I Didn't Know What I Was Missing Out On.

Works so much better than just a few pillows, however, it is quite expensive. Worth it at full price? Maybe not, but with a discount, absolutely.
Makes sex significantly more comfortable
Easy to clean.
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Where do I even start with this product. It is absolutely a superstar. Positions are significantly more comfortable now, and it just makes life all around easier. Before the Wedge, my boyfriend and I had relied on pillows and such, but the firmness of the Wedge makes a profound difference. On your back with your hips raised? Easier. Bend over it with your butt in the air? Easier. Oral? Easier. You never really realize how much you're tensing up until you try a position with the Wedge. It's so much easier to relax, making it easier to have an orgasm with this magical little piece of foam. It can even be comfortably wedged underneath your head providing a great view of the action during oral sex, and makes sex in non-traditional places more comfortable. It's great what this thing will do for an Ottoman.
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Wedge is, as stated in the specs, 14" long, 24" wide, and 7" tall. It seems fairly small when you're just holding it, but when you're positioned on it, it's a very good size. It's not so large that you feel overwhelmed, but not so small that it doesn't make any difference in position. It smells a little like plastic at first, but we've found that the smell is dissipating as we leave it out.

The foam is quite firm, so you don't sink into it like memory foam. This isn't to say that it's uncomfortable. The outer cover of the Wedge is a very comfortable microfiber. It's grippy, so you don't have to worry about sliding around on it, and it's quite velvety. I've ended up a little askew on the pillow, and my boyfriend has just pulled me by the hips to straighten me out, and it hasn't ever made my skin irritated. Liberator says that it gets softer with every washing, but we haven't needed to wash it yet, so I can't support or deny that claim. Underneath the microfiber cover is a black nylon cover that can stand up to just about anything you throw at this baby. Both of the covers have plastic zippers on them that are easy to zip and unzip, and the covers are snug fitting, but fairly easy to get on and off. The large plastic zippers seem a bit cheap at first, but they really make more sense than a small metal zipper on something made of this material and shape.


This product was fantastic for enhancing our regular positions. However, we haven't tried anything completely new and exciting. Perhaps if we had gotten the positions booklet (more on that later), we would be a little more inspired, but we've been so enthralled with how the Wedge has improved our usual positions that we just haven't bothered with mixing it up quite yet. Like I said before, it was much easier with the Wedge to relax and focus on the sensations going on during sex. My personal favorite positions for it are with it under my hips and my boyfriend standing at the edge of the bed. The difference in the depth that my boyfriend is able to thrust, and the angle at which he can hit my g-spot is just phenomenal. It's not as good for me for doggy style, but it's certainly not bad. It allows me to relax my back, making it more comfortable overall, but it doesn't do the same for me thrust-wise, as it does when I'm on my back.

The Wedge has been described as "cumbersome" by some. With this pillow, you can't have a totally spontaneous romp between the sheets, but that's usually the same as with any pillow. You need to stop the action, grab the pillow with two hands, and put it into position. It seems silly, but it's not like a regular pillow where you can just grab it with one hand while still feeling up your partner and fling it under them. It's not a mood killer at all for us though. If you're that caught up in the moment, you're probably not going to bother with the Wedge anyway.


My Wedge did not come with any extra packaging, which is different from the other reviews, including what the video review had shown. It was simply the Wedge, wrapped in a plastic bag with a Liberator sticker on it, inside of a box. Upon seeing that other people had gotten a carrying/storage bag and a booklet on positions and such, I was a bit irritated. I'm not sure why mine didn't include any of that. Maybe because I had ordered it before Eden Fantasys said that it was out of stock so it was almost two weeks late to ship and Liberator was cranking 'em out quickly, I haven't a clue. I suppose I could write up Liberator and ask why and/or request a booklet and a carrying case, but is it worth it?

I guess it depends on how big your bag is whether or not the Wedge is suitable for travel. It's pretty large, all things considered, but it would easily fit into a corner of a large sized suitcase. As far as discreet, let's be honest, it's pretty obvious what it is, but it's not the most scandalous of sex toys/aids. It's not as embarassing as the TSA guy opening your bag and finding a vibrating butt plug or a strap-on harness.

Personal comments

The one thing that turns me off about this product, all of the Liberator products for that matter, is the price. I'm not sure of why exactly it's so expensive; there have been reports of people buying cheap knockoffs and having the foam not be the same, so maybe that's it. I think that if it was a bit less expensive, I would be willing to buy more, larger Liberator pieces. However, as it is, I think that unless I have a gift card and/or a steep discount, I'll be sticking with just the Wedge and continue to only lust after the Ramp/Wedge Combo.
Follow-up commentary
If I had to pick one toy that is used on the most regular basis, it would be this one. While we still haven't gotten particularly "creative" with it, it definitely makes "oldie but goodies" a LOT easier. It's great for just regular sex and pegging! My thigh muscles are thanking the Liberator company.
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