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The feeling that this product gave me is amazing. It makes for smoother motions, and it helped to build up sensitivity when my husband uses it on me. I also like using it on him. All in all, this is a fantastic product.

Overall it was a great product, just a little less than pleased with the taste. I would buy again if there was a better flavor or there wasn't a smell involved from it.

This product is worth it in the end, the price is good, and these little 1 o.z packages are easy to toss in the purse on your way out to an evening alone with your significant other.

If you like licking, kissing, and lots and lots of teasing you will like this product. I am happy that I was able to try the variety of flavors and get a feel of what I like as far as tastes and sexual experiences. This product has opened me up to being able to give better head and ultimately please my partner more. In turn, it has given him more confidence in pleasing me also.

This gels lubricate great, making the oral sex a lot more enjoyable. It also helps with deep throating because it numbs the back of the throat slightly. Just make sure you find the right flavor for you, and if you don't mind lubricants that taste like medicine, your options widen.

All five flavors may not be appealing to you, but im sure some of them will. Great for oral play, without the clean up mess, adds spice to giving oral pleasure for you and your partner. Guaranteed to last a long time, especially if you only use about a quarter size amount each session. Worth the money, especially if you enjoy using oral lubes.

Overall, this product is a must. It worked wonderful for both me and my husband. No more gagging for me while giving oral, and it's got a great taste.

My husband and I found this flavored lube to be extremely gross. The smell is way too overpowering and the taste is awful. While everyone is different I could not actually recommend this product.

A great-tasting lube that adds a little warmth and a little bit of flavor to the oral menu. This product works well for men or for women.

Overall I would recommend this product to any of my friends who want to change the flavor or add come intimate fun. Its small containers make it easy for traveling, as well as a discreet bridal shower gift for your friends honeymoon. And the 5 flavors are bound to make everyone's differing taste buds happy.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a lubricant for oral sex. With different kinds of flavors that taste great at a reasonable price, this is something to get to please your partner on a stressful day.

So when it comes to getting head and getting it for sure, this stuff is my go to juice. I'm happy, she's happy, I couldn't ask for more.

This is an amazing product. I love it so much, I would recommend it to all my friends. It taste amazing. Clean up is so not terrible. Everyone should have some of this. There is nothing negative I could think about this at all.

I would not suggest buying this product due to the awful flavor and sticky factor. If you buy this, be prepared with wipes. Make sure to have a tooth brush and toothpaste handy because it is just nasty.

Satisfy him completely

Great, great product. I love everything about this set, the packaging is cute (no nudity anywhere) and the little bottles are the perfect size at 1 oz each ... thats a total of 5 oz of fun! This set will last you a while too, since it doesn't take much to cover the whole penis, so there you have it, a variety of fun flavors to make your oral sex life even more exciting!

Overall, if you're lookin' for a great taste to add to your oral pleasures, this would be a great product to try. With having such a variety to choose from at a great price, theres bound to be something you'll like about this product!

A product that is not only good for just the male. This product can be use for both female and male and is amazing

Fantastic gel to make oral sex more enjoyable for both participants. Great tatse for the person giving, and a nice cooling and tingling sensationg for the person receiving.

Good Head is going to allow you to give better head. It would be great to use as a gift for your partner if you don't usually like to perform oral sex on him.

This is a wonderful product that will taste great and provide hours of fun using it. This is a wonderful price for getting 5 different flavors and the size of the product is great. I would recommend this to anyone that has a gag reflex or just doesn't like the taste of natural skin. The flavors are sweet and taste like the real thing. The products can be a little sticky but overall its well worth the money for it.

My overall review of this product is two thumbs up. I love the products and I love long oral sessions, which the product is very good for. The only thing I do not like is the sticky feeling it can leave on your skin.

I just overall did not like this product. The taste was so bad I had to brush teeth right after. The smell is to sweet. Then the thickness was gross! Just dont waste your money on this.

Overall, I think Good Head stands out among flavored lubes for its bold taste - it will taste like the actual fruit listed in the label, not some artificial sweetener! Avoid it only if the thick texture that makes it appropriate only for oral is a deal-breaker for you. It's not a multi-purpose product, but it does its intended job very efficiently.

A great way to enjoy giving oral, while your partner enjoys receiving! Comes in a variety of GREAT flavors like Mystical Mint, Wild Cherry, Sweet Strawberry, Juicy Passion Fruit and Sexy Cinnamon!

I was pretty disappointed with this product. It tastes awful, and reminds me of toothpaste. After a while I ended up just wiping it all off, and going at it the normal way!

A must try of anyone who likes using flavored lubes or gels for oral sex. I've only tried the passion fruit but the taste is awesome, it lubricates enough to make everything easier, but not TOO slippery. Unless you're giving really long blow jobs, a quarter-sized dollop should last just fine. Easy to clean up, very mild numbing that makes deep throating a little easier, but does not make him lose sensation.

My partner and I really enjoyed using these 5 flavors! The taste was great, and so was the feeling that it gave! I think it's exciting to try different flavors! So it was nice to have the 5 to choose from, and not always just sticking with one flavor!

I'm sorry to say it's not worth buying unless you can handle the thickness and the sticky part. Some taste alright and some are yucky.

This is a great product for both men and women. Oral sex isn't the same without a nice flavorful treat. It's strong in taste, matching in smell, and a great, long lasting texture.

This product works like a dream! I won't go into any specific details, but my husband and myself are quite pleased with it.

I think the overall idea of this product is a great one but I was disappointed and a bit turned off by the flavor and stickiness. My man loved me using it on him, though.

This is a decent set of lubes. Nothing spectacular, but they will do the job just fine with a bit of sweet flavor and yummy aroma.

Good Head gel is a wonderful addition to your oral sex life. If you need that extra "kick" for your blowjob on your man, then this flavored delight is a good way to start. It isn't too sticky or messy. It adds just enough flavor! This gel will make both of you crazy for more.

This is a great product that is totally worth a try. You get five flavors to choose from with nice light smells.

Very Well-Packed Flavored Lubricant Bottles Taste Delicious!

These are intended for use of oral sex on your partner for a blowjob and are flavored lubes, so don't over use them all at once, but be sure you have enough that it will give you and your partner a good sexual experience with it!

Good Head is something I think anyone who wants to add a little flavor during "head" should try. The flavors aren't overpowering like some lubes, and it's pH balanced! There are lots of great flavors to choose from too.

If you are looking for a little flavor during some foreplay, consider Good Head Gels. They taste great, smell awesome, and are fun for everyone.

I love the strong flavors, minus the cinnamon's spicy-ness. I don't like how small the bottles are. The tingling sensation was VERY, very hard to feel; I had to use quite a bit to even feel it.

This isn't that bad, but I know I won't be picking this one up again. The flavors are fair. They are not the best on the market at all.

This product is great for adding some flavor to yourself or your partner. It can be used for flavor any where on the body, though I would not recommended for internal use. Despite the stickiness the product leaves, it makes oral tastier. Variety in flavor allows for you to choose the best product for you and your partner. Great for anyone to use no matter the level of experience.

I was extremely satisfied with Good Head Gel. When we play with it a little more, and experiment on different parts of the body I'll write a follow up. This is a great way to add a little extra spice to giving Oral.

I love this product. It adds just the spark we were looking for. It tastes good and I like that there is 5 different flavors.

Oral enhancer that really didn't enhance. It tasted and smelled good, but was far too sticky for me. Good price to experiment with though.

This is one of the better blowjob creams or gels. I have used it for years and love it. It doesn't completely numb my mouth or his penis. The flavor lasts a long time as well.

A nice variety pack for oral pleasure. The great flavors and gentle tingling sensation give oral play a little something more. Well worth the price.

Overall the gel was a great addition to the blow job. I liked most of the flavors and had a great time with the gel.

A good, fun, sweet tasting lube that get's the job done better then ever. Nothing to empty your wallets over, but a fairly good investment may for a beginner blow jobber, or someone who is less than thrilled about giving. Sticky icky sweet messes will happen! But who said that is always a bad thing?

This product adds a great taste, it makes giving head much more enjoyable for the wife. And any man would be happy with a product that makes his wife more interested in giving head!

This gel is completely worth giving a try! I loved how it felt in every way you could image. The taste was the best taste I have tried in a very long time. The smell made me feel like I was really smelling that object. It felt so real I didn't even notice it was really there.

A useful tool for the women who dislike giving a blow job. And it is simple to use and wonderful tasting. Every woman should try it before ruling oral out all together!

These gels are fine, but I won't be getting them again. Aside from the parabens making me sick, I just don't feel comfortable having those chemicals in something I use. 3/5 stars for flavor, a nice tingle, and ease of use. 2/5 stars taken away containing parabens and making me sick.

For the price of Good Head Gel, I would recommend it. The product does numb your throat for a better blow job and better experience for both.

Definitely well worth the price, this product will moisten your mouth and somewhat lessen the gag reflex. It is a wonderful way to enhance a blowjob!

Something that is worth trying. Tames the gag reflex and lubes the mouth, good selection of flavors, but only one that I would recommend.

The cool sensation that Good Head Gel gives your partner is a really good addition to any relationship. Use it to add that extra spark in a relationship that you think has grown dull.

Good Head Gel is a subtle, non-numbing way to enhance your oral performance. The flavors are somewhat sweet on the whole, but this pack offers a nice enough variety you're bound to find something you like!

If you're looking for something fun for both partners that won't break your bank, Good Head is a great place to start. The variety of flavors makes for endless excitement. If you aren't particular about texture, the slimy consistency shouldn't be an issue. The taste fades quite quickly, but is better than nothing, right? All in all, it's a good way to add some spice in the boudoir.

Great product for ANY couple who wants to improve help improve fellatio. Does wonders for a gag reflex and the flavors are great!

my over all view of the good head gel is just this.i would recommend this product to anyone. i believe that once you try the good head gel you will fall in love with it.

Goodhead is great for adding a little flavor to your sex life. Use it on a man or a woman or on a cake! This is a great way to make giving oral sex a little more appealing. It is a nice thick gel so it does not drip.

This is a decent product. I would recommend it to anyone that has a gag reflex! It works wonders, the bottles lasts a long time, and doesn't taste completely awful!

Overall the gel was a great addition to the blow job. I liked most of the flavors and had a great time with the gel.

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