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21 reviews

I like the candle but I am not impressed with the cheap plastic holder, all though I do like the shape of it. The amber smells great and not floral. The scent really doesn't stay in the room long and it can leave a residue on the skin if you don't rub it in right away

Bwarm (Amber Amore) is the perfect starting point to a hot and steamy night. It feels great and is long-lasting to keep his/her hands on you even longer.

If you can get past the scent, or the price, you might like this candle. Sadly, neither I nor my partner could bare the smell of it even a bit. If you are a fan of floral scents, you might enjoy this, but be warned that nothing about this is reminiscent of fig. If you are looking for something that has aromatherapy qualities, this isn't it; at least, my partner and I, it isn't.

I like the Bwarm Massage Candle overall. For the price, I would have liked to see more candle wax included with it, but to each their own.

Overall, its a nice massage oil/candle. I would recommend it if that is what you are aiming for. If you want more for your money or for a "second use" decor item, I would look elsewhere. Would make a great gift for anyone and discreet packaging.

If you are ready to bSatisfied, you would do well to get the bWarm. I can't speak to the other scents, but the Figwood has a masculine scent suitable for use on a man. The oil is perfect for long sensuous massages. The holder is well-designed for both its intended purpose and as regular candle holder. There is nothing not to like about the bWarm.

The Bwarm candle is definitely worth the money, but it is very small. The patchouli rose candle smells amazing and is perfect for setting the mood. And it's even better when used as a massage oil; it leaves a subtle scent on your skin and has amazing softening powers. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a good massage!

Aside from the fact that it doesn't wash out of clothing well, I have nothing negative to say about this product. It smells fantastic, feels wonderful, looks great on the shelf, and lasts a reasonable amount of time.

This is a fantastic product, I am overwhelmed by how sensual this was for us to use. I would recommend to any couple who wants to share a sexy night exploring eachother.

This wonderful candle will appeal to both sexes, and enhance any private or play time! It is great for either some intimate time, or a bit of warm play. It's a "cool burning" candle. The wax is warm to touch, but it won't burn the skin when applied. So have fun!

I would recommend this candle more as something you might buy to splurge on yourself or a loved one. It's pretty small, and pricey for the size, but it's still a very high quality candle.

This is a great dual-purpose product. It starts off as a pleasant smelling candle, great for setting the mood. Once it burns for a bit you can use the oil for a sensual massage to enhance your sexual experience. The candle holder is designed to aim the oil where it counts, not on your sheets or furniture. Great product, lots of fun!

BWarm candles are a perfect mix of sensation toy and functional body product. The fig scent is unisex and lingers just enough, but doesn't intrude. This candle makes your skin feel fantastic afterward.

The Bwarm massage candle smells and feels wonderful. It can be used for sensual and erotic massages, for a fun intro to wax and temperature play, or to make your room smell great-- to each their own. This product gives off an aura of luxury, and the only thing I wish is that there were more of it.

This candle is perfect. It has an amazing scent, a cute container, burns comfortably for wax play, and the massage oil it contains is perfect for any massage you want to give. It even moisturizes your skin! I couldn't ask for anything more.

Overall, I was impressed with this product. It was fun, enjoyable to use and worth the money. I would definitely recommend it and would purchase it again.

The Bwarm massage candles are a fabulous way to warm up during the cold months and keep you and your home smelling beautiful. If you're a fan of massage you need to get your hands on one of these candles, they're fabulous!

I love everything about the Bwarm massage candle. The ingredients are very good for your skin. The warm wax actually feels creamy, holds up well during a massage and absorbs nicely, leaving behind soft skin and just the right amount of scent. And the soft flexible holder is a great idea, making it easy to pour the wax exactly where you want to without worrying about making any messes.

The Bwarm is a great smelling candle/massage oil. Made from natural ingredients, it adds to the experience of giving your partner a relaxing body rub.

The Bwarm is a great introduction to massage candles. The scent isn't overpowering, the wax melts at a low temperature, and it's mess-free.

The bwarm is a rose scented massage candle that smells great, yet isn’t overpowering. The modern flexible holder allows the warm wax to easily be poured onto the skin. It massages in very nicely and leaves a light scent and your skin feeling amazing.

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