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Heart's Desire warming massager reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

I think this is worth buying since it can be used for a sensual massage or just to help with aches and pains. I love that it is travel friendly. It is cute, but it's not too girly for a man to use it.

What could be better than a portable reusable heat massager? This warms up nice and holds the temperature for a long time. It's great as part of an erotic massage or to soothe minor aches away. Because it is reusable it offers hours and hours of heat. Buy it for yourself of someone you love.

If you have problem areas that need soothing, definitely try this out! Whether you want to use it on yourself or with another person, it's great either way. My shoulders highly approve the soothing factor of this product!

Relax and explore temperature play in and easy and affordable way. Designed to be used during a sensual massage the Hearts Warmer can also be used as a heat pack for aching muscles. Re usable, this little warmer is well made and sure to last.

I love this heart warmer. It's reusable and the temperature it gets to is great. This is wonderful for muscle aches, muscle cramps, sexual play, massages, and so much more.

The Heart's Desire warming massager is great to have around for giving or receiving massages, they also make wonderful gifts! Use one to give your partner a sensual massage to get things started up in the bedroom, or massage your sore, tired muscles and joints. There are several ways to use this cute reusable massager!

Aches, pains, cramps, arthritis, sensual massage...is there anything the Heart's Desire warming massager can't do? Well...your homework and your taxes. It can't do that. But for just about anything you need a heating pad for, this has you covered!

The Heart's Desire Warming Massager is great for Solo or Couples. Great for a typical heated massage or even a stiff neck. It is reusable and defiantly handy! It's not a sex toy, but is great of heating things up while starting off!

I love the concept of this heart. I even have some from different brands that I absolutely love - but this particular brand is lacking. The heart is very hard to activate, and it smells like phthalates. I do love how long this stays hot for, but for me, I probably would have passed this one up.

The Heart's Desire warming massager by Classic Erotica is an easy to use, reusable, and affordable massager for those who love giving or receiving massages. Before starting your massage with this cute little heart, just bend the disc and watch the reaction as it heats up. Be sure to test it out on a small area of your own body to make certain it isn't too hot to use, and then glide it along the skin for a sensual experience.

The heart's desire is perfect for those cold days and nights. I use the heart every time I have a sore back, it reduces the pain from my sore back or any other sore aches. Also the Heart is a great idea for adding that extra sensation during play time with you and your partner. It's amazing how it doesn't require batteries or need any electricity to heat it up and the Heart's Desire is always perfect for on the go!

The massager is great for using as a hand warmer or to get the blood flowing. It can help with tense muscles and even breastfeeding. Unfortunately, it's not a massager to me. I thought if it was like a glove and it warmed up to where you could massage, I think that would work better. I do recommend it as a warmer. I'm going to give it five stars, because I really like the warming feeling and it's re-usable.

This thing was a big disappointment for me. The smell from the phthalates makes my head feel weird, it doesn't get as warm as another warmer I tried, and the packaging could be more accurate. Also, if you only read French and no English, all you will be able to understand is "reusable" and "Made in China". The instructions and warnings are only in English. Due to the material and the smell, I will not be keeping this.

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