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ID juicy lube reviews

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Overall, this lube is slick, relatively long lasting, and has great packaging. I wouldn't say that the taste is bad, but rather not what I expected (more like mint candy than refreshing mint). I definitely don't regret purchasing it.

While not perfect by any stretch, the Mint flavor is cooling, tingling, minty and performs well. You'll need to reapply often, but you get plenty of lube at a decent price. I would recommend this product for any person or couple that has a wide variety of lubes (as long as you're not a paraben-free household).

Sweet and tangy flavored lubricant with a pleasant smell. Unfortunately, it also must be re-applied often because of evaporation from friction.

If you don't mind a little stickiness and a little cough syrup taste, this product isn't horrible. It seems to me like a good place to start trying flavored lubes. However, if you're particularly sensitive to or picky about flavor or texture, I'd pass on this. The flavor isn't fantastic and it can be a little gooey and sticky.

At first I was happy with this lube. The taste was good; it wasn't overpowering. It seemed to make oral more fun. After I was finished, my mouth felt numb from it, though. I was not at all a fan of that. Plus, I felt nauseous. My boyfriend loved it as I really used it as an excuse to draw out the oral sex.

Although the "lubricant" isn't that bad, ID missed the mark on this lemon flavored lube. If the flavoring masked the natural scent and/or taste of the lubricant itself, I could possibly overlook the thin characteristics of ID Juicy Lube. Because the lemon flavoring adds no value, I will have to continue my search for a lubricant that will better the flavor of our bedroom entertainment.

The ID Juicy Lube Watermelon flavor is totally worth getting. It can be used on both partners, and will enhance the mood either way. This would definitely be 5 stars if it could also be used for penetration.

If You Like Pina Coladas...

ID Juicy Lubricant is a great tasting lube. There are some allergy concerns but the taste makes up for that. It tastes AMAZING!

Watermelon Candy? No Silly, It's For Sexy Time

Disguised as gel candy, this is a decent, effective oral lube. But ONLY for oral sex! If you're looking for something inexpensive to spice up your foreplay, I would suggest this. However, if you have allergies to glycerin, parabens, or just don't like long ingredient lists… then this lube is not for you!

If your looking for a lube that's a decent amount for the price and your not worried how long the flavor lasts; then this is for you. If you need something thats going to taste good for awhile I would recommend another brand.

This stuff isn't half bad and offers a fun affordable option. It doesn't last very long but it tastes ok and is fun to play around with once in awhile.

The lemon drop Id lube was the worst tasting lubes I have ever tried. It also does not last long enough, I will not be using it again let alone buying another one. Spend the extra dollar or two and buy a better quality lube.

While I love other flavors, this berry licious lubricant ended berry badly. I probably will not purchase this flavor again, but it was nice to try, and be able to decline to ever use this again!

ID Juicy lube has a good flavor and is good for using for a hand job and/or a blow job. I wouldn't use this for anything else though. It has a good glide an lasts a decent amount of time. It's cheap but it's full of chemicals so I just won't let it near my vagina.

I think this product is very worth the cost it has been a great addition to our toy box. The bottle is a great size big enough to last but also small enough to take with you.

This lube is a really good water-based lube that has a better taste and a better smell than most other ordinary water based lubes. It can be used on both body parts and all toys safely.

Honestly, I'd recommend the Karma Sutra Oil of Love instead of this product. Unlike this lube, Oil of Love tastes excellent, has a mild but pleasant odor, and has a warming sensation. It may cost a few bucks more, but it's well worth it for what you get. Th ID Glide Juicy lube isn't really anything special.

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