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If you can get past the scent, or the price, you might like this candle. Sadly, neither I nor my partner could bare the smell of it even a bit. If you are a fan of floral scents, you might enjoy this, but be warned that nothing about this is reminiscent of fig. If you are looking for something that has aromatherapy qualities, this isn't it; at least, my partner and I, it isn't.
The holder itself is cute and sleek, but that is about it.
THE SCENT, the price, small amount of wax (especially for the price), not vegan...
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This candle is intended to be used as a massage candle. When burned, the wax melts and is able to be poured onto the skin and rubbed in to provide a smooth, lubricated massage. This is not for vegans though, as it contains beeswax. The ingredients seem to be natural though, with fragrance being the only one that is non-specific and who knows what is in the fragrance. If you have an allergy to aloe, soy, or any of the other ingredients you should obviously pass on this candle (though there are other reasons to pass on this, which I'll get to).

This is not meant to be used as a lubricant of any kind, and should not be used for anything other than massages. It is not edible and not meant to be consumed.This is really only meant to be used for a massage, so pretty much for use on a bed, or wherever else you might give a massage. I'm not thinking that it would work in the bath, as a bath oil or anything like that.

You will need a lighter or matches on hand, as they are not included.
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When I rub my finger across the top of this candle, it is slick and feels smooth and velvety; it's oily, but kind of creamy almost. The smell adheres to your skin when you touch it. I can't even bring myself to light it, which I will get to shortly in this review. But when it is not lit, you can rub on the wax and it seems to melt to the skin, to the touch of warmth. It absorbs into the skin, which only makes the scent stick to your skin, which is a bad thing in my case.
    • Oily
    • Smooth
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

The scent on the product page is listed as Fig Leaf, and on the box it comes in it says Fig Wood. Either way, this candle smells NOTHING like figs, leaves, or wood. There is nothing earthy, woodsy, leafy, or exotic about this all.

When I first took it out of the box, I was shocked by the fact that it smells completely floral. I can't handle floral scents. I have allergies to pollen and perfumey smells, so I'm used to sneezing around flowery smells; that alone doesn't make this candle a relaxing experience for me. This smell doesn't make me sneeze, it just bothers me. I can't sit and smell it. In fact, when I originally took it out, I got another massage candle also and put both of them on the small shelf right behind my bed. I had been sitting on my bed for about 10 minutes, and something was just unsettling me. Then I realized, it's that smell. I could smell it from a few feet away, and it was just making me feel gross. I actually had to take it and move it across the room somewhere else, where I knew I wouldn't have to deal with it. Still, I had to let my partner smell it to see if it was worth our time maybe even a little, at all, which I get to later in the review.

One of my friends came by and I was telling her about some things I'd recently ordered from Eden Fantasys. I told her I got two massage candles, this being one of them, and she of course wanted to smell them. I warned her that there was one that just I couldn't take and didn't know what to do with, but I didn't tell her which. First she grabbed the one closest to her, near my bed, which happened to be the Jimmyjane Afterglow massage candle in Dark Vanilla. Instantly, she said "Ohh, that smells nice!...I like that. It's warm and vanilla...where is the other candle?" I pointed across the room, and said "It's the one in the cool, pink cup-looking holder." She said the holder was cute and that it had the design and shape of an old chair from the 1960s, which it totally does. Then she put her nose to it and said she didn't really smell anything, but the plastic layer that protects the wax from getting damaged was covering it. I removed that for her, and she smelled it. "Whooooa....that smells like...a garden..or something...ugh...I's not awful, but...what scent is that supposed to be??" She knows I don't do floral scents at all, and when I told her the scent name, she was surprised. It doesn't smell at all like you would expect.

Even smelling it again now, as I write this review, one whiff kind of makes my stomach feel unsettled a little bit. I can't handle floraly scents at all. I tend to like essential oil scents for products that I use on myself. This candle is nothing like that. It is very "feminine". Flowery, maybe even a bit of a powdery tone to it. But definitely, DEFINITELY nothing close to Fig Leaf OR Fig Wood. The smell of this candle makes it a huge disappointment for me. Being that the other two Bwarm scents available are Patchouli/Rose (flower in the name) and Amber Amore, I'm not getting another one of these. I like Patchouli, but I know it has that Rose smell in it. So I'm passing on the Bwarm candles, the names are deceiving and don't give you an idea of how they smell, based on my experience with this one.
    • Bad smell
    • Strong smell


It absorbs into the skin nicely, as I said. Though there are those allergy concerns, if you have an issue with aloe, soy, etc. I don't suggest using this if you don't want to smell like a flowerpot after. In that case, you would need to wash it off with soap and water. I've got it on just my hands and I find that unpleasant because of the scent, so if this were on my entire body I would be going crazy and diving into the shower to get the smell off.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Allergy concerns
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


This candle comes packaged in a box, which is originally wrapped in plastic. Again, according to this box, it is Fig Wood, not Fig Leaf.

Inside of the box, it is packaged like so, as in the photo above. The packaging is not at all minimal.

It comes with a little leaflet, which has info on the candle.

This candle seems to have a warranty option also. The warranty info can be found in this pdf file.

The pink plastic cup that the wax is in is the only pro I can see. Visually, it is appealing.
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative packaging

Personal comments

Everything about this scent ruins this candle for me and makes it totally off-putting. My partner said it best, when he held it up to his nose, simply said "NO", and handed it back abruptly. This has the opposite of an aromatherapy affect on me. I smell it and feel like I need to get it away from me, and certainly have no desire to light it or get it anywhere near my skin. Honestly, it makes me feel queasy and kind of want to grab my inhaler.

I was worried that I had invested in a terrible candle and was now stuck with it. Thankfully, when I contacted Eden Fantasys telling them of my predicament, and both my and my partners sensitivity to the smell, they sent me a $19 refund without hesitation. I was surprised, but thankful. I asked if I then needed to ship it back, even though I had thrown away the original box. I was told "You don't need to ship it back. Feel free to keep or dispose." One more reason for me to love Eden Fantasys customer service even more! I told that friend of mine that if she wanted it, feel free to take it, otherwise it's getting thrown out. It's still sitting here, so I guess it's getting trashed. Such a shame.


I had wanted this candle for over a year. I'd had a few nice massage candles, but then company that I loved seemed to have stopped selling them; which was very disappointing as that particular brand did not irritate my skin or my partners and it made the whole room smell lovely. When I started looking on Eden Fantasys for new massage candles, I came across this one. The packaging caught my eye, and the candle seemed promising. The scent, Fig Leaf, just sounded lovely; warm, romantic, and exotic. I wondered how it smelled, and according to one review that I found to be very helpful at the time, this candle smelled like tobacco to the reviewer. That had me sold, and I wanted this candle from then on. However, the price did not have me sold. For $21.85, this seemed like an expensive little candle, especially with only 1.75 oz of wax in the holder. Like so many other people, I am wary of buying scented products online. What if I got it and didn't like the smell? So, this ended up sitting in my wishlist for quite some time. But recently, I had some points to spare and I decided that it was about time that I got this since I had wanted it for so long

I was so happy to have finally ordered it, I couldn't wait for it to get here. It was one of the first things I took of the box of things I had ordered, and I eagerly opened up the box it came in. That was when I realized I made a mistake. The scent hit me. I couldn't take it. I tried really hard to like it or see it as a nice smell, I jsut couldn't it irritated my nose. I am very sensitive to scents, as is my partner. When he asked me what I had ordered and I started showing him all of my new goodies, I grabbed this candle and handed it to him asking, "Tell me what you think of this." He took it from me, put it too his nose, said "NO", and handed it back to be. That simple. I frowned, but said, "Yeah...I know." I told him that it was expensive and reminded him that I had wanted to get it for a long while. Still, neither of us could bring ourselves to have that scent on our skin, it was just too much for either of us. I wouldn't want to have it all over my body, and I wouldn't want him to have it on his hands from giving me a massage; or vice versa.
Follow-up commentary
This is still put away, I'm waiting to give it to a friend. No way I could ever get past the scent, neither could my partner. It's too bad this is so costly, so such a small amount of wax, and it's smell is less than appealing.
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