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Massage oil candle

Body massage candle by PicoBong

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Chocolate Chili... Am I the only one who found it a strange combination?

This little candle was an awesome addition to a romantic night. The aroma left me aroused and intoxicated. This candle carries a hefty pricetag for the small amount of massage oil you get out of it but for a special occasion or your first time trying massage candles, this is a great choice. We will definitely be buying this again.
+Amazing smell
+Travel friendly
+Absorbs well
-Small size
-High price
-Not good for an everyday massage product
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The Massage Oil Candle made by PicoBong is a great thing in a tiny package. Budget friendly? Not quite. While I did manage to get two uses out of this candle, paying $4.95 for a one or two time deal is not something I would do all the time. However, I wanted to suprise my wonderful fiance with a romantic candle-lit dinner and a massage afterwards and this was the perfect candle for just that. The ingredients are natural and include Glycine soja (soy), Butrosperum parkii (shea butter), prunus armeniaca (apricot), Kernel oil, and perfume. The base of this candle is soy wax. If you have a reaction to this product, wash off immediately. This product would work great for all skin types and leaves your skin smooth and soft, with only a small bit of waxy feeling. However, I dont count this as a con, as both my fiance and I enjoy this feeling and expect it from a massage candle.
The wick on this candle was not very good. It was a very small low flame that did not melt the wax very well. The candle burned for well over an hour and was just over halfway melted down. The middle of the candle was more melted than the outside and the wick was almost completely burned. I got a second use out of this candle though. What I did was heat up a cup of water in the microwave and then CAREFULLY placed the candle into the water with a spoon (the candle does float). Within seconds, the rest of the wax was melted. Using your spoon, carefully pull the candle out of the cup. Make sure your water is not too hot or else the wax will be hotter than expected! Always make sure to test the heat of your wax before pouring it on a loved one.

    • Foreplay
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This wax is white while solid and a clear liquid while melted. During massage, as the wax cools off it may start making a white residue. As you keep massaging, this will go away. This wax oil absorbs nicely into the skin over time and leaves it soft and moisturized. The oil lasts a good amount of time before it thickens up again, and if you are rubbing the whole time, it will absorb into the skin without leaving too much of a waxy film.


Taste / Aroma

The smell of this is amazing. I was a bit skeptical of the chili/chocolate combo, but of the choices of massage candles, it seemed like a good masculine choice that my fiance would like, and would smell good and add to the experience of our candle-lit dinner. The smell while burning is light and chocolate-like with a hint of spice to it. I cannot say it smells like "chili" but there is definitely a spicy element mixed in with the chocolate that makes it smell all that much more erotic. So the smell during burning is nice. The smell during massage is even better. As you rub the melted oil into your lover's skin the aroma will intensify and it is amazing. It is a deep, warm smell that is extremely pleasant for both the massager and the person being massaged. But then something I didn't expect happened. Several hours later as me and my fiance were going to bed, he took off his shirt and got into bed next to me. I wrapped my arms around him and took a deep breath and all I could say was "Oh My GOD" The amazing smell of the candle had somehow mixed with his already amazing, natural manly smell and created the most intoxicating aroma I have ever smelled. I cannot even begin to describe what this smell was like, but it was amazing. I know it has to do with personal body chemistry, but BUY THIS PRODUCT and see what happens because I promise, if the same thing happens for you, it will be amazing! I plan to buy more products in the chili/chocolate flavor and see what happens!


I gave my fiance a back massage that lasted around 30 minutes with a little over half of the candle, and a shorter shoulder massage with the rest. He loved the heat of the wax and said it helped relax his muscles so he could release his tension and enjoy the massage that much more. While we enjoy the slightly waxy feeling that this leaves behind, it was also not hard to wash off with soap and water. The functionality of this product was great, it gave a great massage and the aroma was amazing, however, the tiny size and somewhat hefty pricetag can be a turnoff!
    • Absorbs into skin nicely


This product came in a cardboard insert. When you pull the candle out, it is a small metal candle holder with a plastic sticker for a cover. The sticker pulls off easily and you are left with your delicious candle. The packaging is somewhat discreet. It just looks like a massage candle, not like a sex toy. These are a great size for travel and can fit into any travel bag or suitcase. This candle can leak while in the liquid state so be sure to keep in an upright position until completely cooled off and hardened.



I bought this candle as an addition to a romantic candle-lit dinner night with my fiance. I cooked dinner, set the table, and placed several candle of various sizes and shapes around the table, including this candle. None of the other candles were scented, and after a while, you could smell the aroma coming from this candle, but in the mix of all the candles this one didn't particularly stand out, which was what I was going for, as I wanted to suprise me fiance with a massage after dinner. After we ate, I blew all the candles out except for the massage candle and two others and had him lie down on our bed for a romantic candle-lit massage. After about a 30-minute massage, the aroma had filled the room and we were both ready to proceed with the rest of our naughty evening!
Follow-up commentary
Let me start out by saying, I more than like this massage candle. Something about it makes this the most intoxicating thing I have ever smelled. It is amazing. I plan to add one to EVERY order I place on Eden from here on out. It may not be the best bang for your buck, but when your senses react the way mine did, there is no going back.
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