Not for sex with vaginal insertition... trust me, I'm a scientist

Honestly, I'd recommend the Karma Sutra Oil of Love instead of this product. Unlike this lube, Oil of Love tastes excellent, has a mild but pleasant odor, and has a warming sensation. It may cost a few bucks more, but it's well worth it for what you get. Th ID Glide Juicy lube isn't really anything special.
It added a really playful tone to oral sex.
It's probably not safe for inserting vaginal sex, and the smell was pretty intense.
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Although the lube makes a good tease for oral sex, the flavor was not my thing. It tasted a bit too much like the flavoring used in medicine and the scent was pretty overpowering.

Since I'm a geek and I work in a microbiology lab, I decided to run a few tests on a series of flavored lubes like this one. All of the flavored lubes I tested were able to support yeast infections in a test tube just as well as glucose can so I wouldn't put this in someone's vagina.

On the plus side, fellatio and anal sex should be fine with this lube and it's condom and toy safe.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture isn't bad. It's not as good as silicone lube, but it's much more thick and slippery than most water-based lubes I've used. Unfortunately, like most water-based lubes it does dry out pretty quickly to a sticky mess, usually at the worst possible moment. On the plus side, it gets stringy instead of waxy as it dries, which is a big bonus, and it didn't "pill up" into little lube-boogers like some water-based lubes do.

***FYI: If you're ever in a store and the lube tester has those crusty little things hanging off the nozzle or around the cap, its probably going to do that on your skin too.

Taste / Aroma

A little goes a long way. I only dispensed about 1 mL (about a quarter-size in the palm of my hand) and the whole room smelled like candy. That smell stuck around too. Our room smelled like cotton-candy, cough syrup, and sex even after the sheets were gone. I'm pretty sure my roommates across the hall could smell it. Using a very tiny amount of this lube and using another water-based lube for function worked great. It accents the tasty tastes without overpowering them.

The flavor itself wasn't that bad, but it tasted too chemical for me and it overpowered all the nice tastes I enjoy. It is a definitely lot better than other flavored lubes I've tried.


For a water-based lube, it was great. For lube in general, not so great.

It dried up in about 5 minutes and, since I like playing for much longer than 5 minutes, this got old very fast. Luckily spit woke it up pretty well, as did my little spray bottle of water. Both methods woke up the lube as if it had been re-applied.

So long as you don't mind pausing to wake up the lube, it works fine.


I really don't understand lube containers that take two hands to open. Push-dispensers are so much better, and they usually dispense the right amount. Since water-based lubes often need to be reapplied, it really helps if the packaging is smart. It really breaks the mood if you have to stop to fumble with the cap. This cap in particular is really difficult to unscrew if your hands are slippery.

Personal comments

I'm hoping someday someone will come out with a honey-flavored lube in a honey bear. It'd be a fun flavor AND an accessible container. I just hope they don't put sugar or glycerin in it.
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