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Crazy Girl lip balm reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

Just your basic lip balm, if you can get it on sale go for it otherwise save the money. The scent and waxiness of this product was a big turn off for me.

Yes, Crazy Girl Lip Balm is very pricy, but it is wonderful stuff and lasts forever. Even leaves lips soft though playing.

All in all, this lip balm is pretty ordinary. For an ordinary chap stick, you would think it would come with an ordinary price tag, but I was sadly mistaken. I thought that because this chapstick was so expensive that it had to be something special about it to make it so darn expensive. Unfortunately, it's just like all of the others. It moisturizes, yes, but that is something to be expected of a lip balm. 3 stars because of the quality you get versus the price that you pay for.

This lip balm is fantastic. Now that I’ve tried it, I want to try all of the products in the Crazy Girl line. If you have dry, chapped lips and nothing seems to help, this stuff just might be your savior. However, for $7 a tube I might have to reserve this balm for emergency use only.

This is a sunscreen lip balm that is fairly average in looks, consistency and performance. This product can last for a long time, but the flavor fades quickly while the texture remains noticeably waxy. There is nothing that makes this balm stand out, except perhaps the first few moments of confused banana goodness.

This overpriced lip balm is just ok and not worth $6.99. The scent had notes of banana, coconut and smelled very tropical and sweet. The waxy residue and dry lips it leaves you with are not worth it. My partner did not appreciate it and it did not really condition my lips. I would rather spend money on a product with natural ingredients. This is nothing special.

I love this lip balm and will use it until it runs out. However, I don't think I'll be purchasing it again because of the priciness. It's a great, high quality lip balm, but I don't think any lip balm is worth $6.99.

This is a regular chap stick for $6 that leaves a waxy feeling on your lips. The feeling goes away after a while but, the mean time it can be slightly annoying. The chap stick is cute and does have a nice sweet smell to it. It has SPF 15, but all chap sticks these days have SPF so this is nothing special.

This is one of my favorite lip balms, and I think that the sweet, tropical flavor is perfect for a summer day. Whether your lips get chapped from the wind or the sun, this thicker formula is going to do a good job of providing protection.

Crazy Girl Lip Balm is really nothing out of the ordinary and not worth the price at $6.99 per tube. While it does hydrate lips and provide a protective barrier in sun exposure, it is waxy and feels extremely synthetic. There are definitely better products on the market that will provide even better lip health!

This is a middle of the road lip balm. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, smells and tastes great, and is long lasting, but its waxy texture and the fact that it doesn't make my lips softer are major detractors. I keep it on hand as a back up, but I am not in a rush to get more.

This chapstick simply isn't worth it. Save your money and buy a real tube of chapstick the next time you pop into a store.

A great addition to your daily beauty regimen, Crazy Girl's Lip Balm is long lasting and effective. With the light scent of bananas, this lip balm is likable and yummy.

Overall this is a great product. Once you try it, you will fall in love yourself. This product is definitely worth checking out.

I had to try this after I seen a couple of reviews on it. I had it on my wishlist for a long time. After the last review I read I had to give it a go. As you know I am always checking out the lip balms Eden has to offer. Well this one was a hit on my list of some of the others I enjoy.

This balm isn't anything special. It's expensive for what it is, leaves a heavy, waxy feeling on your lips, and has a very artificial taste and scent to it. It is cute and looks like it would appeal much better to a teenage girl than anyone. I can also appreciate the fact that it's made in the USA, but not enough to buy this balm again.

I think that, after looking at the price of this balm individually, it would be very worth the buy. I am very content with it.

This is an adorable little lip balm. It smells amazing and it has a really good taste to it. This would make a perfect gift for a friend or to keep for yourself. If you're looking for a new lip balm to try, I would highly suggest getting this one!

Although pricey, this lip balm performs better than some others that EF carries. Its SPF and fantastic smell and taste make this a winner in my book.

Crazy Girl's Wanna Be Kissable Tropical Lip Moisturizer by Classic Erotica is a great buy for anyone that likes to keep their lips moisturized. It glides on smooth, isn't gritty, feels completely natural and tastes and smells like yummy bananas. It dries quickly and needs frequent re-application, especially if you're eating or drinking. Overall, it's a great product and well worth the price tag.

This product is absolutely amazing. It is perfect--great ingredients, sun protection, moisturizes well, and smells and tastes great, without adding any color. I highly recommend you try this.

I suggest this product for any and all people. Easy to carry and apply, and can be used on anyone. Great stocking stuffer for the holidays, or even just because. Will make your lips soft and heal your chapped lips. Men, women, and children are safe to use this product and it's appropriate for any age as it adds no color or shine. The taste and smell are very lovely and are not overpowering in any way.

Crazy Girl by Classic Erotica is a great chapstick to add to your purse. It works well to keep your lips soft, and it smells like banana flavored goodness. It is easy to use and gentle. What more can you want for lip protection?

I enjoyed this lip balm quite a bit. It is a little expensive for the size. However, it is easy to pack with you, smells great, has sunscreen in it, and contains ingredients to help soften lips. I did not like that there was a number to call to get the complete list of ingredients.

Get Crazy, Girl!! Go tropical and sweet with a bit of a sugar cookie thrown in for good measure with this fun and sassy lip balm. A thin waxy coating does remain on your lips until it is absorbed, but a slight plumping from the moisture in your lips and the velvety smoothness afterwards almost makes it worthwhile. Of course, the added kisses and little nibbles form your partner--definitely worthwhile!! Have fun exploring your crazy side...

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