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Silky Smooth and Oh-So-Clean

ID Millennium is my favorite silicone lube and quickly becoming my overall favorite as well! It's safe for your body and feels so nice and silky. I like to use it for hand-jobs and also for intercourse. This is one of the relatively cheaper silicone lubes, so it's a good one to experiment with. If it turns out you don't like it, you can still use it as a moisturizer for your face =]
Silky texture, no taste or smell, safe for the body, doesn't promote yeast infections.
Cap could be better designed, will dry out.
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ID Millennium was my first positive experience with a silicone lubricant, and it is quickly becoming my favorite personal lubricant overall. Before Millennium, I tried out Wet's silicone lube, Platinum Body Glide. I wasn't very impressed with that one at all, since it dried out very frequently. Unfazed, I went back to the local sex store (they must love me by now... I keep buying their overpriced products!) and picked up ID Millennium to try next.

One of the things I like about the design of Millennium's bottle is that it has a textured grip so that the bottle is easier to hold onto as you're pouring out ooey-gooey goodness onto your lover's cock or your favorite toy (NOT Cyberskin or silicone, please! Silicone lube will degrade these materials.) The top is a flip-cap, which can get a little tricky to open if your hands are already all lubed up, but I haven't had any significant trouble in this area.

Millennium lube doesn't smell like anything and tastes like even less. Of course, I don't use lubes for oral sex, much less an expensive silicone lube--it's not like glycerin in water-based lube is going to start a yeast infection in my mouth... I hope, so taste wasn't a big factor for me. But if someone were to be looking for a universal lube, then rest assured: this lube's taste is inoffensive.

For me, the selling point for this lube is its texture and absorbency into the skin. I am used to that gooey, slippery feeling of water-based lube, so trying this silicone lube was interesting. It feels greasier and "thinner" than the water-based lubes I've used in the past, but it also feels much silkier and cleaner. I love using it on my boyfriend for hand-jobs because although it does dry out about every ten to fifteen minutes or so (I apply it in quarter-sized puddles), it does not get tacky when it dries out like water-based lube does. It doesn't pill up and simply absorbs into the skin like a moisturizer. The ladies who run the local sex shop have told me that they use it as a facial moisturizer! It doesn't feel sticky or gross after you're done with it, and because of silicone's molecular weave, it allows the skin to breathe through it, so you can bask in the afterglow for as long as you want--even take a nap and forget about cleaning up!--without worry. This was not the case for me with water-based lubes. I would always want to hose off after using water-based lube because it made me feel dirty... and in a bad way.

Overall, I enjoyed ID Millennium very much. There are some things that could be improved upon, such as how long a single application lasts and a locking pump would be helpful as well. For me, the winning features of this product are its texture and absorbency, not to mention it's safe for the body! Silicone lube contains no glycerin, so even women who are prone to vaginal infections will find that this is safe for them.
It took me a little while to warm up to this lube. One of the mistakes that I made early on was not using enough. The ladies at the sex shop told me that "a little dab will do ya". The problem with this advice was that "a little dab" was incredibly subjective. For me, I've found that with hand-jobs, it's best to apply in quarter-sized puddles and then reapply every ten to fifteen minutes. A single application will last a little longer than that, but your guy will appreciate it if you don't let the "performance" of the lube drop. For intercourse, just a single, slightly larger application should do the trick if you only need it for point-of-entry help (like me). If you experience vaginal dryness, then you might want to experiment a little more to see if you need reapplication and how much. I haven't really had this issue.
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  • Epiphora
    Quarter-sized puddles sounds pretty big to me, but I've only used water-based.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    I am not known for my spatial skills, but it's closer to quarter-sized than nickel-sized =P My boyfriend and I are also use lube very liberally--the slicker, the better! Even when we used water-based lube, we used copious amounts. I guess that's a matter of personal preference. Anyway, my point is: We use less silicone lube than we did water-based lube per session. Quarter-sized puddle (shallow puddle!) is pretty good for us for a single application when it comes to intercourse. It could be less (or more, I don't know) for you, but again, that's something that varies by individual.

    Thank you for your comment!
  • Victoria
    The part about the facial moisturizer made me laugh - thanks for throwing that in! It sounds like a good starter lube for those new to silicone.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    In the pink-- The ladies at the store recommended that I try either this one or System JO. Since this one was cheaper, I went with it. Aside from the ridiculous price I paid for it ($26!!!), I don't regret it at all. My boyfriend and I both love the feel of this lube. Definitely a good starter silicone lube.
  • xxxbluexxx
    great review!
  • 783883877299373783
    Thanks for sharing
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