Fizz lubricant - water based lube by Topco Sales - review by Lynx Lady

Certainly Not For Chugging

Fizz isn't terrible, but unless you love one of the flavors I would skip it. It dries too quickly and dissolves instantly in saliva. It would be okay for a brief starter to oral, but is not good for handjobs, extended oral, vaginal sex, or anal play.
Fun flavors, no weird aftertaste, diabetic friendly, doesn't get sticky, very little needed.
Dries too quickly, can be too strong, pours too quickly, contains glycerin, no fizzing.
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Fizz lubricant by Topco comes in a soda bottle shaped 5 ounce container. The packaging proclaims it to be sugar-free, fizzing, water-based, latex-safe, and novelty only. The bottle lists all six flavors that Fizz comes in. I tried the Rockin' Rootbeer, though the name I like the best is Gropin' Grape.

The cap of the bottle is shaped like a slightly oversized soda bottle cap and upon twisting it off, I found foil covering the opening. The neck of the bottle was not narrowed at all inside. This makes pouring tricky. If you tip the bottle too fast you get a huge stream of lube. I can attest to this because I was in too much of a rush the first time I used it, and ended up with far more than I wanted.

I went ahead and used what I had poured, slicking my partners cock with the lube. It wasn't sticky or excessively runny, good average water-based lube consistency. I went in for a taste and was completely overpowered. I absolutely love root beer and I still almost gagged on the taste. After wiping some of the excess lube off I tried it again and it was much better, a bit stronger than soda but not bad. The taste lingered longer than the actual lubrication it provided for oral, which wasn't really a bad thing since my saliva took over from there.

I then tried Fizz with just my hands and it did fairly well. I noticed that it dried fairly quickly, but it did not leave a sticky or pilly residue. Using saliva to re-hydrate the lube failed as it seems to be extremely water soluble. The main downside to this was if you reapplied the lube for a handjob, and then switched back to oral, all the flavor would still be there to overpower you.

If you're expecting Fizz to, well, fizz then I'm sorry to say you will probably be disappointed. Neither I nor my partner detected any fizzing or tingling when using this lube. To double check this before reviewing, I put a layer of Fizz on the roof of my mouth. I tried blowing across it, heating it with my breath, and rubbing it, all to no effect. For me this wasn't an issue because I wasn't banking on that fizzing sensation, and I had read comments that it lacked in that area before I selected it.

While Fizz is sugar free, it is not glycerin free and does contain parabens. I would not consider it a vagina friendly flavored lube, as such I did not try it for that purpose and don't plan too. It is sweetened with sucralose, and a few other more obscure sugar alternatives, so it should be fine for diabetics.

Overall I wouldn't say this is a terrible, or even a bad flavored lube, but it could certainly be a lot better. It's too quick drying, too overpowering, and hard to pour. I do like the somewhat unusual flavors it comes in. If you want a flavored lube for foreplay, to add some flavor and then disappear quickly when you heat things up, this might fit the bill; just don't expect it to tingle or stay slick in your mouth.
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  • Juliettia
    I'm sorry that this kind of sucked, I was considering purchasing it for myself, but if it dissolves instantly in saliva what's the point? Wonderful review.
  • Nashville
    Thanks for the great review!
  • Viv
    Thanks for the review! Pouring this one really does stink.
  • Naughty Student
    Sounds like soemthing only for experimenting rather than being functional as a lube, thanks for the great review!
  • VelvetBound
    Really nice review. I liked that you went the extra mile and tested the fizz on the roof of your mouth.

    Did this one actually taste like rootbeer?
  • Lynx Lady
    Thanks for all the comments! Big smile
    It does kind of defeat the point to have a flavored lube that vanishes with a lick!
    I agree that this one is really more for playing around with than actually using as a serious lube. "Novelty only" indeed...

    And it does really taste just like rootbeer. In fact just to see if it would work I'm considering dissolving it in fizzy water to see how it turns out. Tongue out

    I was kind of fun to play around with, at the time and to refresh my memory for the review, so I don't count it a total loss.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Cute but seems impractical in several ways. Nice review.
  • Mamastoys
    The pouring does take getting used to. We have this lube and enjoy it. Ours actually has some fizz and the taste seems to last longer than a lick...Sorry yours was a flop! Thanks for the review!
  • Lynx Lady
    While I didn't get any fizzing from mine, the flavor did last just not the lubrication.
    I'm glad you enjoy yours, I didn't out and out hate it but it wasn't a favorite for sure.
  • BadgersRose
    Good review. Mixed thoughts on this product and I think I'll avoid it based on the points brought up above. Thanks
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