Octo-pleaser - massager by Pipedream - review by Airen Wolf

It's name is Bond...James Bond!

This has rapidly become one of my favorite ways to greet my husband at the door after a long day at work. It is great as a stress reliever though not necessarily as a sex toy. Still it is versatile and well constructed, it can be used to stimulate and titillate though I prefer it as a relaxing way to end a stressful day. Definitely worth the price, it will add a new dimension to your sex life and your partner will thank you with great sighs of relief!
Sturdy construction, great price, rounded edges won't scratch or drag against skin.
Can make bare skin feel irritated if used without oil and firm strokes.
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007 aside this was the cutest little massager that wasn't necessarily for sex that I found on the Eden Fantasys site. I was looking for something to add to my massage kit that was a bit different. Sometimes when working out the kinks in tight back muscles the hands get tired before the muscles are ready to fully relax. This little purple octopus just screamed, "Give me a try!" Not being one to ignore smiling ocean critters I ordered one right away.

The Octo-pleaser comes wrapped in plastic and has no discernible plastic smell. It is purple and looks very much like the advertisement, he has a cute little smiling face and eight elongated plastic arms. It fits the palm of my average female hand comfortably, if I want to palm it or just grip the handle. There are no rough edges that would scratch or stretch bare skin uncomfortably. It glides over the muscles providing a finger tip like pressure on the muscles controlled by how hard you press. I like to place the base of the round "head" between my index and pointer fingers and wrap the tips of my fingers over the "arms" allowing my finger tips to lightly touch the skin of my partner so that I can feel how hard the pressure I'm exerting is. This is also a very comfortable position for small, firm, circular strokes which feel better than long straight ones.

The Octo-pleaser is a great tool for those times you want a deeper more penetrating massage into large muscle groups like the back, thighs and buttocks. It works well over arms but requires more attention as it can slip and jar the massagers arms and just leaves the partner feeling like the massage was awkward rather than smooth and relaxing. The massager is wonderful for relaxing the usually over-tight buttock muscles and you can really press into them relaxing them wonderfully without causing either finger strain or pain to your partner.

I recommend a nice massage oil along with the massager, and a warming massage oil that isn't too sticky feels like heaven! Just smooth the oil into the area being worked on with hands to warm the muscle and prepare the skin. Then go to town with the massager. Sigel was adamant that I mention that this little guy feels like heaven when used over a shirt for just a spot massage after a long day, or over lunch when there simply isn't time for a full body massage. With firm pressure and short, circular strokes this massager is a treat for tired neck and shoulder muscles. It doesn't allow the pinching injuries to these muscles that hand massage by non-professionals can cause.

I used this little guy on myself when I had a tension headache and it eased the ache to a bearable level without making the muscles inflamed and sore the next day. Use the massager with firm short strokes from the top of the spine to the base of the skull for a few minutes then wrap a heated towel or spa wrap around the neck and it is bliss!

This tool doesn't do much for a stimulating massage leading to sexier things but for relaxation it is tops. The price is exactly what I feel this little guy is worth and you get a pretty big bang for the buck. It is sturdy, well made and stands up to a beating rather well. It does, however, look like a doggy toy so if you have chewers I'd keep this little guy in the toy box.

Still I am glad I purchased the massager and if it should break I'll order it again. If it should for any reason break I'll keep you posted, though I would have to do some really weird things not necessarily the recommended use for this little guy to take damage.
We tried the Octo-pleaser on bare skin first and that felt good but caused some discomfort after a few minutes of firm pressure and long strokes. I switched it up to small circular strokes of light pressure and that seemed to work better, at least it felt better. Sigel and I tried it next over bare skin with some massage oil rubbed into the skin first and it worked wonders for his poor tired muscles. We both preferred a firm circular stroke over large muscle groups like back, buttocks, thighs and calves and a lighter longer stroke over arms and the front of the legs from the ankle to the knee.

The massager moves easily over skin so stroking the sides of the legs is easy and allows for relaxing longer straighter strokes. The arms are perfectly positioned to cup the bones at the front of the leg up to the knees allowing the long straight stroke to glide effortlessly over the skin without stretching or pinching. Use a good massage oil and the gliding is sensual and soothing at the same time!

The massager even feels good gliding over the abdomen though short, light, circular strokes are nicer than firmer side to side strokes. I don't like using this toy over the breasts as I found it to be slightly painful but who knows, if you like firm breast manipulation this might feel good to you. It does massage the pubis nicely and feeling the arms slip inside and stroke the clit is a very nice feeling. I wouldn't use this as a clitoral stimulator mainly because I have better toys for it, but when, by accident, it slid over the area it made for a nice surprise leading to a small but satisfying orgasm at the hand of my very skillful partner.
Follow-up commentary
Good gosh I forgot to mention that it cleans up very nicely and can easily be washed in the dishwasher, top rack. It could more than likely be boiled as well, though I have found a good wash with the feminine cleanser I use and a spritz with an antibacterial toy cleaner is all I need.
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  • Viv
    this guy is really cute. glad he was great for muscles. He is only made of plastic though, so I would imagine boiling might melt him! thanks for the review!
  • Airen Wolf
    If boiled for a great lenght of time perhaps but we did boil him for a two minutes without any ill effect. It is very hard plastic. I wouldn't recommend boiling it for over two minutes but a quick dip in the water doesn't seem to hurt.
  • Nashville
    Why boil? I'm just curious, plastic isn't a porous material so cleaning it with soap and water is really all you need. Nice review. Smile
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review!
  • Airen Wolf
    Well I figuerd that people do ask about hygiene so I tried boiling the little guy just so I could answer the question. He handled it well and there was no softening of the plastic. Personally a good wash in soap and water if he's been near my clit or covered in oil is all I normally do. You could wash him in the dishwasher I suppose if you are really worried about sterlizing him but I can't imagine why you'd need to.
  • spicywife
    That little guy is really cute. You wrote a very detailed and useful review, thanks!
  • KnK
    Very nice review
  • EvaChangeN
    good detailed review
  • pinkzombie
    Thank you!
  • angel142stx
    Thanks for the review
  • emilia
    great review
  • Hubby80

    Thanks for the review
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