Fizz lubricant - water based lube by Topco Sales - reviews

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Fizz lubricant reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

The Fizz lubricant is for sure a top tier water-based lube for all occasions. It's great feel and great taste make it perfect for sex, masturbation, sex toys of all materials and most any use you can think of. I would highly recommend this lube to anyone looking for something new.

This lube smells great and has a very high 'cool factor', but is probably not the best lube for most situations. If you are looking for a flavored lube to have some fun with, or to use for enhancing blowjobs, this could be a good lube to try out. Otherwise, you should probably skip this one and look for something else.

All in all I'm pleased with this lube. Fizz isn't fizzy, and it does have a typical sugar free after taste, but it lasts a long time; both in lubricity and taste. It has a true lemon lime soda flavor, doesn't get overly sticky, and is reactivated by saliva or water.

This is a fun lube that I can use because it is sugar free. The bottle is easy to open but the lube does pour out if you’re not careful.

Fizz isn't terrible, but unless you love one of the flavors I would skip it. It dries too quickly and dissolves instantly in saliva. It would be okay for a brief starter to oral, but is not good for handjobs, extended oral, vaginal sex, or anal play.

An average quality lubricant with great taste and smell. No fizzes to report about, but the flavor lends itself well to a fun evening.

While this isn't the best lube in the world, it's decent and a sugar-free way to add a little flavor boost to your sex life.

I think this is a great product. I'm glad some companies think of diabetics and the safety of females and produce sugar free items. It's a cute bottle and great novelty item.

Yucky, Yucky, non-fizzy, non-tickly lube! It's sick! I can't say that enough! A total waste! While it is sorta slick I'm not exactly sure why they decided to flavor it because it would probably taste better un-flavored! If you buy this one thinking you are going to encourage your partner to do oral on you, think again! This one isn't going to work!

Tingly, tasty, and down right yummy. This Fizzy lube can make sex bubble. So drip it on and let the good times roll.

Despite being difficult to pour, Fizz is a great tingling lube that doesn't dry out and the lime flavor is mild and not unenjoyable.

Using it for sex was better; it was nice and smooth and didn't dry out fast. He just slid his cock in and out, and it never got dry.

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