Fizzless Fun

An average quality lubricant with great taste and smell. No fizzes to report about, but the flavor lends itself well to a fun evening.
Nice flavor and great scent, slick, fun design
Wide bottle opening makes pouring tricky at first, no fizz, Glycerin and parabens
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
With a fun bottle design and boasts of fizz that tickle, how could I resist ordering some root bear flavored lube? What I expected from this was something that tasted and smelled great, caused some extra sensation through the “fizzes that tickle,” extra slipperiness for lips (both pairs ;) and provided a little extra fun to my bedroom romp. The product did deliver on most of those, just not the tickling fizz part.

A lube is a lube is a lube, right? The Fizz personal lubricant by Topco is a fairly average feeling water based lube. By that I mean that it is slick, can be rejuvenated with a little water or saliva, is easily cleaned up, and like most average quality water based lubes it has a slight tacky feel to it as it dries. The tackiness wasn’t a huge deal to me because I use this lube mostly for fellatio and there is always saliva involved to keep it from drying. When used for penis to vagina intercourse I did find that the sticky feel was a bit of a turn off. It does take about 10 minutes for it to start becoming sticky, though I was quite surprised that once it dried completely after sex, there was no noticeable sticky feel or residue on my skin.

As far as taste and smell go, this lube is awesome. I don’t know if other people like candy as much as I do, but I love that this lube tastes and smells identical to bottle caps in the root bear flavor. I can see how some people may not like this flavor if they use too much lube, as it really can be overpoweringly sweet and a bit of the lube-ish flavor comes through if used in excess.

When it comes down to ingredients, this lube is again pretty average. It contains Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavor, Sucralose, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Gluconolactone, Methylparaben, and Sodium Hydroxide. Now Glycerin is known to cause yeast infections in those prone to them, and I’ve read the same thing about Sucralose (think Splenda). Although I am not certain about this claim because I’ve read that Sucralose does and does not promote yeast infections. I know sugar does, and some artificial sweeteners do not, and it seems from my research that Sucralose may promote yeast infections in those who are highly prone to them. I have never had a yeast infection, and using this lube did not irritate me in anyway, but I would urge on the side of caution if you are prone to yeast infections.
The bottle cap is something others have mentioned in their reviews. I have to agree with them and say that this design is cute but not the best for getting the lube out of the bottle. There really should be a little insert in the tip of the bottle to help control the amount that comes out. If you aren't watching what you're doing, you may end up with half the bottle coming out. Thankfully this lubricant is fairly thick and flows pretty slowly. It was really annoying in the beginning, but I've since gotten used to the design. I would suggest when people open it, to only poke a small hole through the seal instead of removing the entire thing.

I don't particularly care for using this lubricant for intercourse because of the slight tackiness it takes on as it dries out. I mainly use this for oral sex, and the slickness is just right for helping my lips glide effortlessly. I really enjoy the taste and the scent of this, but would have to say that the System Jo Flavored lube is better all around for oral sex. This lube is mostly a fun little product to help break up the monotony. I rated it 3 stars because I think it is pretty average in most areas.
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  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    I really need to give this lube a just sounds too interesting to pass up! Great review, as always!
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Thanks Dame Demi :) Not spectacular, but still a pretty fun lube.
  • Contributor: Victoria
    Thanks for the review, Bulma! My partner and I have joked about using 'cola flavored' lube ever since we bought one of those small pillow-shaped packets and it was gag-inducing this might be worth a try! We both like rootbeer ;)
  • Contributor: Bulma
    You're welcome :) I do wish this actually fizzed a little, as that would be pretty kick ass.
  • Contributor: Darling Dove
    I tried this stuff before and I had the cherry flavor, and it was horrible- So I think how much you enjoy it really depends on what flavor you get. It was somewhat like cough syrup with way too much sugar added, it was almost gag-worthy. My partner liked it, but I couldn't use it vaginally because of the glycerin.

    In any case, I'm glad you had a better experience with it than I did. I tend to prefer nonflavored lubes for oral though since the flavored ones are always so sticky.
  • Contributor: xxxbluexxx
    nice job!
  • Contributor: deltalima
    Thanks for sharing
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