Fetish Fantasy shock therapy - sex toy by Pipedream - review by mistressg

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment!

I had wanted this toy for years now, and I finally got it. I must say, I am not disappointed at all! I am quite glad to have added this to my collection, it has a number of uses. If you don't have a partner, not to worry! This is a ton of fun to play with solo, though you can use it with a partner as well.
Great solo or with a partner, variety of things that could be done with it,
Instructions not detailed enough, need all 4 pads connected at once
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Don't let "shock therapy" and "electro sex" scare you off, it's not as intense as it sounds! This is not at all what comes to mind when you say the words "shock treatment". You won't need to bite down on something, it is nothing like the terrible old hospital "treatment", and you will not feel as though you're being electrocuted. Do you hate those prank shocking pens, that zap you when you go to write with them? ME TOO! But I love this little gadget, trust me, they are not the same thing at all!

This is great for couples who want to try out something totally new and different. However, it is definitely great solo! In fact, I tried it out solo since I couldn't try it out with a partner. It was awesome! this is great to put on sore or aching muscles, but also add a fun tingly sensation to masturbation or sex. I think this product is great for anyone and everyone, though there are some warnings on the leaflet it comes with (i.e. if you have a pacemaker, etc.) This product can be used in a number of ways, and put on any area of the body you like! If you are totally new to electro stimulation, or have been into it for a while, I think no matter what you would be able to enjoy this product. For an electro stim product, this is fairly inexpensive, and definitely worth it if you are interested in trying that out. This gadget isn't too powerful, you can have it on a very low almost not noticeable setting or turn it up significantly, it's all up to you!

This could be used for massage, a bit of kink, or just to do something different on your own or with your partner. It is compact and easy to travel with, but I would advise against using it around water.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bdsm
    • Couples
    • Everyone
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    • Anywhere
    • Bedroom / on a bed
    • Play party
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    • Travel friendly

Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

This kit comes with 4 pads, a controller, and a cord that has 4 heads attached to it that the pads snap onto. It takes 2 AAA batteries, which are not included. Also, it comes with a free cheap black blindfold that I have gotten with other Fetish Fantasy items, and I am not even going to consider using it. If you are totally new to BDSM I could see having some fun with it, but for me, I want nothing to do with this sort of blindfold.

None of the components have a smell that I noticed, and I certainly wouldn't recommend licking any of the parts. I wouldn't go putting the pads on my tongue, that just seems like a bad idea.

The size of the controller fits easily into the palm of your hand. The snaps on the back of the pads snap onto the cord components just as the same way that snaps you find on some clothing. The cords are long enough that I can snap them to my legs near my feet, and still have the controller up by my head controlling it, with room to move. However, I could see the cords getting tangled if you were paying with a partner, or getting in the way potentially. Though I will say, the pads will stay attached to the cords no matter how tangled and tousled you get!

There is no info on the gel that is on the pads, but I have sensitive skin and was not irritated or bothered by it at all. The gel is on a thin plastic sheet that has the snap on the back to connect it to the cord. It is like a thick jelly, there is not a chance of it running or leaking or anything like that. It is very much attached to the pads, almost like a rubber cement jelly consistency. I could see the pads getting damaged. It takes a bit of pull to unsnap the pads from the cords. After I took them off, the plastic around the snap looked a bent bent and damaged. I think that the part of the pad with the snap on it could have been made of a sturdier, harder material. A hard, thicker plastic would have been wise. However, I see the gel holding up for a while, with many uses on clean skin. I am definitely glad EF sells a set of replacement pads, and intend to stock up on those just to be safe! The pads are pretty thin, and won't really bother you to wear them.

I could see it being problematic trying to keep track of the thin, clear, plastic coverings that go over the gel on the pads. It would be nice not to worry about those. I'd hate to lose any of them!
There is no need to worry about "fit", because you just put the pads wherever you like. However, you must have all 4 pads connected at the same time, and have the plastic film coverings removed from all of them for it to work. I spent about half an hour trying to figure it out! Because of that, I think the instructions need to be more detailed.

Overall, this kit seems worth it. It works well, has a variety of ways to be used, and is fairly inexpensive. It seems like it will hold up for long enough with proper care.
    • Adjustable
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Will fit most people


This product worked verrry well for me, once I figured it out! This could definitely be used to soothe aching muscles. My significant other goes to the gym a lot, so I figure that they could be used for that - once you shower off all that sweat, of course! Wouldn't want to get the pads grimy!

There is a wide range of what one could do with this fun little kit. You could put two of the pads on you, and two on your partner. You could play with the speed, and the intensity, and the vibration settings. I just said vibration settings without meaning to, but really, that is what it feels like! It does not feel unpleasant like a shock or a zap. It is much more like a vibration, when you hit the power button to turn up the intensity it could feel more like a zappy vibration, but still very much more like a vibration than anything else. It definitely has potential to give you tingles and chills up your spine, in the best way! I hate to call the sensation that it gives a "shock" because, well, "shocking" sounds unpleasant and uncomfortable. I've been electrocuted, it is not a good feeling at all! This, on the other hand, feels great. And keep in mind, you are in total control! You can have the sensations very light and low so that they are hardly felt at all, or as high as you'd like. You can change the speed, the pattern, it's all up to you! Even if you are intimidated by this, keep that in mind. It is not like you are being electrocuted or zapped, and you are in total control!

This toy would feel different depending on what settings you use and where you put the pads, so it takes some experimenting and playing with to fully get a feel for it and what you really like to do with it. I was put off initially by the thought of putting the pads anywhere near my own genitals, though really, again, it is not like shocks at all, and that is definitely a fun sensation.
    • Comfortable during use
    • Easy to put on / use
    • Holds up to use well

Care and Maintenance

As I said, I keep it all stored together in part of the original package. As for care, do not use on skin that is grimy, dirty, covered in lotions and cosmetics, as that will degrade the quality of the pads. Also, keep the coverings that come over gel on the pads close by, so that you can put them back on after use! There isn't a ton of care or maintenance that needs to be put into this toy. If you get anything on the controller or cords, just wipe it off with a wet cloth.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging is definitely not at all discreet! I am not keeping the outside of the package, as it is not at all discreet. I am, however, keeping the plastic divider that was inside of the box. It takes up a bit of room, but it is good for storage, in order to keep the pads, controller, and cord organized; and to keep them from getting separated or lost. It would be more convenient if the outside of the box was more discreet, then I could just keep all of it together in the box!

The instructions could definitely use a lot more info and detail. It took me awhile to figure out how to get this going on my own. I kept re-reading the instructions, but was still confused. First, I had just 2 of the pads connected, on my thighs with the film backing off - didn't work. Tried a number of things with the controller, nothing seemed to be working. Then, decided that maybe the other 2 pads had to be connected. I connected them but left the film on them, as I didn't want to use all four of the pads at once. Still, this did not work. I kept playing with the controller, trying many combinations with the buttons and the pads, detaching and reattaching the pads, it wasn't working. I had begun to wonder if mine was broke, or what I possibly had to do to get this thing working. Very frustrating! Finally, I went over all of the instructions and troubleshooting info again and saw something about making sure the film coverings were not on the pads. I took the backings off of the other two pads, attached them, put them on my thighs as well, hit the On button, and voila!

    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet

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Follow-up commentary
This device is fun and versatile. I like it a lot, though I do wish the replacement pads that EF carries were cheaper. My partner recently had a sore back due to exercise, and he asked me to walk on it and give him a massage. Neither of these things really seemed to make a difference, and my hands got sore and tired out quickly. Then, I remembered! "Want me to try the shock device on it?" He said sure, and we tried that out I put the pads on his lower back, and ended up moving them around a bit after a while. After a fun shock-session, we removed the pads and he said that his back felt much better. It still hurt a bit, but overall felt a lot better. The next day after the gym he ran into a friend and the friend asked him where he was off to, he told him "To get some shock therapy." His friend didn't ask, and he didn't explain.

As I said in my original review, this is not an unpleasant experience, but the name of the product probably puts many people off. It doesn't feel like shocks on the lower settings, it's more like vibrations or massage. On some of the settings, you can get it to feel more like a shock. This device has many ways to use it, it's versatile, and can be a relaxing experience.
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