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We absolutely love our Wedge. Though we can't believe that EF discontinued this, we are glad that we bought it from the Liberator site and that we can still review it here. I, Charlotte, will be reviewing it for you today.

I have seen these over the years and I had debated for months and finally decided to get it. I am so happy with my decision. It does work better than trying to fight with pillows when flying around your bed changing positions. I was quite surprised to find that it can support both me and my husband without any difficulty. No crushing of the inner foam.

Ultimately, it is a well-made product with many different uses. I think it comes down to how tall you are--the height of the wedge is only 7" so it might be more useful for you during sex if you are on the petite side. To really get the most use out of it, I think I need to use it with the Ramp.

This item is worth it in the long run; I love how many different positions can be made possible with just this piece of equipment. Being this was our first trip into toys and furniture, I can definitely say that it is first-timer's safe!

This sex pillow is a bit steep at $85, but it's worth every penny. The 7" boost will prove a godsend for couples with a height differential, plus it makes doggy style, oral, masturbation and just about any other sex act more comfortable and pleasurable! The velvet cover is removable for easy clean-up, too!

For me, the Liberator wedge is what sex furniture is all about. If there were an item I wouldn't be without in the bedroom, it would be this one. It keeps me lined up just right and provides easy access for my eager lover. I personally have nothing bad to say about the Liberator wedge. In my opinion, the Liberator wedge is a must buy. You need this piece in your collection. You will not be let down.

We love our wedge from Liberator. It is soft and inviting and begs to be played on. It is fantastic for lining our bodies up for perfect sexual positioning. This has a permanent place on our bed. It's just like a little pet. We were skeptical at first due to the cost, but this is worth every penny.

The Liberator Wedge is great by itself, or with other Liberator accessories, such as the Ramp. We use ours by itself and with other things almost every night! I

I have no buyers regret with purchasing my wedge. And I have complete faith that you wont either. And my wife just loves what I can do to her and how I can make her feel, with it under her.

The Wedge is an awesome addition to my Ramp, but by itself I can't justify its high price. It is well made and durable, but it doesn't do much that my firm pillows already do.

The wedge was a wonderful surprise. We were very skeptical that a wedge of foam would prove itself worthy of the cost, but it was certainly worth every dollar. It enhanced one of our favorite positions by alleviating lower back stress and positioning us correctly to rotate into a new position. Very interesting and fun! The upside of the wedge is that it transforms into a reading wedge should the mother-in-law stop by unexpected, or into a Hot Wheels ramp, should the young children ask what it is

I like the pillow because it makes your body more accessible to your partner and allows you to feel every inch of them. The cover is easy to clean, and it fits nicely against the wall in a closet or under the bed, so no one has to know what it's for (if you don't want them to).

The best thing we've ever done for our sex life! The Liberator Wedge has saved my hubby's back! This little wedge was the one thing that helped me figure out how to squirt since I could easily maneuver into a comfortable position. Deeper penetration is achieved from the 27 degree angle. Easy to clean, double protection from the inner nylon cover and the microfiber outer cover. Our first Liberator purchase, and definitely not the last!

If you already have the Fascinator Throe, this would be a great second journey into the Liberator line of products. While not what I consider a bedroom essential, it is definitely a first add on.

Looking to enhance your experience in the bedroom and make positioning easier? The Liberator Wedge is perfect for making positions both comfortable and longer lasting. If you have problems holding positions for long periods of time and having to reposition or losing the mood because you're sore and can't hold yourself up anymore, the wedge is a great addition to your bedroom adventures. Don't believe me? Try one and see for yourself!

Soft, yet firm, and finished off with a luxurious outer shell. The wedge is a must have for anyones collection.

Works so much better than just a few pillows, however, it is quite expensive. Worth it at full price? Maybe not, but with a discount, absolutely.

The Liberator Wedge is a must have for every bedroom. It's versatile, well made, and easy to maintain. Change things up with this wedge and you won't regret it!

This is one of the best products I own. To say that you get what you pay for is an understatement with this product. As much as I wish Liberator products were a little more affordable, they could easily charge more for these. I will never NOT have a Liberator positioning tool around again.

This is an amazing piece of sex furniture that is portable, lightweight at about 5 pounds, and is expensive but well worth the price. I promise that no matter who you are, if you try it, you will love it. It’s easy to clean, beautiful, firm, durable, and extremely comfortable!

Get this toy. Don't argue, just get it. Save up if you have to or sell some of your kids toys on eBay, just get this Wedge. It will not give you sexual magic power but it will make your old standby sexual positions more comfortable and more pleasurable. So don't forget, get this toy.

I love the Wedge personally. It's a luxury piece of furniture, and the microfiber cover actually gets softer with each wash; That's amazing! The Wedge is ergonomic, easy to use, classy and elegant, and as a plus, it's also super discreet except for the Liberator icon on the side. The only thing is that I can't use it as a pillow although that's not what it's intended for. I'm still disappointed with the fact that I can't use it as a pillow because it's so firm.

If you're looking for a little lift in your love life, give the wedge a shot. It's not as cumbersome as Liberator's ramp, but it still provides an amazing amount of support during sex, and can even be left out to use as a backrest.

The Liberator Wedge is a very simple, well made piece of sex furniture. It can be used for a variety of positions, either making things a little easier or providing new angles and stimulation!

We've wanted some liberator shapes for a long time. I always was hesitant and really didn't see how something so simple and so small could make a huge difference in our sex life. I have to say though that the wedge is a great addition to our bedroom and if you're considering it, buy it. Only worry is that it might make you a liberator addict, I think it's made us ones!

Liberate Yourself!

This is one addition to your bedroom that you won't ever regret. It takes almost no maintenance, can be hidden in a storage bag, and will make for some of the best sex positions you've ever felt. It holds up a large variety of weight and is perfect for a couple looking to get more out of their sex life.

Who would have ever thought a wedge of firm foam with a removable cover could bring enjoyment back into one's sex life. After several back surgeries and admitted weight gain, the Liberator Wedge is a must have toy in the bedroom.

The Liberator Wedge is a staple in my sex life! Without it I would not be able to orgasm and that in itself makes it worth every penny! It allows you to do different positions easily and comfortably. The wedge can be easily cleaned and stored under a bed. Allows you to be creative and imagine up new positions which is lots of fun!

The Liberator Wedge will enhance almost any position you already do, help to create new ones, and make more difficult ones easier. It is by no means inexpensive. But once you see how well it's made and how great it works, you realize it's worth it.

The Liberator Wedge is a must have accessory for couples. It gives lift and support for couples to get into those fun positions that can sometimes be difficult to hold. I highly recommend it!

The Liberator Wedge is amazing for oral, missionary and rear entry sexual positioning. It easily supports the weight of two people while remaining soft and comfortable, keeping the body in the position you prefer without sliding off the bed. A must have.

Unlike larger pieces of play furniture, this is a piece that can easily be stowed in a closet and then brought out for playtime.

The Liberator Wedge is a great aid for sexual adventure and ingenuity. Not only does it make sex better, it puts a spin on tired positions.

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