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This was my first foray into the world of silicone lubes, and so far, I'm not wowed. I love that it holds up really well in the shower, but that's about all I really like about it.
Great for the shower, Lasts a good amount of time.
Can feel greasy, Can be hard to wash off, Not for use with silicone toys, Bottle can leak.
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This lube can be used by just about everybody for just about anything. Except playing with silicone toys. Being silicone based, Millennium could ruin your very nice silicone toy. But if you're looking to aid in a hand job, solo session, or a romp together, you can use this. You could even try it as a massage aid if you want.

Being silicone based makes this lube an ideal choice for play in the shower or bath or any other aqueous areas.
    • Bath / shower

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Millennium is really runny. More so than most water based lubes I've come across. It pours out of the bottle just like water out of a cup. Because it's so runny, you need to be a bit more careful when pouring. If you pour some into your hand and leave it cupped, it'll stay put. But if you pour some on any surface that doesn't seem to naturally make a cupping motion, it's going to run.

How it feels really varies for me. When I'm in the shower, using this anywhere feels very soft and velvelty and luxurious. Makes my skin feel fantastic and makes shower play fantastic. When I've used this outside of the shower, it feels more like baby oil and to me seems to leave my hands with that horrible sensation of feeling really greasy and really dry at the same time.

Taste / Aroma

I've found this to have no real smell and haven't worked up the need to taste it yet. Other reviews I've read range from having no taste whatsoever to being one of the worst things they've ever tasted.


For shower play, Millennium lasted the whole time I did, which was about 15 minutes, with water beating down on everything constantly, and didn't need any reapplication. For hand jobs it seemed to absorb into the skin of my fiance's penis after about 10 or 15 minutes, but by that point we were ready for bigger and better things. While we were having sex with a condom on, it lasted the entire time, about half an hour, without needing any reapplication.

After using it vaginally I didn't feel a huge need to go clean myself, but I didn't feel clean either. I could tell that it was still there, but it didn't bother me that much.

Clean up is almost a pain. For me anyway. You've really gotta scrub with some soap to get this stuff off.


My bottle is a few inches tall and has a really neat finger grip grooves on the side for easy grabbing. You'll need these because if you get any on the outside of the bottle, it becomes very slick and hard to keep a hold of.

The cap is a flip top. Flip it open and see the little hole the lube pours out of, as well as the little spike that sits in there while the top is closed to help keep the lube from leaking out.

Beware if you're at all clumsy, because I've dropped my bottle a few times, and it now appears to be leaking a bit.

The label isn't all that discreet. It doesn't mention lube anywhere on the front, but it's not that hard to figure out what the bottle is. However, if you really feel like it, you can just peel the label off.

The back of the bottle tells you that your lube is silicone based, sensitive skin safe, and will not harm latex or rubber. You get directions for application: apply ID Millennium to intimate areas to increase sensual comfort and pleasure. Washes off easily with soap and water. You also get a warning that this is a very slippery product and if you spill this on surfaces like bathtubs and tile, the puddle will remain very slick until cleaned up. Ingredients are listed as Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, and Dimethiconol.

Personal comments

If you don't like this as a lube, you could in theory use it as a moisturizer, as well as a shaving aid in the shower to help make the blades last longer on your razor.


The first bottle of this lube I bought was the 1 ounce bottle and when I used it with my fiance during sex, it actually caused some burning. I used it once or twice more on my own just to make sure, and it still burned. I ended up purchasing a lube set that had the bigger bottle that I'm reviewing in it, and I was hesitant to try it, just based on my experience with the smaller bottle. But it seems as though the smaller bottle was just a fluke, because I didn't have that problem with the bigger one. Which made me happy.

I don't really like using this lube outside of the shower. It doesn't feel as good to me. So for me, this is a shower only lube. I used it on my Kissa and it made the thrusting of that possible, which believe me, I hadn't been able to do before I used this lube.

My fiance is impartial to this lube. He doesn't hate it, but he always grabs something else before it too. When we're in bed, so do I.

Millennium seems to be quite a hit or miss with people, with them either loving it, or finding it to be quite the mediocre disappointment. I'm more on the side of the mediocre disappointment. I would give it 3 1/2 stars if I could, because it makes things in the shower so much fun, but the fact that I can't stand to use it outside of the shower and that no matter where I set it, if it isn't straight up, it leaks, knocks it down to 3 for me.
Follow-up commentary
I still like it for the shower, but other than that, I don't use it anymore. The bottle is slippery and greasy, even after being washed with soap. For now, this bottle lives in a plastic baggy. I don't think I'll be buying more when I run out.
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  • Contributor: Kayla
    I'm more of a fan of the Wet brand of silicone-lubricant. However, all silicone lube you find is going to be hard to wash off. It sucks. x.x And depending upon the toy and the grade of silicone, some silicone toys and lube can play nice together. Great review though.
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    I knew all silicone lube would be hard to wash off, at least harder than water based, but going into it I didn't realize it would be quite that hard to wash off. I've got a bunch more of the ID lubes to try out since I managed to snag a pack of like, 6 for about $40. I'm definitely open to the idea of other silicone lubes tho, this one just doesn't quite cut it for me. Thanks Mistress Kay
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    Thanks Sammi
  • Contributor: sweet seduction
    great review!
  • Contributor: Jul!a
  • Contributor: Rod Ronald
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: pussy licker
  • Contributor: abbylover
    Thanks for the review
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    thanks for the review!
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    Thanks for sharing
  • Contributor: kaylajoy89
    it sucks that the packaging is leaky
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