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Octo-pleaser reviews

28 reviews
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28 reviews

This little sea creature may look simple, but he offers a good variety of massage and teasing uses. Give your imagination a workout, not your wallet! Adopt an Octo-Pleaser today.

Octo-pleaser is a great item to have on hand. This wonderful massage enhancer is inexpensive while remaining high quality, and provides a variety of different sensations. It's easy to use, totally discreet, and is super cute on top of that! Use by itself or along with your favorite massage oil for a great, soothing experience!

This little guy is the cutest massager I have ever seen! Sure, he only comes in one color, and there isn't a variety of shapes/animals, but he works fantastically! Add that to the inexpensive price, and you have a winner!

This little Octo-Dude is cute and might be able to add some new massage sensations. Even if you can't use him for massage he can be a room decoration or an impromptu toy for children.

So glad I bought this for his sore back. It is adorable, multi-functional, cute, makes a good kid's or bath toy, and it's relatively inexpensive. Leave it out, no one will know! Use it with any lube, it's good to go!

I can not rave about this item enough! The Octo-pleaser is one the best handheld, simple, non vibrating massage tool, I've experience. "Ollie" as I like to call him is now a nightstand companion and is used almost every night. This tool is great to relieve muscle tension and great for foot, head and back massages. This is truly an awesome tool for full body massages.

The Octo-pleaser is a fun addition to massages and can be used on land or sea (And by sea I mean the shower or bath, unless massaging in the ocean is your thing.). It's cute and doesn't look like anything that could be remotely used as a sex toy unlike some massagers, making it a safe object to leave out for any eyes to see.

I find it works best with another person and is worth the money for a long lasting massager that is easy to use and clean.

This is a great massagers to have around the house for sexual or non-sexual massage. It's a great investment into some sensual times, plus it's great to use on family pets and relatives. This very discreet octopus will have you begging for more.

Wanting to sink into a nice relaxing sensual time deep in the big sea with little expense? This little fella is your guy! Even though there are no vibrations this little guy knows his work. I would recommend having a lubricant or massage oil on hand before using the Octo-pleaser, so pleasure doesn't turn into disaster of tug-a-war on the skin. The plus of recommended lubricant is that this adorable creature reacts well with water, oil, and silicone based lubricants.

I really like the Octo Pleaser. It's a great size for a massager. The eight tentacles work together to relieve my upper back and shoulder pain. Using the massager also helps eliminate hand and wrist discomfort when I give my partner a massage. The discreet octopus shape of the massager is great if you have kids or nosy family members. It just looks like a cute gift massager you'd find at any store.

This is going to be a great gift for anyone in the family. Friends will love it too! We have found that this is a great kids toy/massager and can be left out without feeling awkward around visitors. Can be used with any kind of lotion/oil etc. Would recommend this to anyone! Just make sure you test on body before applying too much pressure. It can be somewhat rough under clothing!

This is the cutest massager ever. Who wouldn't want a friendly octopus giving them a massage. The tentacles are firm and feel very nice on sore muscles. He works well both for relaxing sore muscles and an erotic massage. I love that he is cute and functional.

This is a great long lasting versatile massager that is fun for couples looking for a little extra excitement. With its small design and low price, you should definitely give this little guy a new home in your bedroom! The choice is yours whether you want to relax and knead muscles, or turn massage time into fun time!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for an inexpensive massager to work out your basic, all over body kinks. With its smooth, decently weighted design, it is very effective and at $10, you can't beat it!

I would recommend this back massager to anyone! You will be pleasantly surprised at just how great it works! My boyfriend and I use it on each other pretty much every night, and it's a great thing to look forward to at the end of a long day.

We will use the Octo-Pleaser every night from now on in our marriage. I would happily recommend this to every person I know, just because it's that fantastic of a massage enhancer.

The Octo-pleaser just didn't cut it for our needs. This thing may be great for light 'teasing' but is not good for real massage of aching/tight muscles.

This is a good little gift to give someone. It also is useful to have. It is cheap. The octopus helps add fingers to a massage and makes it easier on you.

Is it worth it? Although not very sensual (or I'm just uncreative), it gives a great massage without tiring fingers and wrists, and are cheap enough to use a pair!

This little guy is the perfect gift for all. He is so cute and works great. Everyone will enjoy him.

I was 100% satisfied with the Octo-pleaser. I would recommend this to everyone! It's cheap, non-suggestive, and simple to use. No buttons, no plugs, no batteries - just a night of relaxation and an amazing massage! You can even use it by yourself!

He's affordable, he's adorable, he'll massage the heck out of you, and he's only $10. Can you get any better than that? Oh wait, you can add vibrating cock rings to make him have vibrations too! His only real downside is that sometimes he hurts bony backs.

This is an amazing little massager. The Octo-Pleaser has a great price and is not a letdown by any means. It is easy to use on oneself, a partner and, if you're lucky, having you partner use it on you. I am even trying to teach my 2 year old to rub mommies back with it! It's a cute little massager and very durable. You will not be disappointed with buying this item!

The Octo-pleaser is a great little buddy to add to your massages. It takes the work out of it and feels great! You can use it on yourself or a lucky counterpart. It is easy to use and clean. Plus this guy is super cute, you will warm up to him in no time!

This has rapidly become one of my favorite ways to greet my husband at the door after a long day at work. It is great as a stress reliever though not necessarily as a sex toy. Still it is versatile and well constructed, it can be used to stimulate and titillate though I prefer it as a relaxing way to end a stressful day. Definitely worth the price, it will add a new dimension to your sex life and your partner will thank you with great sighs of relief!

The Octo kicks ass! I don’t think it should replace a regular back rub, but it could be a great addition to one. When your hands get tired switch it up and grab the Octo-pleaser. It has a totally different feel to it, and it will give you a chance to rest your hands, which could lead to a longer and more enjoyable massage.

It's an okay massage tool, but not something that would be considered a sex toy. It's a good aid and easy to clean. It has many upsides if it's the type of thing you're looking for and is cheap to boot!

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