Wicked Water, Goes Down Smooth

The Wicked Aqua is great for anyone to use, its smooth, easy to clean, and tastes great! There is no after-taste and it lasts for a long time when in use. The pump makes for easy access one handed or for when you may be slightly preoccupied. This lubricant is a great addition to any toy enthusiasts collection, it works well with toys or sex. Although if you are looking for an anal or jack off lube I would look elsewhere as the thinness makes it hard to use as such.
Smooth, Great Smell, Great Taste, Easy To Clean
Contains Glycerin, Not able to use as a multi-use lube
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The Wicked Aqua flavored lubricant is best used as a sexual lubricant. I would recommend it primarily for Vaginal lubricant due to how thin it is, but it could be used for anal and jack off lube with multiple reapplications.It is a water based lubricant making it safe to use with silicone toys, but this does make it to where you can't use it in the shower without it going right back down the drain. It does contain Glycerin so allergies may be a slight concern for some. The flavoring has no numbing effect and tastes great so using it for a little sweetness down below is a definite A-okay.
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    • Foreplay
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    • Oral

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Aqua Lube as its name suggests is as smooth, and thin as water. It has a slight stick to it when you first pump it out, but that quickly fades as it starts to dry. It does dry quickly on the skin if rubbed in but it actually leaves the skin a little bit smoother. When it dries onto the skin it leaves no sticky feeling, no residue, and even no scent. The only thing that remains is a slight sweet taste, but unless you plan to lick yourself in public you should be okay. (Disclaimer, if you plan to lick in public know local laws.) The lubricant mixes well with natural moisture, and will actually just dry up in case your quickie doesn't happen. Overall the lubricant doesn't have to many problems with dripping unless in the shower, but it does seem to glide around the skin a bit. As for being able to get the lubricant out of the bottle the pump eases it greatly, and also it doesn't dry around it and clog it as some lubricants tend to do.
    • Smooth
    • Thick
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The taste is truly unique for this lubricant, it is sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste, very reminiscent of its name sake Pomegranate. It is much sweeter then a pomegranate would be, and does taste like slightly flavored sugar. The aftertaste lasts for about a minuet or so, then quickly fades into nothing. The taste is a bit strong at first but if it mixes with moisture it is dulled slightly, but does not change the actual taste of the lubricant. The smell of the lubricant is a bit different it isn't quite like anything I have smelled before. It has a sweet, yet bitter scent similar to the taste, it reminds me a lot of the pomegranate juice you can buy at the grocery store called Pom, mixed with a sweet soap from bath and body works.
    • Smells good
    • Strong taste


The Aqua lubricant has quickly become one of my most used lubes. There are many factors that go into how well it performed, things such as what you used it for, where you used it, and also on whom you use it one all seem to be key factors in its performance. If you plan to use this in water, such as the shower or bath look else where it is so easy to clean up with a damp rag that the shower or bath would instantly wash it away. If you plan to use this lubricant in bed it is very easy to clean, if it happens to drip Using a damp rag and working it out helps or even just throwing it into the washer works well and leaves no stain. Now the lubricant can be used in several different ways each one has a different effect and performance level.

Jack off lubricant: As a Jacking off lubricant, it isn't the best performer. The lube is to thin, and to easily absorbs into the skin. To use it as a jack off lubricant reapplication has to occur about once every ten minuets or so. Also because of it being not as thick it makes a rather large mess as it slides down the shaft and onto the legs.

Anal Lubricant: As an anal lubricant it once again isn't one of the better choices, as it is very thin and easily absorbs into the skin. It is possible and unlike using it as a jack off lubricant it doesn't make a very large mess as it doesn't drip but only slides.

Sexual Lubricant: As a Sexual intercourse lubricant it works amazingly well. The thinness makes it work great while not feeling like it is actually there. The lightness and soft scent making for a truly great sexual experience. After wards it is very easy to clean simply wiping or a quick shower whisks it down the drain. Reapplication isn't really necessary unless you have been going for more then thirty minuets, it mixes well with moisture already there to add rather then alter.

Toy Lubricant: This lubricant is a water based lubricant making it compatible with almost all toys. A small amount goes a long way with adding a sweet experience to your playing. It washes off easily after use, and doesn't need to be reapplied many times while using it.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Performance


The Wicked Aqua Lubricant comes in a black tinted clear bottle. It is 4.0 fl. Oz, and fits easily in any medicine cabinet. Although it does say "flavored, water based, intimate lubricant on the front packaging." It is designed as having a pump to get the lubricant out this makes for easy use, it also prevents it from leaking. I acidently left my bottle tipped over for a few days while I was away, when I returned home not a drop had come out, Thankfully. The Aqua Pomegranate words on the front come in a shiny pink lettering that does add a cute flare to the bottle. The simple yet easy to use design of the bottle gets a huge thumbs up from me.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Does not leak

Special Features

Cellulose Gum:
Stevia Rebaudiana Extract:
Olea Europaea (olive) Leaf Extract:
tetrasodium EDTA:
Citric Acid:
Sodium Benzoate:
Potassium Sorbate:


Both my partner and I enjoyed this product immensely. The flavor is so unique, and me being a sucker for anything sweet it instantly became a hit for our oral excursions. The fact that it has no after taste makes it top of the line. I found I loved the fact that it absorbs nicely after a plundered attempt at getting a quickie when he came home late one evening. I had put on the lubricant thinking he would be home within the next thirty minuets after an hour passed and no boyfriend I realize the lubricant had dried up.
Follow-up commentary
The Aqua flavored lubricant has remained one of my go to lubes. I actually have used it many times, with both my toys and with intercourse. A small amount goes a long way with this brand so even after some time I still have quite a bit left. I have noticed the pump gets clogged after multiple uses I learned to clean this simply running it under some warm water helps to dissolve it. To prevent the gunk from occur I wipe it down with warm water after every second or so use, this also helps to prevent a bacteria build up since it's being used in some sensative areas. Overall I'm still in love and find this to be one of the best lubricants out there.
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