Fetish Fantasy shock therapy - light bdsm kit by Pipedream - review by Jessica Elizabeth

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The best money you can spend. Ever. Hands down. Period.

No matter if you're scared of this, I feel it's worth the purchase. It can be used in so many ways for so many different reasons. Though it is not for everybody. If you do not have injuries and have no interest to use this sexually, I would suggest to keep on looking. However, if you have injuries, scar tissue and/or what-not and/or a desire to use this sexually...buy it!! It is so worth it.
Easy to use, care for and store.. Travel friendly. Good power and variety in settings.
I wish the pads were more re-usable.
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There are many uses for the Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Kit. The first and foremost being for muscle therapy. If you work a physically demanding job, have chronic pain issues, have been in an accident, or just tend to be tense, this kit can work wonders for you! It delivers a mild electric shock which causes your muscles to loosen and relax. It can be used on almost any part of the body, but stay away from: testicles, face/head, spinal cord, directly over the heart. Penis and clitoris I would stay away from as well, given the sensitive nature of those body parts.

***Also, if you have a heart condition, epilepsy, are pregnant, or have any other health concerns, do not use this!! If you feel that you have your condition under control enough; speak with your doctor first!!! ***

Neither I nor my boyfriend have any condition like this, so we use this kit regularly.

Aside from the therapeutic, pain relieving uses of this kit, you can also use it for sexual stimulation by putting it on the labia and/or breasts (which is shown directly on the front of the package).

Lastly, I can see this being a fun addition to BDSM and D/s play, however as that is not something that my boyfriend and I do, I will not be detailing those uses.

I would also like to note that I find I am more comfortable using this when I am not alone. As it's easy to misplace a pad, and given how relaxed and almost euphoric it can make me feel, I'd like to state that when first using this, please ensure that you are not alone, for safety reasons if nothing else.
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    • Bdsm
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    • Sensory play
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    • Bedroom / on a bed
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    • Travel friendly

Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

There are 3 different parts to this kit. The first is the control pack. It's mainly plastic with a simple battery compartment on the back. It takes 2 AAA batteries. It's mainly black, with the front having silver on it. There are 4 buttons. I really, really wish there were more buttons as there's TONS of different ways you can program this. (If wishes were dollars, right?) There's a "mode" button, one that says "S/P" one that has an up arrow and "on" on it, and the last has a down arrow and "off" on it. The controls are uber simple, but the simplicity almost makes it harder to use.

Secondly there's a white cord that plugs into the top of the power pack and then plugs onto the 4 pads. When not in use, I make sure it's all unplugged, so as to not have anything tug and break. One end has just .. well, one end on it. The other end of the cord splits off into 2 cords each with 2 cords. This makes it pretty easy to be very specific where you want to place the pads, as well as ensure you can spread them out, should you wish to. The 1-sided side of the cord is perhaps 2 to 2 1/2 feet long, and the sides that split off are each about 18" long.

Lastly are the pads. There are 4 pads, white on the back with a silver button style spot where the cord plugs onto it. The other side of the pads has blue sticky stuff on it. It's nice 'cuz it doesn't really pull hair! I've used it on unshaven labia and the boyfriend has used them on his knee, so they've been on his hairy legs, and it's not at all pulled hair out. All that being said, the stickiness does wear off. Expect to get no more than 8 good uses out of the pads. By use 9 they're barely staying on and by use 10 they are unusable. Thankfully, you can get a replacement kit here on Eden Fantasys and I had one purchased after having this kit for a week. I plan on purchasing more replacement pads. (The replacement pads come in sets of 12.)
    • Adjustable
    • Multiple ways to use


Given that I went into this with no experience using this, I cannot say if it did, or did not live up to my expectations. However, my boyfriend had much experience with a unit like this and was impressed with the power and the variety of modes.

There are 3 "mode" settings, which is the type of "shock" that you get. Tap, which is just as it sounds; a tapping sensation. You get one "shock", a break, the shock, a break, and so forth. Modulation is the second sensation and it starts giving lower shock, then goes a little higher with the power, then breaks. Imagine someone pushing on your muscle, then pushing a little harder, then stopping. That's kind of what this one is. Thirdly there's Kneading. Which again is how it sounds, one "session" (meaning shock before the break) seems to be longer than the others; but it also seems to be the least powerful setting. It's several seconds of a constant bombardment of shocking which kneads your muscles, then breaks, then begins again. This stays at a steady level of power unless you manually increase the power. (Tap is this way also.) Kneading is my favorite.

There are 2 other settings which you can choose from. Power, which is just as it sounds; how much power goes into the shocks. There are 10 levels of power, from Barely-Feeling-It to Watch-Your-Whole-Arm-Flex-And-Move. You can change the power setting during use; what happens is that it immediately switches to the new setting, so be prepared if you're going up a setting.

The other setting is Speed. This affects the length of shock session and also the length of break. It changes depending on which Mode you're on but during kneading it seems to shorten the session a bit and then also shortens the break, when you make it faster. (The sessions for Kneading begins at about 12-15 seconds of shocking and close to the same on break.)

**Let me say here that the "shocking" feels nothing at all like a shock from an electric cord or get shocked in a dry room from a tv or something. It feels nothing at all like that. I honestly cannot adequately describe how it feels.

Now, as for does this meet my needs? In ways I hadn't ever thought it could. I've had several injuries to my back which has left it full of chronic pain, muscle knots, stiffness, scar tissue and all sorts of unpleasantness. I use the Shock Therapy Kit about every 2 days or so and it seems that after each use there's a little more looseness, a little less pain, a little bit more ease of movement.

One thing that I am very glad this unit has on it is a timer. It sets itself for 15 minutes and that's it. Once the 15 minutes ends it turns itself off. This IS nice if you are along and fall asleep using it. (I almost did once, had the boyfriend not been talking to me.) I however still recommend always having someone there with you, in case you get euphoric and suddenly need to move a pad or something. Safety always first.
    • Comfortable during use
    • Easy to put on / use

Care and Maintenance

The package it comes in is not, in any way, suitable for long term storage in my opinion. It's a small box with a flimsy plastic tray that once you take the pieces out won't ever fit right again. I ended up getting a Divine Carry Bag for it, and it works perfectly.

I'd ensure to keep it put away after every use so you don't step on it or something; it's not large. The biggest part fits into your hand. The pads are very easy to loose (indeed we've already had a hunt in the apartment to find one!!) They come 2 in an itty bitty plastic bag, which is nice 'cuz if you use a set sexually you can mark the bag (as we have done) to keep them together.

So long as you keep the kit by itself I see little reason to need to actually wash it or anything. As it IS an electro-shock kit I wouldn't use it around lube or lotion or anything so I see very few situations where you'd need to wash anything off of it.

Just make sure to keep all the parts together and keep it put away. As stated before, I keep mine in a red Divine Carry On Bag. It fits perfectly and I have another little pouch where we put the extra pads, inside of the Divine bag. It keeps it all together, zips closed and we know where it all is.

If you do feel the need or have a situation to clean the Shock Therapy Kit, I'd use a damp cloth with it turned off, unplugged from the pads and have the batteries out. Then immediately run a dry cloth over it to ensure any moisture is removed.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

The main reason I bought it was to help treat my boyfriend's back. He was in a car accident when he was a young adult and his chiropractor had used a similar device on him many times. He missed the muscle-loosening effects it gave him and he actually requested that I get this. As that was a first for him, I did. And now I love it too!! I honestly didn't expect to like it. I was so scared the first time he used it on me I was almost hyperventilating and close to crying.

However after he started it up I was all "oohhhing" and "aahhhing" from it and not that long later I was laying on my tummy so he could hook it up to my back. (He used it on my lower legs first.) I've now tried it on my outer labia and am looking at the attachment kit for insertion use.

I do have to say that I am insanely disappointed in the instructions for this. It's just a little sheet with a few words on it. Seriously. Nothing more. AND you cannot find any more info than that for it on the product page on the Pipedream website.

**If you have any questions on how to use this, please feel free to message me and I will do my best to answer them based on my and my boyfriend's experiences with this kit.**


I find that when I use this, within a couple minutes I start getting euphoric. It's wonderful. Even if I'm laying on the couch and one arm is uncomfortable, I get euphoric. This is why I do not use this item alone.

When I used it on my outer labia I found that the sensations did not penetrate into my vagina as I was hoping. Granted I didn't use a very high setting. Two things on this. One - my labia are incredibly big and thick, so it probably will take a very high setting to penetrate and since you have to use all 4 pads I don't want that high of a setting on another body part. Two - I found that the sensations didn't disperse well; mostly they went towards the crease of my body between my labia and thighs.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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