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This beach towel is a great one to have laying around. While not the greatest quality, it was a great free gift and it shows support for the site.

I grabbed several of the Eden beach towels in a promotional offer last summer. I always smile when I use one. I love the Love Potion design. It's fun and discreet at the same time. I always imagine someone at Eden Fantasys whipping up the Love Potion to send out to customers. The towel isn't as absorbent as I would like, but it manages to get the job done.

This is an awesome towel for showering or beach time fun. It is a larger towel with easy clean up and easy storage for easy fun.

This is a nice way to show your support to Eden Fantasys and not let everyone know you are such a freak. The towel is made to be used and let people know about the site without showing off it is an adult toy site. It is not as thick as some beach towels but does do its job of drying you off when getting out of the water.

This is a cute durable towel that showcases Eden and keeps you dry at the same time. It's large enough to be used in a number of ways. Whether you use it on your bed, after a bath, or at the beach this towel is absorbent gets the job done.

I wish they where sold in sets of two. They would make a great wedding gift or gag gift. Fun at the beach.

If you love Eden, and you love summer fun in the sun and water, you MUST grab one of these towels! They are huge, soft, and super cute!

Eden didn't manufacture the Rolls Royce of towels, but it did offer a convenient beach towel that reps the Eden logo in a really cute way. The large size makes it great for a wrap around at the pool or beach. It may not live up to big, fluffy spa towels, but it gets the job done well enough for me and doesn't chafe me in the process.

If you like interesting beach towels, you can add this one to your collection at a kind of steep price of $14.99. I love the design on the front, and the generous size has been more than wonderful on past beach trips for laying out or drying off after you've just come in from the ocean. It absorbs enough and when my partner and I shared it, it did its job just fine.

For a freebie, this was very impressive, but as an actual purchase I would have been disappointed. The towel is large enough to wrap all the way around me as a plus size girl, but it is thin and not very plushy. I love the bright, vibrant colors of this, but kinda need it to be more absorbent.

I love a good soft beach towel, especially one that dries quickly. It is great for poolside or beach and home use. It does not scream "I was bought on a sex toy site," so you don't have to worry about using it in public. In fact I find it to be a great opportunity to introduce someone to the wonderful world of EdenFantasys!

I just love taking my Edenfantasys beach towel with me when ever I go to the pool or take a sower. It is a great quality towel for a low price. It really does not scream out "I was bought on a sex toy site" either. I can't wait till I can order some more of them.

Such a lovely addition to my Eden collection of toys and clothes. The EF towel is very soft in texture and 100% cotton. I can use it for the beach or in the bathroom.

I would recommend this towel. Not only is it large but it's fun. Of course it gets you dry and I'd take it anywhere.

The Eden Fantasys Beach Towel is a great towel. It has a cute design in eye-catching colors. It can be washed and dried without shrinking or tearing. If you get creative, there can also be other uses for the towel.

Large and practical, the edenfantasys beach towel can be used by everyone in a number of ways. It tends to shed but its velvety softness makes up for it.

This cute towel is a fantastic way to dry off, and to spread the word about Eden Fantasy's. The soft cotton fabric features an eye-catching design that is just too cute to resist. It's not the thickest towel out there, but it's still a perfectly good towel.

I am not sure I would pay 14.99 for this towel, as I have purchased higher quality ones at Target or Walmart for less. However, I love the design and love to support Eden Fantatsys when I can...too bad I'm not near the beach to show it off! If the towel were a bit thicker, I would have given it 5 stars.

I had wanted one of these for months and I finally got one for free with the current promotion. It may be great for the beach, but it is not as absorbent as you might like to get really dried off.

Whether you're spending time at the beach, or drying off after a hot steamy shower, the EdenFantasys towel is a great item to have! It has a super attractive design and is more discreet than not. I'm not ashamed to rock my Eden towel in public! It's lightweight, making it nicely portable for when you're on the move this summer! You might want to grab a second, you never know when someone might like to join you!

The Eden beach towel is a wonderful addition to the Eden swag collection. It's not as absorbant as a normal plushy towel, but that isn't really an issue for me. I use it not in a normal beach setting, but in place of any setting that I would need a towel. You can use this after cleanup after sexual encounters, spills on the floor, at the beach, or in the bath.

Wrap Me Up!

This towel makes a cute addition to the Eden Fantasy's branded free gifts with orders. As far as functionality, the towel works as it should. Just remember to wash it a few times before you dry off with it, or you will have black lint everywhere!

I think this towel is a great value. It's absorbent, soft, and serves its purpose. It has multiple uses and is just all around perfect!

Looking for a way to identify yourself as a member of the community without sharing that you "Like things that go VROOM"...ME TOO! Which is why I LOVE this towel. Its soft, luxurious feel makes you feel special and its non-erotic design allows you to comfortably take it out in public... even around families. The Edenfantasys.com beach towel is a wonderfully whimsical way to connect to a sometimes disjointed community and should be in the home of every Eden reviewer.

This is a basic, run of the mill beach towel. It gets the job done and looks super cute doing it! It is, however, a tiny bit thin. This is only worth mentioning for the sake of mentioning, though, as it still gets me dry after a dip in the pool with no problems. If you're looking for a cute beach towel, this is a great option!

If you're looking for a great quality beach towel with a cute design, look no farther. This towel is amazing. It's soft and large while also having a super cute (discreet!) design!

Make a bold and sexy statement with your love potion beach towel. EdenFantasys let you have fun in the sun with their cute beach towel. Perfect for on the go or around the house. What’s for sure is when you are styling in EdenFantasys fashion with your love potion towel, your friends are sure to even envoy it.

I absolutely love my EdenFantasys beach towels! They are huge, durable, and have an awesome design and colors. Plus, they are super-absorbent and soft on the skin. These are a steal at $15 and even better if you can get one as a free gift when purchasing a toy (sometimes EF has this awesome promo).

Do you like the beach? Do you love Edenfantasys.com? Do you happen to be a lady who squirts? If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you have found a new must have for yourself.

Beach towel? No, try 'everything towel'! Seriously, what can't you do with a towel? This one is not only incredibly adorable and fun looking, but it also gets the job done no matter what you hire it for. It won't get crazy on you if you wash it and the color isn't going anywhere. It's the perfect beach, bath, and bedroom towel! You'll feel like you need 73 of them. Well, I did, at least.

EdenFantasy's beach towel is great. It's large and pretty soft on the black side. Mine measures 57 x 30 inches after a couple of washings. The EdenFantasys design is also pretty cute. This towel is useful not only for the beach, but around the house as well. We like to use ours on the bed if we think sex is going to get a little bit messy. The only downside I can see to this towel is the care instructions. They are simply icons on the sewn-in tag.

This is a great towel for the price, I think everyone who loves eden needs one of their own (or two!)!

This adorable towel from EdenFantasys is a great way to show your support to the sex shop you trust. It works well enough as a towel, although you will want to wash it at least four times to keep from getting covered in little black fuzzies when you dry yourself off.

The Eden towel is a nice idea, but if fails to be a great towel. It leaves behind lint until you wash it many times and it fails to work for its purpose. I guess at least it is pretty to look at, so you can hang it on a wall or something.

A great towel to show off your EdenFantasys support! Can go with the beach with you, or stay at home and brighten up your bathroom! Its so soft, and so fluffy it feels great against soft skin.

Get this towel FREE when you get certain bath and body products right here on Eden Fantasys! That's how I received mine was with the lip gloss trio set I bought.

Want a sexy but cheerful towel for the beach, bath or after shower wrap? Feel like a spa wrapped towel? Try this EF beach towel! Large enough for the men, soft enough for us women. This classy, cheerful towel is a great bargain and is super absorbent while still being thin enough to wrap and travel compactly.

I love the EdenFantasys Beach Towel. It is long enough to fit around full figured people and oh so soft. It is as long as many throws that you can currently find on the market and wide enough to cover everything that matters but still look sexy while you lounge around in your towel after a shower. These towels are a win win situation.

If you are looking for a large towel to take with you to the beach or something to wrap up in after a shower or bath, this item has you covered (quite literally!). The EdenFantasys beach towel is large enough to lay on at the beach or wrap fully around you after you've gotten done with a shower. Soft and comfortable so you won't feel like you are in a scratchy motel towel but thin enough to fold up for travel! The only down side is you will want more than one, to make a complete set!

The Eden Fantasys Towel is totally cute and fun. The graphics are charming and it condenses down wonderfully for travel.

I am a sucker for swag and this is no exception. This towel is so fun, bright, soft, and what better way to show some EF love than at the beach or pool. Or the shower, because it is too cold right now to go to the beach.

While the EdenFantasys beach towel isn't as thick and plush as I expected, it takes up less space than my other beach towels while being just as absorbent. The design is cheery and discreet, and I love how the colors contrast with the dark background. But I was disappointed with the amount of shedding and fabric snag after only two washes.

The beach towel is such a fun little towel. Certainly not the typical beach towels and much softer than any I've had. It works equally well as a towel for showering and I've grown quite fond of it's use as that. With it's huge size and softness, it's perfect for wrapping up in after a shower and taking a nap. It makes a fun gift too!

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