Best Lube for Anyone with Allergies

If you don't have silicone toys to worry about, go find a silicone based lubricant instead of this one. If you are like me and love silicone toys and have lubricant allergies, you will love this lube for masturbation.
Hypo-allergenic, nice texture, compatible with silicone toys
Evaporates quickly, slight odor, and bad taste
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ID Moments is a great water based lubricant for use in a variety of situations. I use it most often during masturbation, since I have a real addiction to silicone sex toys. Naturally, I have to have a water-based lubricant to play with them. This lubricant can be used for masturbation with or without toys and for sex with a partner. I like it best for masturbation, since I personally tend to prefer silicone based lube during partnered sex. This lube doesn't last as long as silicone based lube, so I wouldn't recommend it for anal sex. It's not my favorite for vaginal sex with a partner either. For masturbation with my silicone toys, however, it is absolutely the best water based lubricant I've used. I tend to be exceedingly sensitive to lubricant and have had really bad allergic reactions to water-based lubricants that contain glycerin and parabens such as KY and Astroglide. This lubricant contains none of those chemicals and is one of the few water based lubricants I can use without experiencing any excruciating burning sensations.
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of this lube is pretty slippery, and it has a fairly intermediate thickness. I wouldn't describe it as runny or extremely thin, but it's not very thick either. It pours very easily, and it will stay in place on any toys or body parts. I do find during use that the lubricant does eventually evaporate off the body or is absorbed into the skin. I have never noticed that it gets sticky or greasy during use. As this lubricant evaporates, it kind of just disappears rather than leaving the body sticky. It makes a great moisturizer for this reason. I do enjoy the texture more than any other water based lubricant I've used. When compared to silicone based lubricants, it leaves a lot to be desired. If I could use silicone based lube with my toys, I would. For a water based lube, this is a great product.
    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The smell of this product is present, but it is not strong enough to be unpleasant for me. Again, I tend to prefer silicone based lubricants. For a water based lubricant, this one is nice. This product smells like chemicals. Although it's not unpleasant, it is not pleasant either. This lubricant tastes bitter and like chemicals as well. I can tolerate the taste, but it isn't pleasant. Typically, I use this lubricant only for masturbation with my silicone toys. Because of this, I will say I don't encounter the taste ever in my own personal use.
    • Bad smell
    • Bad taste
    • Light smell


For the situations in which I use this lube for, it performs really well. I use this lube almost exclusively for masturbation with my silicone sex toys. I don't use this lubricant for vaginal or anal sex, because it doesn't stay long enough for it to work well for partnered sex. Again, I typically use a silicone based lubricant for partnered sex. I wouldn't buy this lube if you are looking for a lubricant to use during sex, or if you can use a silicone based lube with your toys. If you have a love affair with silicone toys, or you have allergies to most water based lubes, you will love this lube. It feels really natural, and the consistency sticks to silicone toys really well and allows them to work brilliantly during masturbation. It won't ruin any toys, and it is an exceptionally good water based lube for anyone who has glycerine/paraben allergies. It's one of the only water based lubricants I've been able to use without experiencing intense pain and irritation. It requires some reapplication if you masturbate for long periods of time like I do. During an hour long masturbation session, I typically reapply about 3 times for vaginal/clitoral stimulation. It won't get sticky, and it works well as a good vaginal moisturizer. I've also used it with butt plugs, and it worked well with those toys as well.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Reapply often


The product comes packaged in a clear plastic bottle with a pink cap. The clear bottle allows you to see how much product is left, which I appreciate. It's not discreet, and it very clearly states that the product is a lubricant. There are, however, no naked people or anything that could be considered obscene on the package. The back of the package displays some very minimal instructions for how to use the product. I think these instructions were more than sufficient to explain how to use this lubricant. The package does not leak at all, and it is very easy to open with one hand. Application of this product is simple and can be done without creating any mess.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense

Special Features

This is a very basic lubricant, and it contains no special features. I appreciate this due to my allergies.


My experience with this lubricant has been very good so far. This was the first lubricant I actually used aside from a sample of Astroglide that gave me a severe allergic reaction. It's definitely not my favorite lubricant, since I would rather use a good silicone lubricant over this one any day. Due to the fact that all of my sex toys are silicone, this is just not feasible. For a water based lubricant, this lubricant performs really well. If I ever find a water based lubricant that works as well as a silicone based lubricant and doesn't cause an allergic reaction, I will be in heaven. Until then, I have been very satisfied with this lubricant for my masturbation practices. I would definitely recommend this lube if you want something toy compatible for masturbation. However, if you want a lubricant for use during partnered sex or have non-silicone toys then go find a good silicone based lubricant. I suggest this only because it will last longer and feel more luxurious.
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