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Having A Hard Time Warming Up To Bwarm

I would recommend this candle more as something you might buy to splurge on yourself or a loved one. It's pretty small, and pricey for the size, but it's still a very high quality candle.
Sinks into skin nicely, Doesn't leave you feeling greasy, Can be used as a moisturizer or perfume
Scent might irritate those with sensitivities, Not much product for the price
Rating by reviewer:
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Oh the many uses for massage candles. The obvious, being massages, but since most of them soak into your skin so well, there's nothing to stop you from using them as a moisturizer, and some of them melt at body temperature, so you could even use them as something like a solid perfume.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When it's unlit, the bwarm is really soft. In rooms with warmer temperatures, it might even become a bit on the gooey side. That's not the end of the world though, that means that if you want to use it without lighting it, all you have to do is scoop out your desired amount of wax.

Lit, the wax melts to resemble a nice oil. It's not all that runny, at least when you're trying to pour it, but on the skin if you're not careful it'll run right off. It doesn't feel oily or greasy on the hands or on the skin it's being applied to.

It pours out of the spout fairly well, although for us it seemed like it took forever to make it from the block of wax off the end.

Taste / Aroma

The bwarm comes in 3 scents: Amber Amore, Patchouli/Rose, and Fig Leaf. I've got the Amber Amore and quite honestly, I'm unsure of how to describe the scent. It does smell similar to the Amber scent that Bath and Body Works offers. To me, it smells perfume-y, but then again so does the Bath and Body Works one. I've seen it described as woody and spicy. Those who are sensitive to heavier scents should definitely avoid it.

It's strong enough to be smelled within a few feet, and will lightly scent a medium sized room. After being rubbed into the skin, it's just like a lotion, where you can smell it within a few feet of the person wearing it, but not from across the room.


Well, it took about 30 minutes to get a little melt pool going, and it all got used up right away on my fiance's back. So I relit it and let it burn for another 15 minutes or so so I could have a turn too, after I was done with him. I got just larger than a quarter sized pool onto his back, and it lasted most of an episode of Sanford and Son on DVD. When I first started rubbing it in and the excess was gathering between my fingers, it looked a lot like Vaseline, but spread right back out with no problem. By the time I was done, it had all soaked into his skin really nicely. There wasn't any real pressing need to add more after it had started soaking in, but those who like really nice slippery massages might have a problem with it.

We had a slight disagreement on the temperature and how it felt for each of us. He loved it, and was only caught off guard by the fact that it was really warm. I wish he would have given me a heads up that he was pouring, because I wasn't prepared for it and to me, it was actually a little bit painful at first, and even for a few minutes afterward. Once he started rubbing though, things got better. The oil felt really nice on my skin, and left both of us feeling soft and silky. After I rubbed him down, I didn't like the feeling that was left on the palms of my hands (it's a quirk of mine) but rubbing them on a towel took care of that.


Bwarm comes in a gorgeous box, very worthy of giving as a gift. There's nothing about the box that screams "I came from a sex shop, interrogate my owner" so you're safe if you leave it out. The little bar on the front that tells you what scent you have and gives a little blurb on the candle is color coordinated to match the flexible shell of the candle's holder. On one side of the box is a picture of the candle, and on the other is the ingredients list in 6 languages.

Inside the box is the bwarm, nestled in a little tray. When you pull that out, a little instruction pamphlet, also printed in the same 6 languages, comes on out and tells you how to use it, where to store it, what the ingredients are, as well as necessary warnings.

The ingredients are coconut oil/wax, soy oil/wax, shea butter, palm wax, beeswax, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin e, and fragrance. If you have any skin sensitivities or allergies to aloe, I'd avoid using this candle.


I have no logical reason for why I don't like this candle, I just, don't. I mean, it works great for massages, can be used as a moisturizer and even a perfume, I just, I don't know. The 4 3/4" tall flexible container is really neat, although does little to protect the wax from any damage that might occur to it. I mean, I can squeeze the thing in half, and the wax looks all cracked. It burns nice and slowly, but it doesn't seem like you would really get that many uses out of the candle itself. Although once the wax is all gone, there's nothing to say that you couldn't use the container to hold change or jewelry.

I'm curious about the other scents, but I don't know as I'm curious enough to drop the cash for them, even if I'm using a gift card. I should really like this candle, I just, don't. For me personally, I'd give it between a 2 1/2 and 3 star rating, but I know I'm being completely irrational about it. It's a solid 3 1/2 star rating, and since the only thing I can legitimately find wrong with it is that there's not much wax for the price, I'll bump it up to 4. It's a nice candle, and I'd recommend it in some situations as a splurge or luxury item.
Follow-up commentary
I still love the scent, and I still have no real legitimate reason for not liking it. Although I have warmed up to it a bit more since my initial review. I still maintain that it would be a good splurge item and not something to purchase all the time, but I think I will buy one of the other scents if I do ever get around to using the rest of this one up. I like to pull it out to smell it and use it as a solid perfume more than something for massaging, so it might take a while to use up what's left.
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