Fetish Fantasy shock therapy - bdsm kit by Pipedream - review by Etoile237

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Turn up the juice, Mister!

The Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy kit will bring something new and very exciting into your vanilla or BDSM play. It is fun to use, with amazing sensations of both pleasure and pain, depending on the setting. It is a reasonably priced entry into e-stim. I very highly recommend it!
Unique/new experience, Great sensations, Versatile uses
Meh packaging and directions
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The Shock Therapy kit is so versatile and fun; it's really one of the best things I've ever purchased from Eden Fantasys. It can go from a light, prickly tapping to a deep vibrating buzzing to a painful pulse. It can be used for either pleasure or pain. Or both! It's great for BDSM play, more vanilla couple's play, and even as massage for painful muscles. It is basically a TENS unit, which is used in physical therapy to help with muscle/nerve pain. It works great for all of these uses.

*Make sure to carefully read the instructions before use. A friend of mine also has this kit, and I am very lucky she warned me of one major safety consideration for the product: DO NOT put a pad on each nipple or close together on the chest. It is PICTURED THAT WAY on the box but if you do that, it can shock your heart. I do not recommend that you risk it.

The kit comes with a base unit with four buttons, a small grayscale display screen. It is about 4" long and 3" wide. It also comes with the lead wires, which are 48" total length. The main wire is 33" long and the four wires that attach to the pads are 15" long. The four adhesive pads themselves are about 3" long and 2" wide.

To use, you put 2 AAA batteries into the base unit, plug the wires into it, and then attach the wires to the sticky pads. There is a small, metal nipple-shaped thing on each sticky pad that attaches it to the wires. It will "snap" to attach securely. Then, CAREFULLY remove the acetate backing from each pad and stick it onto your partner's body. I say carefully because on the first use, the acetate adheres very well to the adhesive gum, and if you don't make sure the acetate's separating from the adhesive as you're pulling it off, you could pull the adhesive right off the pad with the acetate. Make sure to save the acetate backings so you can use them for storage. When you disassemble the kit, you do have to use a lot of pressure to unhook the wires from the pads. They will not disengage accidentally.

The pads can then be stuck most anywhere on the body (as long as you don't do the both nipples thing as I mentioned above). All four pads need to be stuck on or the unit will not work. If you're using it during sexy time, you can try putting them on a nipple, belly, inner thighs, pubic mound, labia, buttocks, or backs of thighs. If you're just using it for massage, stick them anywhere on your body that hurts, except probably not your face or head. I'm not sure about that, though.

Now you, or your partner, turn on the machine. As I mentioned, there are several different modes and different speeds and intensities for each. The display screen shows you the mode and speed, but I don't find the display screen very hard to read. It took a lot of trial-and-error for us, which is fine because it is super fun to play with and I did not tire of our experimentation.

The product does not make any sound during use, however, you may be quite loud, so be aware of that if you have roommates.
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    • Bdsm
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    • Sensory play
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    • Bedroom / on a bed
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    • Travel friendly

Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

When I recieved the box and picked it up, it seemed so light that I thought it must be shoddily made. Time will tell if it will hold up for me, but a friend of mine has had this kit for quite some time and it's still buzzing.

The base unit itself feels nice in the hand. It has a hard plastic, matte finish that is not glossy but soft to the touch. It is light, but does not feel too cheap. The wires are white, like a iPhone or iPad charger. The wires attach to the sticky pads quite solidly and can't be accidentally disengaged.

The sticky pads are VERY sticky. As long as they are cleaned after each use, they should last for a number of uses. Eden Fantasys sells a replacement pads kit with 12 pads (so three change-outs) and it's reasonably priced at $16.99.

I do feel that the instructions are not adequate and the display doesn't clearly show you what you are doing. But again, with trial and error you will be just fine.
    • Fits comfortably
    • Mixed material
    • Multiple ways to use


The product works great. I really did not know what to expect, but it delivers in sensation, versatility and quality manufacture.

It is hard to describe how it feels in use but I will try. There is a tapping-type mode that on low intensity that is a twitchy tapping, but on higher intensity feels like being quickly poked with pins repeatedly. Then there is a vibration pulse that is more buzzy on higher speed and more throbby/rumbly on a lower speed. At low intensity it almost feels like a vibrator being pressed to your skin, but deeper. At higher intensity it is painful. Kind of like a vibrating needle being pushed into your skin.

For the most part, it feels really, really good. If used for massage it is amazing. If used in sex/BDSM play it is very arousing; for some I think that it could cause an orgasm. The challenge is that you kind of need to try to avoid wet parts with the sticky pads as they then won't adhere, so for me we haven't figured out a way to get it on that magic spot. I will post an updated review if we come up with a way to do that. Eden Fantasys also sells a shock therapy probe that is designed to be inserted into your vagina, and sure could be used on the clit, so that's another option.

One other really nice benefit is that if you are using this unit for BDSM/pain play, you can get some pretty intense pain that does not leave a mark. If it's important to you that your skin stay unblemished from welts or bruises, that's a major plus.

This would be VERY good for anyone whose kinks include medical BDSM play as well.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning: You definitely want to clean the adhesive pads shortly after use to keep the adhesive gum from deteriorating from body oils. Make sure to detach the adhesive pads from the wires and base unit before you clean them. When detached, the adhesive pads can be submerged in water and can be cleaned GENTLY with mild antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Don't rub them too hard because you can peel the adhesive off the pad and then it's ruined. Rinse them with hot water, then pat dry. Make sure to use a non-lint cloth to dry the pads. A paper towel, or a fabric tea towel are good options, not a bath towel or tissues as getting lint on there will ruin the stickiness, and you'll have to wash them again. Then you should wipe the acetate backings clean and affix them to the adhesive for storage.

The rest of the unit can be cleaned with a lightly damp cloth. You should not submerge any part of the kit, other than the adhesive pads, into water.

MAKE SURE NOT TO THROW AWAY THE PACKAGING WHEN YOU TAKE IT OUT. I can't see any other way to store this item well than in the plastic tray it came in, with separate compartments for the base unit, the wires and the pads.
    • High maintenance


The packaging is definitely not discreet. There is a nude woman pictured on the front with the shock pads on her nipples and labia. It's a fairly small box, and again, it feels light, so you may think at first that the product is flimsy. I don't feel that it is, but the packaging sure leaves something to be desired. I would prefer if maybe the label came on an overlay and the box itself was plain, because you really need to keep it in the box to store it in the plastic tray, and I find the box kind of sleazy. Oh well.

Instructions were included in the package and they are adequate but not great.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet


I have to say that this is one of the most fun toys it has ever been my privelidge to enjoy. My Dom hooked me up to the unit and first placed the pads on each ass cheek and the backs of my thighs. He started out slowly on me, experimenting with the different modes and intensities. As he tried out the different settings, he was treated to a wide array of gasps, moans, giggles, and sharp cries of shocking pain. At higher intensities, the pain is quite strong, and surprising. As the intensities get higher (even into the deeper, pleasurable vibrations that are not painful) it causes your body to visibly twitch which is really hot.

My Dom then removed the pads, turned me onto my back, and placed them on my labia, pubic mound, and inner thighs. On the "tapping" mode, this felt twitchy, then like being rapidly poked with pins at the higher level. The pulsing/vibration mode felt amazingly good. I was moaning and wiggling despite myself. It felt soooo good. Then he turned it off, then back on at an even higher setting. I jumped and screamed, clutching the sheet and then banging my hand against the bed. WOW it can realy hurt. It's like a vibrating needle driving into you. I don't even know for sure if he put me up to the highest setting; he was being a merciful Dom that night.

The combination of the pleasurable and painful sensations, and just the novelty and scenario of being hooked up to this electro-shock device was wow. Wow. Wow.

He said that it was like having a remote-control for his girl. I said, the best video game ever? We both got a chuckle out of that.

That was just our first try on the machine; he kept me unbound and ungagged so we could communicate while he experimented on me. I can't wait to try it out cuffed and chained to the bed, as part of a heavier scene.
    • Bdsm
    • Medical play
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    There is no evidence that this will generate enough electricity to bother even a weakened heart. Take the toy to your Doctor if you are really worried, mine laughed and said the company is covering it's ass with silly warnings.
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