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Toy cleanser pen spray Toy cleanser pen spray

Toy cleanser by PicoBong

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Toy cleanser pen spray reviews

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13 reviews

This toy cleaner, while convenient and inconspicuous for travel or unexpected play time, is a bit more expensive than I would expect a product with chemical taste and odors to be.

All in all, I would get this product again. Despite the fact that I hate the packaging, I do think the product itself is really great. I love being able to clean my toys when I'm not in the mood to wash them! You just spray and wipe. I frequently take toys with me to my boyfriends house and this is a great thing to toss in my bag before I leave. Very useful!

For a beginner with a small collection of toys, or someone experienced and looking for something portable, this is absolutely great.

There's really no reason to get this unless you need something for when you're on-the-go. It is a really good cleaner, but you just don't get many uses out of it. I love it for the convenience and discretion. As much as I really like this product, I would say don't get it unless you really have to need to take toy cleaner out with you. It's a bit expensive consider how many uses you get out of it. I would invest in something more cost effective.

This is by far the best toy spray I have found so far. If you are looking for a cleaning spray than your look could be over. Just give this a shot and I think you would be very pleased with the out come.

The PicoBong cleansing spray is very handy to keep when traveling with your toys. This isn't for everyday use, because it only holds a small amount of cleanser and you'll go broke trying to replenish it. The label is pretty crappy, but other than that, it cleans very well. There's no leftover residue when you use this cleaner, and it gave my toys a streak-free shine.

The Picobong Toy Cleanser Spray may seem a bit pricey, but it does pay itself off if you keep the bottle. It can make a great stocking stuffer and cleans toys wonderfully. It's a great travel option for those who want toys on the go.

Here’s the newest thing that I love. The PicoBong Toy Cleanser Pen Spray. Let me remind you about how I feel when it comes to toy cleaners. The short of it – I’m not a fan of spraying a dirty toy and *Ta-Da* it’s clean again. Yeah. No. What I am a fan of is having disinfecting stuff with me on the go. I figure that if this stuff is supposed to clean coochie juice off a sex toy, then surely it’ll get the dirt and germs off your hands if you don’t have access to soap and water.

Toy Cleanser Pen Spray by PicoBong is wonderful for all your bdsm toys, but really doesn't clean well when it comes to toys that can be inserted.

Toys are meant to be played with and your personal adult ones are no exception. Now they can be even more portable with this travel sized cleaner from Lelo. Clip it to your visor, toss in your purse, add it to your travel kit--you know the one. With this cleaner, you now have no excuse for leaving your toys home, take them on the road and experience new adventures.....safely!

If you're looking for a convenient toy cleaner that offers anti-microbial properties to ensure that your toys are perfectly clean and bacteria free, then the PicoBong toy cleanser is the perfect cleaner for you. It is very easy to use, performs wonderfully, and you can take it wherever you go.

This cute little spray is designed to look like a pen and is great for people on-the-go. Though it is a bit expensive, has some odd ingredients, and isn't compatible with some materials, it still has its place in my 'going over to the boyfriends' kit.

The PicoBong Toy Spray is fantastic for those whom don't want to lug around a giant bottle of toy cleaner everywhere they go. The spray 'pen' is discreet, and small enough to go just about anywhere!

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