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If you just want a take along cloth to clean yourself, your partner, and any messes this is great. Its not really a towel but its high quality and cute. The logo is bright and fun and stays embroidered without falling apart in the wash.

The leaf towel is only good if you don't have to pay anything for it. If you are looking to buy a single item to get free shipping it is more useful to invest in the jelly cock ring or edenfantasys tote bag. This towel is not worth paying money for. I did find a good use for it though as a dusting aid.

I absolutely love this washcloth! I love how soft it is, I love how absorbent the towel is, I love the texture, I love it's discretion! The Leaf towel has been a staple in my home and I have not only one, but three of these so far, and I will definitely consider getting more. Expensive, yes, but worth it, definitely! Recyclable materials, great texture, and 30% bamboo composition, who wouldn't love to have this.

I wouldn't recommend this towel to anyone, really. It isn't a towel; it's a washcloth, and overpriced for a single washcloth. It is very nice quality, so if you'd like to spend that amount of money on a washcloth, I'd recommend it.

This is a nice free gift, but I would not want to spend this price for what I consider to be just an average washcloth. It is well sewn, just not of high-quality fibers. The presentation would make it a nice addition to a gift basket, but on its own I don't think it measures up to the quality you could get for the same price. I will happily use it, but do not intend to get any more unless they are free.

I love this towel I just wish they made a big one like a beach towel. This is really soft and absorbs wetness very great. I suggest to everyone!

This is one of the best gifts-with-purchase I've yet received from EdenFantasys. It's high-quality cotton/bamboo terry with a great texture, feels good on my face, and looks cute hanging in my shower!

The word towel in the product name is an exaggeration as this is a washcloth. I already knew that when ordering so I wasn't surprised. Others should know what it is before ordering. The washcloth is simple, classic, and practical. Even though it is from a sex toy manufacturer it is discreet. It would even be fine for a guest bathroom.

If this towel wasn't free with an order I would have never even thought about getting it. I wish it was a big towel so I could use it for drying myself off. I've used it on a toy and I've used it in the shower. I can't really think of anything else I can use it for.

The leaf towel offers a lot of absorbency, but in a small package and at a price. This towel is more the size of a washcloth, and it's also a little rougher than the typical towel (or washcloth). You could probably find a similar item (minus the logo) at any low-cost store for less than the $3.49 price tag of this one.

overall this is a typical washcloth. There is nothing special about it. I know, some people like the bamboo they use in the fabric mix. I could care less if there is bamboo or not. All I care about is how it feels. For a washcloth, this feels normal. We will see how long it feels this way.

This is literally just an everyday washcloth. There's nothing special or remarkable about it. Save yourself some money and go down to Wal-mart and buy five for the same price.

This is a great free gift. Tasteful, absorbent and washcloth sized. The cotton/bamboo blend makes it soft and able to soak up most anything! Who doesn't need another washcloth?!

The item description lists this as a towel. No one could in the most liberal stretching of the word call this a towel. It is 12" x 12", which makes it more of a large washcloth. It has a nice diagonal pattern in the terrycloth. The ends have a geometric (dobby) finish. The band has the Leaf logo on it. Unless you are familiar with the company, you would not be able to tell this is a towel from a vibrator company.

This is a handy & durable little towel to have around, it is made of cotton and bamboo, making it absorbent. I wish it was in stock more often. The size and softness are great and this towel can be used in a myriad of ways. What is not to like ?

I had picked a couple of these up for my mom and for my daycare provider and never got me any. As soon as they came back in I grabbed one. The kicker is I forgot I had it, until I went digging through my toy box and found it. These towels are so soft and I can't wait to pick up another one. Right now it is offered as a free gift with a bullet with orders over $79 bucks. I wish it was just the towel and not the bullet.

This Leaf washcloth is a great addition to your home. With its large size, discreet design, and variety of use, it's a total must have! It's absorbent, soft, and no special measures need to be taken when it's time to wash it. It's a win, win in my book!

The leaf towel makes a great gift for anyone. There are many different uses from personal use to household use. The material is soft and absorbent and convient and easy to use.

I like these towels, but I have no idea why I spent money and somebody had to ship it to me when I can go to the dollar store and get a stack of towels for the same purpose and a better price, without a logo embroidered on them. Silly me!

This towel is pretty cheaply made, and it's pretty obvious when you get down to it. However, it's pretty soft and nice on toys that aren't going to attract lint (something it has an insane amount of), or on your face. Pretty much okay, for a towel you'd get for free.

You will love these. Not only are they cheap, but they are also very soft and sturdy. Just try them out. Right now you can even receive a second one for free.

The Leaf towel (or wash cloth) is cute and a good addition to either your sex clean up gear or bathroom. I like how simple the design is. The material feels very soft and works well as a wash cloth. These are larger than most wash cloths, so they can be used as a towel for toys or hands as well. My only con is how rare these are in stock. I almost never see them available to purchase!

Whether you use it for hand or face washing or cleaning up spills around the house this little towel will pull double duty! It won't let you down no matter what you choose to use it for so what are you waiting for, go grab yourself one and rejoice in the towel that is manufactured by Leaf.

Better Than Wiping With Real Leaves!!

If you are looking for an inexpensive, soft, simple washcloth this is great. If you need something to clean up after sex this is nice for sensitive areas. I have not had any problems with the fabric. I think for the price this is more than worth it and id order a few.

The Leaf Towel is an attractive looking, high quality washcloth. I had purchased the towel while a promotion was on so I had received two for the price of one. I'm really happy that I purchased the towel because it's much softer than my regular washcloths. I use the towel for washing my face but it can be used for just about anything. The only real con that I could think of is that I find the price is a bit high. Then again, I've never owned anything with bamboo in it. Maybe I'm just cheap?

It's a cute towel for the use it's meant for. As I said, I thought it would be a full size towel so I was shocked when I found it was a hand towel. I love it though and would recommend this one to anyone.

These cotton & bamboo washcloths are very decorative and made extremely well. They make a great doily, gift item, washcloth & dishcloth. Bamboo is super absorbent & has mild antibacterial properties, add soft, fluffy cotton-you have a nice, high quality cloth. These are not towels. The workmanship, sewing & details are amazing, & the leaf logo is super discreet. Unless you are thinking sex toys & are very familiar with the brand, you would never know it is made by an adult toy manufacturer.

Make Like A Tree And Leaf My Towel Alone!

This is a great wash cloth; it's well made and soft--though maybe not soft enough for sensitive users to dry their face with. It's super discreet, because anyone googling 'leaf towel' won't be able to associate it with anything inappropriate or sexy. I found it absorbed well and dried quickly, and what else can you expect of a towel?

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