Flickering touch massage oil by LELO - review by Taylor

You'll glow after this massage

As a massage oil Flickering Touch performs beautifully. It glides well, there is no stickiness to it, and it won't leave a lot of residue. Even still, I would not use this as my everyday massage oil just because it is pretty expensive. But for planning a romantic evening, I think this product is a perfect way to splurge and create a nice evening for you and your partner.
Nice glide, Beautiful container
A bit pricey, Some may not like the scent
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Flickering Touch massage oil by Lelo is meant to be a high end massage oil. I am a professional massage therapist and I found this oil to perform just as well as the oils that I use in my practice on clients. It is a pricey product, but rest assured you are getting a high quality massage oil with this product. It is great for sensual or more therapeutic massage, and it would also work well as a moisturizer or as a light perfume if you enjoy the scent. I would not use it as a lube because some of the ingredients may be problematic when used internally. If you are going to be using condoms, definitely do not use Flickering Touch as a lube because it will break down the latex.
    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay
    • Massage

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I thought that the texture and consistency of this oil was perfect. I honestly would not be able to distinguish this oil from the ones I usually use at work by the feel of it alone. The three carrier oils in it are apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil. These are pretty standard oils in professional massage oil blends, so they will definitely hold up to quite a bit of massage before you need to reapply. The good thing about these oils, which isn't mentioned on the box or on the Lelo website, is that each of these oils has a fairly high concentration of vitamin E which is very good for your skin.

Flickering touch ends up being about a medium weight oil. Meaning that it doesn't absorb right away, but it won't sit on your skin forever either. If you have very oily skin this may break you out, but for most people it should absorb nicely and you won't feel like you need to shower right away. It pours just like you would think an oil would, and will never feel sticky or goopy.

The other ingredients in the product are perfume and a shimmery powder that contains mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, and gold. Yes there is gold powder in this massage oil. Some people may have allergies to these, so it may be a good idea to test it on a small area before trying to apply it all over.
    • Oily

Taste / Aroma

The oil I have is the White Lily and Musk scent. I thought the smell was nice, but my boyfriend did not like it because he thought it smelled like "old church ladies' perfume." It does smell very feminine and floral, but not really like lillies. It seemed more of a generic floral to me, with a slight sense of earthiness to it. The scent is strong, but not as overpowering as many other products are, and it doesn't have the synthetic perfume smell that a lot of products that contain cheap fragrances have.
    • Strong smell


The oil lasted pretty well. You are not going to need to reapply every 30 seconds and with 4 ounces of oil. It should last most people quite awhile unless you are giving each other nightly massages. You will go through it faster if you have very dry skin vs. someone who has more oily skin, but nevertheless you should get several uses before you run out. It does well with different types of strokes and different types of pressure, and for most people this oil should meet their needs.

It does wash off well. Just a little soap and water will wash it right off, but it absorbed well enough that neither one of us felt like we needed a shower right after. Plus it would be a shame to wash off the gold shimmer immediately after your massage.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely


Lelo always has great packaging, and their massage oil is no exception. The oil comes in a very beautiful bottle, which comes in a very pretty box (though not as nice as the boxes that Lelo's toys come in). The bottle that the oil is in is beautiful and looks like it might contain a perfume or high end moisturizer. It doesn't leak at all, which is great, The top prevents the pump from accidentally getting pushed down if you knock it on its side or something.

My problem with the packaging is that when you use the pump, not very much oil comes out. If you are just going to massage a small area this is probably okay, but if you are going to massage a large area like a back, then you will need several pumps. I eventually just ended up taking the top off and pouring what I needed.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

We had a little bit of trouble seeing the gold specks at first, and from what I've read in other reviews it has happened to other people as well. I found that the pump top does not pick up the gold powder very well at all, so the powder just ends up sinking to the bottom and never mixes with the oil. If you shake up your massage oil before using it and pour it out instead of using the pump top, you will see much more of the shimmer powder in the oil. You won't look like you bathed in shimmer powder or anything, but it will give your skin a nice little glow.
Follow-up commentary
I still think this is a great quality oil, but unfortunately this particular scent wasn't one we enjoyed. So, for now, our oil mostly just sits in the drawer and doesn't ever come out to make an appearance. It's a shame to spend so much on an oil and not enjoy it. I would still like to try the other two scents to see if we'd like them better.
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