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Compared to many other lubes, this is great. There are better silicone lubes out there, but this does the job as well.

This is a great, high quality lube with a small price tag. It's great for most toys and doesn't leave a sticky residue. It will provide you with the ability to use toys comfortably and have endless hours of fun.

This lube is my absolute favorite thanks to all of the use that comes of it! Of all lubes that I've experienced, this one tops my list as the best out there.

I will never use another lube for intercourse ever again. I don't usually use lubricant during masturbation because, as I have said before, I usually get juicy enough that I don't need it. I always suggest getting a small bottle to start out with to ensure your body will react well to it and then you can go for the economy size that sits in my night stand.

ID Millennium is probably going to remain my go-to silicone-based lubricant for the foreseeable future. The value out of one bottle is very high and the lube itself performs well in many situations.

Ultra-silky silicone-based lubricant that will last you a really long time, just be careful not to store it sideways or the bottle will leak!

If you want something that works, and doesn't get sticky AT ALL, then this is what you need. I am about to purchase a'rnother bottle for myself.

Perhaps the most important trait of ID Millennium is that it will never get in the way. Easy to use, lasts forever, extremely easy cleanup. It is the best lubricant I have used so far for intercourse, masturbation, and toys.

This is a lube that is great for any situation, whether you're using it for decreased natural moisture, or just to make things glide a little more smoothly. It's very long lasting, doesn't get sticky, and makes playing in the water even more wet. There's no more friction during any of your sexual pleasures. You can sneak off for some fun in the middle of the day, and it won't leave you feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Your skin will thank you! The alternate uses are great also.

A lot of lubes I've come across have tons and tons of ingredients. ID Millennium is simple and it performs very well. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it's very slick and very long lasting. Not only is it great for masturbation and sex, but it's also great for massage because it leaves your skin soft and supple.

ID lubricants have been a long time favorite of both my hubby and me. I love the feel of this lube and it is definitely one of my favorites. A little goes a long way so while it can be pricey it can last a long time if you use just a little

The ID millennium lube is a good lube but like most lubes it has its downfall. The lube is perfect for any sexual act you choose to participate in. It’s good for vaginal penetration, female and male masturbation, and anal sex. The lube also works very well when used in the shower or bath. Just like this and my other silicone lubes, I wish I could use this with my silicone toys.

It is hard to find a good silicone lubricant so when I find one, I am a pretty loyal customer. ID Millenium will be stocked in our lube box at all times. It is good for penetrative sex and works exceptionally well for masturbation. Buy a large size, save money and rest assured that you won't run out any time soon!!

This is my favorite lube out of everything that I have ever tried. It is silky, long lasting and soaks right into your body after use, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

I love this product because it has a very natural feeling and doesn't dry up. It completely adds extra 'goodness' into sex without adding all the extra slip and slide which I personally hate. After having a baby it made me completely feel like myself again during sex.

Wet Platinum will definitely do the job in the shower. It won't change your life, but there are worse silicone lubes out there. Personally, I'd keep looking for something better.

This is one of my favorite lubes and the go-to lubricant in my bedroom. I love it. My partner loves it. It can't be used with silicone toys, but is great overall. It is slippery and easy to clean up, and doesn't leave you feeling sticky!

If you are a heterosexual couple that is looking to try new things this product would be perfect to open the "back door."

This lube is made with quality, body-safe ingredients. The product lives up to everything the packaging claims: It's long-lasting, silky smooth, and washes off easily with soap and water. It is a very slick, reliable lube that I would recommend for beginners to any sort of anal play.

Don't let the high price fool you. What they say is almost always true, you get what you pay for. If your looking for a silky smooth texture that won't fade away or rub off in the shower, this may be the lube your looking for!

A great alternative to oil-based lubricants (for masturbation), and longer lasting and much more erotic than water-based lubricants (for sex play). Everyone ought to have at least one bottle of silicone lubricant, and ID Millennium is one of the best I've tried.

ID Millennium is one of the most peculiar silicone lubricants I have ever used. It really does never get sticky or oily, but it does a disappearing act very quickly. This makes it a good moisturizer and massage serum, but not a very good lubricant.

I know a lot of people haven't had the joy of giving silicone-based lube a shot. ID Millennium lube is one of the best ways to start your new addiction to silicone lubes.

I was extremely pleased with this product. I find this product to be extremely worth its value. The bottle sizes are very appropriate because very little product is needed to go a long way. It is very easy to use on skin-to-skin contact and non-silicone toys and cleans up very easily. It has a non-invasive scent but can be not-so-tasty, so save this for non-mouth involved projects. It is very lasting and excellent for having fun with toys but also highly recommended for massages and the like.

I love this lubricant. It's so easy to use and to clean up. lots of gay ans straight couples will get hours and hours of enjoyment from this lubricant.

If you are looking for a long-lasting lube that won't feel sticky and is a good value for the money, look no further. ID Millennium works great for hand-jobs, PIV sex, and even just plain massages.

This lubricant is a really nice lubricant, considering that it's waterproof, great for masturbation enhancement, and great for sensitive skin! It glides on smoothly, and it's fun to use, but it's silicone based so you can't use it on silicone toys!

This was my first foray into the world of silicone lubes, and so far, I'm not wowed. I love that it holds up really well in the shower, but that's about all I really like about it.

This is a relatively inexpensive lubricant that gives a lot when you use a little. It isn't sticky, doesn't dry up and feels silky smooth.

Over all this is a great Silicone lube. Don't need much, lasts a long time and you can use all over the body.

It's totally worth it, as I don't like items that dry out to quickly or make everything feel "gutted"..lil spit here and there if ever needed, is all you will need to keep going all night.

This is a great silicon product for someone who is looking to try silicon without spending a ton of money on the fancy stuff. It will certainly do it's job and make you feel like your money was well-spent. It did give me a rash, but that may not be a concern for most people.

I give this lubricant three stars, only because it is great for water play and it has a slick, natural feel. However, it dries up quickly and does not play well with silicone toys, of which I am a big fan. Overall I was disappointed with this lube.

A product that I would recommend. It did not have the bells and whistles like, "warming" or "tingling" agents. It is a quality product at a very good price.

An awesome inexpensive lube that never dries out or gets sticky. It is always easy to clean up and leaves me feeling smooth.

ID Millennium is my favorite silicone lube and quickly becoming my overall favorite as well! It's safe for your body and feels so nice and silky. I like to use it for hand-jobs and also for intercourse. This is one of the relatively cheaper silicone lubes, so it's a good one to experiment with. If it turns out you don't like it, you can still use it as a moisturizer for your face =]

If you have anal sex and use lubricant you need this product. It turned me from a sometimes anal sex participant into a power bottom.

ID Millennium is silicone based, which is wonderful because it’s suitable for use in the shower, bathtub, pool, or, well, even a tropical waterfall situation. It’s safe for toys, and provides an absolutely silky sensation that never gets sticky, never dries up, and only takes a tiny bit to get, and keep, the party going.

ID Millennium silicone lube is a quality product if you're a fan of silicone lubes. Unfortunately, I am not, and can't normally justify spending the extra money for silicone over a quality water-based lube. It is slick, long-lasting, and cleans up fairly easily.

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