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Say good bye to sticky smelly balls!

If you are a man who experiences chafing and sticky sweaty balls, you should try this product. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your partner! Please, I beg you!
Nice light scent, no residue, keeps you dry and keeps you from sweating and getting sticky.
$12 for 4 ounces, contains parabens.
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Let me start out by saying, I love my man's balls. Hell, I love balls in general, but my man's balls? They are smaller and tighter than most, which usually keeps them from sticking to his leg and generally getting too smelly to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the scent of my man. His natural "manly" ball smell even turns me on. Still, there is a fine line between the manly "musk" that balls can have and the slightly sour, "OH. MY. GOD." smell that can sometimes occur in the summer months. You all know what I'm talking about. Men? ALL of you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, you need to smell yourself sometime after a long day of walking in the heat, or after a workout. In ain't pretty! Ladies? Maybe, as a woman, you have been lucky enough to never smell this smell, but chances are you have smelled it. Yes, some of you have even held your breath and powered through it gods love ya! Seriously ladies, I'm all for taking one for the team every now and then, but we are too damned nice. Never fear though! There is a solution and it's name is "Nice Nuggets".

Nice Nuggets Male Comfort Lotion is like antiperspirant/deodorant for balls. Not only does it smell nice, but it will keep your balls and the entire area surrounding them dry and comfortable. It will keep your balls from sticking to your leg, and will help keep you from chafing. Sure, you could put powder down there, but that will only work for so long, and in some cases make it worse. You could try using the same deodorant/antiperspirant that you use for your pits, but it won't feel as nice as this. Nice Nuggets goes on smooth and doesn't clump up. There is no powdery residue and the scent isn't overpowering. It leaves you feeling dry and comfortable, and it lasts all day. By the way, the scent is what I call a "manly" scent. It reminds me of a light cologne or aftershave, or a "sporty" scented male deodorant. My man says I'm wrong, but what would he know! I kid, but honestly it reminds me of the scent they use in those new "men's" shampoos, just much much lighter. Another reviewer compared this scent to coconuts, but I'm here to tell you that is NOT what it smells like to me. That is not to say I don't like the smell. In fact, if they came out with a cologne that smelled like this I would buy it because men's colognes always seem so overpowering to me. This is a nice light scent and I like it it a lot.

I bought this for my man awhile back. Not because his ball smell had become a problem for me, but because he had gotten self conscious about it. I got sick of him telling me I couldn't go down on him until he took a shower. I know you're thinking "whatever, who would turn down a blow job?". Well, that would be my man believe it or not. He is very self aware when it comes to his hygiene and because of this, it had become very difficult to have spontaneous sex. I would be waiting for him to get home all day from his 12 hour shift, only to have to wait even longer for him to shower before I could pounce on him. As soon as I seen this product I had to get it for him.
So, I bet you are wondering "How does she know how good this stuff works? She doesn't even have balls!" You're a quick one you are! I can get nothing by you can I? Well, other than how my man rants and raves about this product, I decided to try this product myself. Now, I do want to caution you ladies. Even though this product states it is made from "natural plant ingredients", it does contain fragrance and parabens. Our anatomy is different and getting some of this product into your vagina may cause adverse reactions, the least of which could cause a nasty yeast infection. If you wear thongs or are plus sized, it is more likely you are going to get this product in places you shouldn't simply because of how things work. So use caution. I, however(both plus sized and a thong wearer), chose to take the risk in the name of science, and haven't noticed any side effects.

Having my son has forever changed my body. Not only do I have sagging skin on the underside of my belling, I also have had the joy of experiencing a hormonal roller coaster. What does this have to do with Nice Nuggets you ask? Well, I have experienced more sweating than I ever have in my life, in areas I never dreamed. Not only have I experienced, for the first time in my life, sweating in the pits so bad it soaks through a t-shirt, but I have been finding that the underside of my belly sweats. Gross right? See, there is this weird thing going on that I have termed the "apron". My belly stretched so much from being pregnant, and now that I've lost all that weight, my stomach kind of hangs down over my panties a bit. It's disgusting, and troubling. Even more so now that I am sweating so much more, because I'm actually getting funky odor in that spot. Much like sweaty ball smell. "LIGHT BULB!" I figured if it works so well for his balls, maybe it would work for my belly apron! Previously, I had used a clear roll on antiperspirant on this area, so I figured it would be safe to test out. Nice Nuggets has the consistency of a watered down hair conditioner or, if you are familiar, a lot like Coochy Shave Cream. A little quarter sized dollop of Nice Nuggets was enough to cover the whole area of my belly, as well as the creases where my thighs meet my groin and the underside of my ass cheeks. I'm happy to report that it worked even better than I had hoped. It didn't leave a powdery or sticky residue and I felt fresh all day long. Now if they only made this for women! My only concern about using this long term on myself is that it could potentially get inside my vagina. I'm pretty sure the fragrance or some of the other ingredients may cause yeast infection. Still, my roll on antiperspirant may do the same so who knows. Bottom line though? This stuff works. My only complaint is it is kind of pricey for a 4 ounce bottle.
Follow-up commentary
My man has being rationing this because he is going to run out soon. I plan on buying him another bottle as a surprise. We both love the scent and he loves the clean, dry feeling!
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