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Fetish Fantasy shock therapy reviews

42 reviews
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42 reviews

Overall, for a beginner or cheap veteran's tool, this wins. It never broke or messed up and was stretched...to the limits. It can be placed on multiple body parts in multiple ways!

If you use this as a sexual toy or a pain relief device, you really get your money's worth with this unit.

In all, because of the poor packaging and sad instructions, I can't give the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy System any more than a 4-star rating. If the manufacturer were to improve on these two major flaws, I'd certainly give a 5-star rating for all the help and stimulation that this tiny unit has given me!

It needs more instructions and warning labels, but it's still a good product if you know what you're doing. It's a bit pricey with the replacement pads.

For starters, I am not a fan of this as a sex toy. I much prefer it as a muscle massage. And as a muscle massager? It's lovely!!!! And I would strongly suggest it to people as a massage tool for sore and aching muscles. Not to mention you can get some relief from lower back tension.

If you are interested in any level of BDSM play or massage, beginner or experienced, the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy device is perfect for you. Offering many different patterns and intensities, you'll find the perfect massage every time. This is a great replacement for a medical tens unit, for a fraction of the price. Whether spicing up your sex life or getting rid of those stubborn pains, you'll enjoy this device and all it has to offer.

This is a great kit to buy whether you are intending it to be added to your BDSM collection, or just as a great aid for pain relief. The multiple uses and settings make this a great shock kit to own.

I am very pleased with this product. I would recommend this product for those who want to try shock therapy or need some relief of tense or sore muscles. The pads don't last long so I would recommend you purchase a box of pads with this product.

A very cheap and effective way to soothe mild-moderate back and neck pains, although it is no substitute for a chiropractor if chiropractic work is needed.

All in all, this product is great. You can use it for a couple different things and it doesn't all have to do with sex. I would suggest this product to everyone.

I really do recommend everyone having this product, not only for sexual use but also for a relaxing use. You and your partner can use this. Its very calming, very useful. It's Food-grade material, Hypo-allergenic, Latex free and Phthalates free. There are accessories for this product as well.

This item is worth every penny in my opinion. If you are heavily into stuff like this it may not be strong enough to meet your needs, but for newbies it's perfect!

I really enjoy this kit. It's easy to use, reasonably priced, and fun to play with. It can be used for massages as well as arousal, though the instructions could be much better and the packaging could be a bit more discreet. A must buy!

Overall, I think this would be a great item for couples who have experience with this kind of thing. For my boyfriend and I, I think we will pass on it. After getting shocked a little too much on the first time, until we totally figure it out, I am leary of it.

I would buy this for my family and friends as a gift. Very happy with the Fetish shock therapy. I will recommend this item to everyone.

I had wanted this toy for years now, and I finally got it. I must say, I am not disappointed at all! I am quite glad to have added this to my collection, it has a number of uses. If you don't have a partner, not to worry! This is a ton of fun to play with solo, though you can use it with a partner as well.

The Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy kit will bring something new and very exciting into your vanilla or BDSM play. It is fun to use, with amazing sensations of both pleasure and pain, depending on the setting. It is a reasonably priced entry into e-stim. I very highly recommend it!

This toy is an easy to use and affordable choice for those interested in playing with electroshock stimulation. The possibilities are vast. This toy can be used for muscle relaxation, light pain during kinky foreplay, or 101 other purposes.

It took a lot of trial and error (and a few screams) with this one. I don't like that it doesn't have an actual OFF button -- you just have to turn it down until it goes off. Some of the times when it was turned up to a too intense level, my husband just had to pull the plug from the device as a quick shut off solution. With that said, I want to point out that I am not at all disappointed in this product. It has been (and I'm sure it will continue to be) very fun.

This is a great introductory product to electro-play or using electricity as a massaging agent. Great product for those interested in BDSM and looking to explore this aspect of play. The pads can be placed almost anywhere on the body to safely shock yourself or a partner. Highly recommend this to those looking to start off with something simple and inexpensive.

Feel the energy course through your muscles and sweet spots with a touch of a button. This is a very great way for couples to enjoy a different type of genre in their sex life. Who would have thought that shock therapy could be "sex therapy" too. Tight muscles? Sure, why not? Use this to help massage those out, it has a setting for it! Great product with many uses so don't be shy, give shocking a try!

Over all it is a good product and can be used for different types of things and places. It is worth the money and if you don't like it sexualy use can always use it on your muscles which works very well. It work good for me but not so well for my husand.

The way for one to control their own intensity is a great feature on this product. Personally I love how I am able to control the intensity level and shock levels during every use.

If you're looking for an introduction into electro stimulation or just need a really good shock to the sore muscles and aches and pains, this product is for you! I really enjoy this product for a soothing and relaxing method. You definitely have to pay attention to what setting it is on though or you'll get quite a shock unexpectedly!

Amazing product to help relieve stress and tension. The controls are easy to use and you can take this anywhere you want to go.

No matter if you're scared of this, I feel it's worth the purchase. It can be used in so many ways for so many different reasons. Though it is not for everybody. If you do not have injuries and have no interest to use this sexually, I would suggest to keep on looking. However, if you have injuries, scar tissue and/or what-not and/or a desire to use this sexually...buy it!! It is so worth it.

For the experience, I'd suggest this kit for those teetering on the edge of electro play. There's no ZAPPING or BUZZING actually occurring when playing with this toy. Yet the sensations you feel can and will prepare you if you are interested in taking it one step further. If you decide that this is about all you can take when it comes to some zaps and tingles, then you'll have saved yourself some pretty pennies from investing in a more expensive unit.

This might a great new kinky toy for someone, but it just isn't for us! We tried to use it as a massager, and it failed there as well. For the price, I feel we made a horrible purchase. If you're in it for the kink, then maybe you should give it a go! If buying this one for the massage, go for something else for sure.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy can be used for sexual electrical play or for actually working on sore and painful mussels.

This product is fabulous because it allows even beginners to experience the joys of foreplay and sex accompanied by shocking pulses that can send any man or woman into that out-of-body orgasm experience that everyone wants to experience.

I couldn't just jump right into it like I wanted to. It's going to take some getting used to, but then again, it's not supposed to tickle, is it? For the price, I think it's the best thing I've bought on EF, and even though it's going to take some getting used to for sex and foreplay, it's great to have around for sore muscles!

This is probably my favorite Eden product so far. It's perfect for when I'm tired and sore or just plain horny. I love to use it on myself and my partner, and I will probably never develop a tolerance for it so the low settings are perfect for me. I use this at least once a week, and I probably will for a very long time.

I saw this and I started drooling, because of my past experience when I had one of these babies. I bought this unit for my mother for when she needs it for tight muscles. I will be getting another one or two of these for myself.

This stimulator is highly recommended as a 'try-out' for the world of electroshock. It's a great value that offers many options to the user. While my partner and I didn't fly off the bed when using this product, we both are pleased with our purchase and would gladly recommend it.

Let me start by saying if you like pain, you will love this toy as it delivers. I, for one, found out the painful way that I really am not into pain. Zapping my nipples and labia, well, um, OUCH! (Epic understatement!) I'd hate to say it's horrible just because it didn't work for me as that would not be fair to the toy, but unlike me, anyone new to pain should really consider how much they like it or think they may like it ahead of time. Save yourself a lot of, well, pain.

If you are looking to try electro-stimulation and don't want to break the bank go for the Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy set. Just try to get the buzz without the bite.

Interested in electro-sex but too intimidated to get into it? This kit is great for beginners because of the very low speeds and intensities you can choose from. On the other hand, advanced users will love the power this thing is capable of! With 10 different settings for speed, and another 10 for intensity, you're bound to find something suited to your tastes, whether you're looking for a tingle or an intense electrical experience.

This toy is fantastic for everything from "torturing" sensitive parts to a good solo massage! It's completely silent and could easily be hidden under clothing for a little stealth play!

This is Shock Therapy that you won't hesitate to try! When used on the labia and nipples it can catapult the user into sensory overload. It is amazing for use on the penis, scrotum, apples of the butt cheeks and thighs. In fact, this toy can be used over almost every large muscle group and is great for a relaxing massage as well as stimulation during sexual encounters.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy kit is great. It is very customizable because of the numerous intensity and speed variations as well as the different patterns. It can be used for everything from a massage device to a sex toy and it is perfectly silent. The four electrodes are reuseable and can be purchased separately if they lose their stickiness. It's a great kit if you're interested in electricity play but you're not quite sure if you'll like it. I highly recommend this kit!

This is an excellent product. It provides not only a sexual experience. but a relaxing one as well! I did, however, have my husband operate it at first, because it was a little difficult for me. But once I got it going, it was great.

Definitely a must have item. Sexually stimulating and muscularly massaging. Vastly more than a sex toy. Infinitely worth the slight cost.

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