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The Liberator Wedge is a great aid for sexual adventure and ingenuity. Not only does it make sex better, it puts a spin on tired positions.
Makes sex easier, puts a spin on tired positions
The Doggy Style position prevented my wife from being able to stimulate her clitoris.
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I tried about a half dozen of positions last night that I've done hundreds of times before; the Liberator Wedge|Liberator wedge - Position pillow not only made them more exciting and fun but easier as well. Using the Wedge doesn't require rocket science; it's a very straight forward product. I kept thinking, what difference will only 27 degrees make? Quite a bit actually, what with increased stamina on my part and flexibility on my wife's.

My favorite position is and always will be Cowgirl; maybe it's the country boy in me. I love laying back and having my wife take full control. However, whenever she's on top, she requests that I bend my knees up and thrust hard into her. It's always been a bit of an annoyance for me when I'm laying flat on my back; some nights I just don't have the energy, and I just don't want to move. With the Wedge, I was able to slide it beneath my thighs so that it bent my knees for me, and I didn't have to work to keep them up. The new angle also cradled the bottom of her thighs and encouraged her to bounce on top of me with more vigor than she's ever shown me before.

The most disappointing position of the night was Doggy Style. My wife seemed to enjoy being able to lounge on top of the pillow, but it put the point of entry lower than usual. I had to work harder to reach her and spread my knees a little more so than usual to be able to thrust inside of her. The biggest disappointment was that my wife was unable to stimulate her clitoris, so it changed a great position into one that we were both unable to finish in.

The best position that night would have to be with her on her back. We slid the wedge under her ass and lower back, and I held both her legs against the right side of my chest as I knelt on my knees. The slight change in the angle of this trusted position put her vagina higher, which not only prevented me from sinking too low into the mattress, like every time before the Wedge, but provided for deeper thrusts and direct g-spot stimulation|G-Spot Stimulation - G-Spot 101 Guide.

My favorite factor when it comes to the Wedge is the microfiber cover. While it feels more like felt than microfiber, it's still washable, so you can get it as messy as possible. I hate having to wash the sheets after sex, especially when it's late at night and I don't want to stay up for an extra hour waiting for them to dry so I can go to sleep. You can spill oils and lubes all over the Wedge, hell, even cum on it repeatedly and then throw it in the wash with no worries or inconveniences.

The Wedge has not only made my sex life a little easier but a lot more fun and inventive.
Follow-up commentary
I wanted to add that this wedge goes above and beyond. We've used it every night for the past 3 weeks to lift my wife's ass after sex to help make getting pregnant a whole helluva lot easier. We'll be using it whenever we have sex until she is.
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