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I kinda came in the middle with this lube, I could take it or leave it. I would use it if I had it not be terribly disappointed.

This is a slippery lube that doesn't last and honestly just isn't worth it. It is a terrible lube that needs to be put back on the shelf.

Ladies and gentlemen, if your looking for a lubricant for sensitive skin or you have skin allergies, then I would recommend ID Moments to you. With its silky smooth texture and long lasting wetness, ID moments is an absolute must for those who love lube or are simply looking for a great lube to try!

This lubricant is great, especially for couples that have tried other lubes and have had bad experience with reactions from sensitive skin. This formula is much more gentle and is great for sensitive skin. It's latex compatible and is great for use with all different types of toys, including silicone.

If you don't have silicone toys to worry about, go find a silicone based lubricant instead of this one. If you are like me and love silicone toys and have lubricant allergies, you will love this lube for masturbation.

Need a cheap, water based lube for vaginal sex with a partner or toy? Have allergies to glycerin or parabens? ID Moments just might be the lube for you. Just make sure you don't mind the plastic smell or horribly bitter taste.

This lubricant tastes terrible and I found it totally incompatible with oral sex. It is hypoallergenic, glycerin and paraben-free, which makes it a great option for those with allergies or those who are sensitive to those ingredients. It is a water-based lube and compatible with all materials and forms of play, but since it is glycerin-free it is not the slickest choice for anal sex.

Having grown pretty attached to our silicone ID lubricant, my partner and I were looking for a water-based ID product to use with our silicone based toys. Sadly, this one did not get the job done. Although it is hypoallergenic, as well as Paraben and Glycerin free, ID Moments left us feeling sticky and disappointed.

Aside from my reaction to this product, I wouldn't recommend it because it gets sticky pretty quickly. Yeah, it's pretty cheap, but you have to keep reapplying it. There are better products out there that are of much higher quality. Paraben-free lubes are becoming more common, and there are tons of glycerin-free lubes on the market. There are also slipperier, thicker, longer-lasting lubes available.

If you have any sensitivity to lubes and other contact allergies, start with ID Moments. The fact that it doesn't have any parabens and glycerin is a huge thing. And the stuff works just as well as any water-based lube.

"Hypoallergenic" does not always mean it won't burn when it comes to extremely sensitive users. I will continue my search for a lube that doesn't cause irritation.

ID Moments is a good choice for a water-based lubricant. It’s formula is paraben-free, glycerin-free, and aspartame-free. It is also latex compatible, and can safely be used with condoms. The texture is thin and light and will dry out if not kept activated with water, saliva, or your natural lubrication. It has an interesting fragrance that will linger on the skin. Due to its bitter taste, it is not a good choice for oral.

People with sensitive skin will especially appreciate this hypoallergenic water-based lube, featuring a glycerin- and paraben-free formula. It is a decent water-based lube that gets the job done without irritating your most sensitive areas.

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