matters if I've used it or someone else has. And what about my sensitive coochie?! I don’t want any harsh chemical residual funkiness in or on me. Maybe I don’t really trust toy cleaners, but it's got to be the easiest way to clean a toy - EVER. Either way, I’d still wash this stuff off the toy after using it. I’m not taking any chances with my coochie. It's the only one I've got.

A luxury clean from a toy company that makes luxury toys. With expensive toys, I like to know they are nice and clean and will not be degraded at all. The bottle is a little small, but the peace of mind is worth it to me. Overall it's a good product.

From Luxury high end toy company, Extremely expensive cleaner that when compared to others just doesn't measure up. Yes it gets your toys clean, It has a long list of ingredients, some questionable and has a chemical scent to it.

Personally, I like this product. It is easy, simple, discreet and effective. It does not stink, stain, have a lingering taste, or contain harsh chemicals.

Lelo's toy cleaner does not disappoint, arriving in a classy, discreet bottle and delivering a safe and effective cleaning job to toys of all kinds with very little effort.

This is a very versatile spray that has many uses in my home. Even though I use it for practically everything, this bottle is lasting a lot longer than I anticipated. The dispenser does an excellent job at regulating the spray amount and dispensing it evenly to cover more of the surface area. This cuts down on over-spraying and waste. This is my favorite cleaner....for more reasons than my toys!

The fast drying discreet cleaner by Lelo is the healthy choice for cleaning silicone, rubber, and latex toys. It prepares the toy for play by preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses and not causing any irritation to sensitive skin.

Yet another reminder why I love LELO, This cleaning spry is perfect for anyone, and should be a part of everyone’s toy box. I love everything about it. I would recommend this over and over again. The only downfall about this product is the price. I would love to see this in larger bottle sizes.

Let's face facts people. I'm tired of buying a product for this, and a product for that, and another product for something else. I like how I can use Lelo's Antibacterial Cleaning Spray for a few different purposes. I adore how this spray get's my toys squeaky clean. And I love how the lid stays where it is supposed to stay. On the bottle!!!

Looking for a discreet toy cleaner? Lelo's antibacterial cleaning spray is the perfect solution. Simple yet classy packaging, easy to use and no need to rinse off after use, this toy cleaner is as simple and convenient as it gets. The packaging alone makes this a great gift option as well.

The name Lelo is associated with high quality luxury toys, their cleanser is every bit as wonderful as I expected. The small bottle for a high price may not be worth it to some but if you have product sensitivities or are looking for a high end cleaner to try or discreet packaging, this is the product for you.

LELO's antibacterial cleaning spray is a high end toy cleaner for a low cost. This toy cleaner has quite a few perks, including its size, ease of use, discreet labeling, and body safe cleaning properties. Whether you are looking to start sanitizing your toys with a cleaner, or already do so and are looking for an upgrade, LELO's toy cleaning spray is a win.

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