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Aqua flavored

Lubricant by Wicked

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Aqua flavored reviews

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13 reviews

I really recommend this lubricant as something different to add to your sex life. The Salted Caramel flavor is sweet and yummy, with no weird aftertaste. While the lubricant is thin, and perhaps not the best choice to be used for actual lubricating purposes, it's a fun addition to oral sex.

Even if it completely failed as a lubricant (which it doesn't) It tastes amazing. Great lube with a great flavor.

This item is worth every penny if you're looking for a lubricant that tastes great for oral, and can be used for intercourse. Over all I think its a great buy! If you have vaginal sensitivities, I do not suggest this for intercourse, but still great for oral! :)

It's a quality product with a rich texture and very realistic feel. It's not messy, oily, or terribly runny. You just need a lot of it for a long session.

Needless to say, this will be something that gets pushed off to the side and used on very rare occasions.

If you're a fan of realistic feeling lubricants, and you're tired of the sickeningly artificial tastes of the other flavored lubes on the market right now, then you will love Wicked Aqua Flavored. It tastes great, feels great, last a long time and is as close to natural lubricant as you can get in a bottled lube.

The flavor of this lube was a disappointment. You receive a chemical taste before you are able to taste the candy apple. This is not a lube I would recommend or purchase again.

Aqua flavored is a fantastic water based lube that you can use with any material. Alone or multiple people, it's a great addition to oral, intercourse, or self play! Definitely a must buy for lubricants.

Overall, I would recommend this product. The few drawbacks were more than countered by the many pluses of the product, and it comes from a reputable brand. It is worth the money spent in my opinion, and if this product intrigues you, I would certainly recommend purchasing it and giving it a go. You may really enjoy yourself!

Wicked's Aqua Candy Apple is an awesome flavored lubricant that I would suggest to nearly anyone. Whether you are looking for something to make oral sex with your lover more tasty, or something that will smell nice while playing with yourself, this is an awesome choice. With all the product perks and the sensible price, how could you say no?

Wicked Pomegranate flavored lubricant is a wonderful lubricant that works well, is easy to clean, and provides a sweet smell and taste. It's perfect to use with your silicone toys, and it provides a wonderful addition for oral use. It glides easily and lasts a long time.

The Wicked Aqua is great for anyone to use, its smooth, easy to clean, and tastes great! There is no after-taste and it lasts for a long time when in use. The pump makes for easy access one handed or for when you may be slightly preoccupied. This lubricant is a great addition to any toy enthusiasts collection, it works well with toys or sex. Although if you are looking for an anal or jack off lube I would look elsewhere as the thinness makes it hard to use as such.

After I told myself I didn't need any more lubes, I received an assignment for the Wicked Aqua. I am so glad that I accepted it. The Aqua candy apple rocks! It tastes great and not overpowering, no aftertaste. I was very concerned about a flavored lube and stickiness. There is no tacky or stickiness at all. It absorbs nicely with no residue. It outlasted it's lubricating properties longer than many of it's counterparts and the packaging is appealing.

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