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Nice nuggets male comfort lotion reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

The Nice Nuggets Male Comfort lotion is a great product to reduse irritation and sweating, not just for your nuggets but any where you might need them. It prevents not only sweating, but the odor that can come along with it.

I had gotten the Nice Nuggets because it had the same ingredients as the Happy Hooters, but was a dollar cheaper. This lotion doesn't work for me and I still sweat while having it on. I couldn't tell you if it actually worked on a male's "nuggets," since I don't have those and don't feel comfortable asking a male to try it for me.

Nice Nuggets male comfort lotion is a great product if you're looking for something to help freshen up 'the boys'. This lotion leaves your skin feeling fresh, smelling nice, and helps prevent sweat and the odors associated with it. It does need to be reapplied depending on your activity level, but that's a minor con considering how well this product works!

The Nice Nuggets is Great!! It passes the Florida hot, humid, Big Boy, Football test!! I was surprised when my boys actually offered positive comments without me asking!! Smells great and helps to keep those nuggets soft, dry and smelling good!

Nice Nuggets does what it's supposed to; it prevents irritation due to sweat and chafing. It also smells gorgeous and leaves the skin feeling dry and almost powdery. The smell mellows as the day progresses but at night his package will still smell great. While there are less expensive lotions out there this one works better than the ones we've tried.

This product is definitely worth the purchase if you're looking for a light, fresh, smelling cologne that helps deodorize your body and genital area.

This cream will do a pretty good job of keeping his nuggets feeling nice and fresh. It won't eliminate all sweating, especially if it's really hot or you're doing a lot of manual labor, but it will definitely cut down on how much you sweat, how much your balls stick to your thigh, and how much they smell. Bonus: you can really use it anywhere you end up sweating a lot. That means thighs and feet too!

If you are a man who experiences chafing and sticky sweaty balls, you should try this product. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your partner! Please, I beg you!

I don't rave about this stuff simply because I don't have a huge need for it. I wouldn't be upset if this product didn't exist anymore, but I can see its value for a different kind of guy.

Need some nice dry nuggets? Look no further, this long lasting lotion only needs a dab to keep you dry all day long.

While Nice Nuggets may keep said nuggets smelling decent, the product actually brings nothing new to the table aside from catering to that one specific body part. But you can always find a cheaper alternative in your local store.

This item is completely worth it if you want to smell good around your balls, or if you're just a sweaty man.

Although I am not crazy about the name or using a lotion, I am crazy about the results. This product works exactly as advertised and greatly prevents sweating, sticking, chafing, and odor. It wont change your sexual activities in any way (although it might help eliminate odors if you have sex before showering) but it is a great addition to your everyday bathing routine.

Nice Nuggets is a very good deodorizer and leaves an excellent smell. What is even more impressive is what it does not leave, that being residue and stickiness. This deodorizing lotion lasts a long time and outlasts a good workout and keeps you dry and smelling good. The scent is not overpowering, and others may only be able to smell the nice coconut scent if they are in hugging range.

Given the fact that after almost twelve hours, there was no "gross balls" scent in the air when hubby was getting ready for bed, I'd say this stuff is definitely worth whatever cost. Hubby even approves of this one.

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