Bwarm - massage candle by B Swish - review by CaptainBunnyKilla

Lovely, Spicy, and Warm

The Bwarm is a great introduction to massage candles. The scent isn't overpowering, the wax melts at a low temperature, and it's mess-free.
Subtle scent, classy presentation, great massage oil
Does not come with matches
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useful review
I'm new to massage candles: the Bwarm is my first. My experiences with candles in the past have not been so good since I'm very sensitive to smells (I'm the kind of person who gets a headache after two minutes in Pier 1). However, I'm happy to report that I had absolutely no headache-related problems with the Bwarm. The scent is extremely subtle and in no way overpowering, plus the candle doesn't have to be lit for very long before a nice pool of massage oil has formed. I got the amber scent, and while I'm not exactly sure what amber is supposed to smell like (what DOES petrified tree sap smell like?), the scent of this candle is quite nice: it's slightly spicy, slightly musky, and makes me feel warm.

The Bwarm comes packaged in the signature Bswish black box. Inside the packaging is the candle itself and a multi-lingual instruction manual, which directs you to store and transport the candle at room temperature and to keep it out of direct sunlight. The candle itself is housed in a striking container with a long oval opening. The container itself is rubbery, which I wasn't expecting. This flexibility turns out to be very good for targeting where you pour the massage oil. It's got two little bumps, one on either side, allowing you to get a good grip on it. Part of the back is flat, so you can lay the candle down flat and not have to worry about it rolling around. The container is probably reusable once you've run through the massage candle (which you will).

I had the candle lit in my room, and thankfully the scent doesn't cling. I was worried that everything in my room would smell like amber for weeks after using this candle, but this wasn't the case. The wax itself, made of a list of entirely recognizable ingredients (coconut oil/wax, soy oil/wax, shea butter, palm wax, beeswax, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin e oil, and fragrance), is very soft, even before you light it. Once you light it, you only have to wait 15-20 minutes to get enough oil for a nice massage. Once you extinguish the flame, you can pour the wax directly onto skin using the long, flexible back of the container. The ingredients in this candle melt at a low temperature, so the wax is at a comfortable temperature immediately when the flame goes out. The oil itself carries the lovely subtle scent and is easily absorbed into the skin, even though it remains slick for a while (a plus for massage!). The oil is especially wonderful for dry skin. The Bwarm should burn for 10 hours, but if you use it for massage oil, it will of course last for a shorter amount of time.

Since you're pouring the wax along the back of the container, some of it will stick there. I originally thought this was a downside to the candle, but I discovered that this wax is close enough to the flame that it will re-melt into the rest of the candle when it's lit subsequent times. Everything about this candle is well thought out.
As I said above, this was my very first massage candle. When it arrived, I tore into the EF package excitedly, only to discover that the Bwarm doesn't come with matches. I looked around, realizing that I didn't have any, either. I went to a few different stores trying to find one that would sell me a book of matches, but to no avail. Eventually I ended up buying a lighter: first one I've ever owned. I brought it home and spent 20 minutes trying to get the freaking thing to ignite. Frustrated, I finally made my roommate show me how to use it (can you tell I'm a lifelong asthmatic?). Once properly educated on lighter usage, I've gotten a lot of pleasure out of the Bwarm.

Please use common sense when using any candle: keep the wick trimmed to ¼ inch, don't carry it around when it's lit, and don't try to use the massage oil while the candle is still burning.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Carrie Ann
    When it actually lands on the body is it waxy? I mean... solid like normal candle wax when it hits skin? Or immediately oil-like and able to be rubbed in?
  • OpenMindedInOhio
    I love massage candles! I started out with the Sex Wax brand. I think the shape of the candle holder would make it nicer to pour without mess.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I love these candles!! You probably don't fair very well in Bath & Body works do you? Great review, as always!
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    @ Carrie Ann: the wax melts down to a pool of clear oil, so what hits the skin is oil-like, not waxy at all. It's pretty neat.

    @ OpenMindedInOhio: The candle holder shape really does make it easier to pour. It's really well designed.

    @ Beautiful Dreamer: lol, no, I don't. In high school I actually had to get weekly allergy shots because I had so much trouble with like, everything. They don't even let you wear lotion in allergists offices, haha.
  • LucyLemonade
    This sounds so interesting, from the picture I would have thought the holder was ceramic. This is definitely going into my wishlist. Do you know if it has animal products in it?
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    @ CuriousKitten: I thought it was going to be ceramic, too! No animal products (unless you consider beeswax an animal product, which I suppose you could).
  • Stinkytofu10
    thank you for the review
  • SadoMas
  • Master DarkWolf
    Good review...
  • DreamWolf
    Great review!
  • MissCandyland
    Nice review! Thank you!
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