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I think this is a great product. I'm glad some companies think of diabetics and the safety of females and produce sugar free items. It's a cute bottle and great novelty item.
It is sugar-free and water based. Not too thick or too thin.
The opening is a little big and hard to use without practice.
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Having recently discovered that hubby is a diabetic, we have been searching for something to try out that is sugar free. I went so far as to ask the customer service reps what products are available and to my surprise, EdenFantasys carries several sugar free products. Fizz Lubricant by Topco|Fizz lubricant is one of the sugar free products. Not only is it sugar free, it is water based, and it has a tingling sensation that makes it even more appealing. We decided to order the lime flavor and give it a try.

When it arrived, I liked the bottle it came in. It is a size bottle that is easy to handle and hold on to. Inside are five ounces of delight. The top was a little hard to open and I was afraid I was going to spill it in the heat of things. I had to sample it and I really liked the taste and the tingle fizz that it produced. The lime flavor was enough to tell what it is but not overbearing.

We tried it out that night and I have to report that is was really a good night. Hubby is not much of the flavored lubes as he doesn’t smell or taste things due to past surgery on his sinuses. It is hard to find something that gives him added pleasure but the fizz and tingle that comes with this lube did the trick. Although he couldn‘t taste the lime flavor, he did feel the tingle and said that he enjoyed that. I liked the taste and the tingle.

The lube didn’t dry out or get sticky while it was being used. It was thick enough that I could pour it into my hand without spilling it everywhere but thin enough that it wasn’t lumpy and gooey. If it had been any thinner, it would have run everywhere but where you want it.

When he put some of the fizz on me, the sensations were great! The tingling sensation felt like something tickling me even when he wasn’t touching me in that particular spot. My clit was especially sensitive to the tingling feelings. When I put some on his cock, he noticed the tingling immediately. When I took his cock in my mouth, the fizzy feeling was awesome. When he put his cock inside me, the tingling and fizzing sensation continued and quickly brought both of us to new heights.

After having tried numerous lubes (as some of you know), I am really glad to find one that does something for us. We will be trying out the other flavors and hope that they all taste and work as well at this one. I’d recommend this lube for anyone who wants to add some “fizz” to their experience!
This was a great experience. Having tried lots of other lubes, we have finally found one that we like and works! We will be ordering the other flavors!
Follow-up commentary
This is a definite item for our toy drawer from now on. Hubby can use it without worrying about his blood sugar being elevated the next morning and when he uses it, I have no after effects (yeast infections or irritations.) The fizz adds a little something special while it is being used. No sticky mess left when using it. A good product!
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  • Dame Demi
    Might have to try this due to the tingling sensation--that sounds great!
  • I am well pleased with it and that says something after all the other lubes we've tried !
  • Oggins
    I am so glad that this one worked out well for you!  This really makes me curious to try one of the other flavors.  Thanks for the review!
  • Betty Rocket
    I have really sensitive "parts" you think this is too much for someone like me?

  • Bulma
    I can say that the Root Beer is quite tasty too, although I didn't notice the fizz.  Nice review, and glad that the Line flavor is yummy
  • Sugar-free is also a good idea for those prone to yeast infections. 
  • Betty,  I don't think it will be too much for you even with really sensitive areas...just use a tiny amount to try it out- you can always add more!
  • Thanks for all the comments.. We are well pleased with this product!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Good advice on starting out with a small amount. Sounds like a fun product, might have to check it out... Thanks for the review.
  • ThePornLibrarian
    I was really surprised to like this product when I tried it.  The lemon lime actually tastes pretty good.  This is probably the best "novelty lube" I've used.  I usually stick with Pjur or O'My, but sometimes it's fun to experiment with something different.
  • This is the best we've used...and we've tried many!  thanks for the comments
  • Robyn
    I know you mentioned you liked the flavor of this but How is the after taste? I have run into that with so many of the flavored products that I like the flavor BUT I can't stand the after taste. (i'm looking for a new one to try)
  • Mamastoys
    The after taste is not bad- especially compared to others. I've run into them too! We really like this product.
  • Josmoseph
    It sounds amazing. Does it last a long time?
  • Mamastoys
    This bottle has lasted almost a year although it is almost gone. It's not something we use everyday but at least several times a month.
    Thanks for the question..
  • K101
    WONDERFUL REVIEW! I am so sorry to hear about your hubbies diabetes and all. I'm glad to hear that this was a product you could both use and enjoy safely. I'm usually not into lubes, but after reading your review I must admit, I'm really interested in trying this fizz thing. I do like some lubes that give you extra tinglies! lol I've used the Horny Honey cream and absolutely loved what it done so I will have to give this one a try too!

    You done a great job describing how it felt. Sounds YUM!
  • travelnurse
    Thanks for the great review, we need this too
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