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Massage oil candle Massage oil candle

Body massage candle by PicoBong

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Massage oil candle reviews

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23 reviews

The product is small and cute, but not the best out there. That being said, try it out if you want to tip your toe in candle play, and have fun. This candle will give you a small look into the style of play as a whole without being a big investment in sheets or time. It is a one and done product.

Disappointing is the best word I can come up with to describe my experience with the PicoBong Massage Oil Candle. A slow, half burning candle with an almost imperceptible scent that leaves an unpleasant waxy residue is less than I expected from a line that originates from a reputable company such as Lelo. Take my advice and save your money for something with a little better quality. You will thank me in the end.

If you're looking to sample massage candles, then this is a good option for you. The Picobong Massage Candle is not the best bang for you buck in the long term, but it can be just the thing to add to a romantic getaway.

The Picobong massage candle is all in all a big, huge flop. I see where they were trying to go with it, but it seems their car ran out of gas and they didn't quite get there. The candle leaves you feeling greasy and gunky, causes more drag than without it, and the scent doesn't carry past a few inches. The verdict? Do yourself a favor and stay far away!

For the price of the two massage candles I received, I could have essentially picked up an entire bottle of something with a scent that lasts, didn't harden, and didn't need to be washed off (or gone the opposite route and picked up a few dozen tealights). The only thing that I can suggest this candle for is someone in a very hot location who needs something thicker that would stay on their skin in the heat.

I would have to say that all in all it was a pretty bad experience. I was expecting a spicy chocolate and wound up with one of my least favorite smells in the world. It rubbed in badly and left a sticky mess. I will pass on this one.

This candle is worth it, I'm going to be looking for one of a bigger size to buy. Otherwise we will be buying more of this exact one. The slickness of the wax/oil during a massage was great, and the smooth skin afterwards was even better. I would recommend this to anyone!

If you want a small candle to throw in your bag for a weekend getaway that will easily perfume a hotel room, then this is your go to gadget; otherwise, it's not good for much else unless you'd like to waterproof yourself.

If you want some mood lighting that you can toss afterward, then have a look at these! For anyone that is familiar with basic massage, steer clear.

I'm simply not impressed with this candle. It's too small, the scent isn't there, and it leaves a waxy film on the skin that has to be scrubbed off. Even if this candle was available in a larger size I still wouldn't purchase it due to the waxiness. It moisturizes due to the shea butter but it's too much of a mess to clean off, and with all the scrubbing to remove it you'll strip the moisture from your skin anyway. This one just wasn't for me.

I didn't really enjoy the Choco/Chili Massage Oil Candle very much. I'm a huge fan of anything for massages. After trying this, I wont be adding this to my collection of massage products. I like the scent very much! If only I found a HUGE massage candle with the same scent but STRONGER, I'd be in heaven!

Nice at first, then it bombed. If you don't like wax play, don't look at this product. You don't get very much and the quality really sucks.

This was our first experience with a massage oil candle and we were not impressed. The wick burned down completely after about 20 minutes, leaving us with a lot of left over wax. It was also too thick to use as an effective massage oil. The smell was very nice and was the one thing we enjoyed the most from it.

Don't bother with this if you are looking to do an actual massage. You will end up sorely disappointed. This is just a candle and nothing more. Get a good massage OIL for a massage and you won't have to smell like you got dipped in hot melted plastic and tanning oil.

This candle is a nice step for people just starting out with any sort of candle play. While the oil isn't intense enough for people with intricate hot wax knowledge to get a kick out of it, it could be a nice, sensual starter for beginners.

Overall my boyfriend and I enjoyed this candle. Even though the price seemed high, this was my first massage candle. I would rather pay $4.95 for this candle versus the cost of the other massage candles. I would definitely recommend this candle to beginners, just so they can become acquainted and know what to expect from "massage oil candles". The more experienced would enjoy it as well. Even if massages are not on the agenda, it would still add a delightful aroma to any room.

I am not going to make this mistake again! Chump-change products like this are great to try something new, but lessen the blow when, as in this case, a purchase just does not work out! We both agreed that we hated the thick and greasy feeling of this candle. What a disappointment that it did not even melt down all the way to at least try on other body parts. Maybe massage candles just aren't for us in general, but for now THESE candles are not for us, and we'll give other brands a try.

This little candle was an awesome addition to a romantic night. The aroma left me aroused and intoxicated. This candle carries a hefty pricetag for the small amount of massage oil you get out of it but for a special occasion or your first time trying massage candles, this is a great choice. We will definitely be buying this again.

While this product would be a great little gift, it is hardly great when in use. Only lasts one hour and doesn't give you enough to really get a good massage going unless you just heat the whole candle. The only thing I could suggest this for is people who might be looking into trying out wax play due to the quickness that the oil cools and dries on the skin.

If your looking for a small, discreet, take anywhere, one time use, candle-this is a must have! Great candle and packs a powerful punch, but a little pricey. Great when in use and brings you much closer as a couple. Great little romance candle. Light some candles and have this as one to surprise your SO and it's guaranteed to impress.

Besides the cuteness of this, I doubt many people will find much more than that in this candle. It's not going to be something that will aid in massage, but perhaps it'll make a lovely scene for someone who only cares about the look of a lit room. I really can't say there's much nice about this candle. I'm disappointed that the wick died after around 1 hour, but the candle wax is still plentiful.

This was a fun experience, and I think I will look into other massage candles in the future as a result. Will I be getting this one again in the future? Probably not. It's too expensive for a one-time use and I would really like a stronger aroma to offset the burnt smell all candles put off. My candle burned evenly but yours may not, so you may get even less out of your one use than I did.

The Massage Oil Candle by Picobong is cute but very tiny. It would make a good stocking stuffer and is great for travelling. Personally, I like the stronger scented candles and while the scent to this candle is nice, you have to put your nose right up to it to smell anything. The candle doesn't burn on the sides so you barely have any oil once the candle is done burning. Also, the price is freakishly high when you compare price and burn time with other candles available. I don't recommend it.

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