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Flickering touch massage oil reviews

21 reviews
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21 reviews

This is a high quality product. The packaging and container are classy and discreet. The oil absorbs quickly and needs to be reapplied during the massage. It does not leave any residue when dry. There is no staining to clothing or bedding. The gold flakes were not noticeable even after throughly shaking the bottle and reapplying. It does leave your skin moisturized and silky smooth. The scent is light and not overpowering. The price is rather high in comparison to similar massage oils.

I am pleased with this item. It had a good feel and a pleasant scent. However it is not exceptional, and the gold flakes did not add anything extra to the product, so I am glad that I tried it out while it was on sale.

I love the feel of my skin after I've used this oil. The gold flakes in the oil are absolutely beautiful. The bottle is a luxurious heavy glass container and looks extravagant. The smell is a bit off though. It doesn't smell all that pretty at first but then it gets better.

Have you ever wanted to feel like Edward or Bella Cullen? Lazing in a summer field of flowers, with your lover beside you... both sparkling like diamonds in the warm summer sun? Well then... this is the treat you have been looking for! The flickering touch massage oil is a sensual oil that will leave you with a golden shimmer and soft supple skin.

With a light aroma and silky smooth oil, LELO takes sensual massage to the next level. Nourishing to your skin, it absorbs in nicely and leaves your lover's skin soft and shimmery. No need to clean up afterwards, LELO's flickering touch never leaves your skin feeling greasy or sticky.

Lelo’s Flickering Touch massage oil is a fantastic addition to any massage oil collection. The discreet bottle also makes it perfect to place on display in any bedroom or bathroom, and the perfect gift for special occasions.

When you see a pool of it in the palm of your hand and all the gold dust is glittering... you really feel like you have something amazing. It absorbs nicely into your skin, works perfectly as a massage oil and skin moisturizer. This massage oil is really something special.

OH MY GOODNESS where do I start? This is the best body oil/moisturiser and massage oil I've ever used in my life. They say the more natural you go, the better the results. I've never beleived it till I used this oil. The scents are light and enticing and never over powering. But be warned. You might not be able to stop at buying just one.

This is a fun and luxurious massage oil. The gold leaves your skin shimmering and smooth and it also looks amazing in candlelight. The scent was great (balsam) and even the bottle shouts sexy luxury. Despite its high price tag it is worth every penny.

This oil looks, feels and smells great. Feel comfortable knowing that this is a 100% natural oil with no chemical additions. Gold, gold, gold--with the price of gold climbing, this price has remained stable. Using this massage oil elevates our experience to Caesar and Cleopatra each time. Why be average when you can be Kings and Queens? It is a 5 star product but the price lowers it to 4 stars.

This is truly a gorgeous, glamorous, height of luxury type product- a wonderful gift for any occasion. The container looks like a beautiful perfume bottle. I actually prefer this nourishing oil as a body lotion than as a massage oil as it contains real gold flakes that give your skin an amazing radiant glow. I think I would prefer something less expensive and thicker for a massage. My only real complaint was I couldn't smell the fragrance AT ALL, and it smelled slightly "off," but not terrible.

A massage oil with 24 karat gold flakes from Lelo, a well-known high end company, is elegantly packaged for you to enjoy. The scent I don’t particularly care for, but the oils are great for a massage or skin moisturizer. Would be great to give as a gift.

The Flickering Touch Massage oil is an incredibly luxurious, unique, and discreet product. It can be used for sensual massages or as a beauty product to add some shimmer to exposed skin. Personally, I prefer to use it the second way since it takes a while to run this in as a massage oil. Regardless, the smell is great and it lasts a really long time! It makes an excellent gift as well.

Having sensitive skin has led me to be very picky when it comes to massage oils, wanting one that’s not only gentle on my skin but also wonderfully scented and as close to all natural as possible, instead of being filled with tones of junk many other lesser brands seem to contain. Fortunately I was thoroughly impressed with the line of Flickering Touch Massage Oils and my love of Lelo remains (as does my respect for the company)

I really like this oil. It looks great, it performs great. You can use it as a massage oil and as a moisturizer. It contains gold which makes your skin sparkle. I definitely want to try the other scents.

I love Lelo products and this massage oil is no exception to that. It may have a high price tag, but it's still awesome!

As a massage oil Flickering Touch performs beautifully. It glides well, there is no stickiness to it, and it won't leave a lot of residue. Even still, I would not use this as my everyday massage oil just because it is pretty expensive. But for planning a romantic evening, I think this product is a perfect way to splurge and create a nice evening for you and your partner.

This isn't the first oil I'd grab, or even suggest, as an every day use item. However for special occasions when you just want to shimmer a bit, I do recommend it highly.

Lelo Flickering Touch ignites passions and turns a simple massage into an amazing experience. Use with a lover or alone to enjoy a comfortable massage which melts into an almost naked (without oil) frictionless, experience. In addition, Flickering Touch can be used as a seductive perfume for those dates out or cozy nights in and as an all around moisturizer. However you use it, you're sure to fall in love with Flickering Touch.

Indulge in Flickering Touch Massage Oil and allow yourself to be seduced by the deep, earthy notes of Spicy Clove and Amber. When applying this rich blend of sensual oils, admire the glistening flecks of 24 karat gold powder. Spread it on yourself or a partner and make luxurious memories with this lavish massage oil.

Flickering Touch Massage Oil in Fresh Lily and Musk is everything you would to expect from LELO. Distinctive, yet discreet, packaging; luxurious attention to detail and user experience; uncomplicated quality that sets it apart from other products in its class.

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