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A Reliable Water-Based Lube for Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin will especially appreciate this hypoallergenic water-based lube, featuring a glycerin- and paraben-free formula. It is a decent water-based lube that gets the job done without irritating your most sensitive areas.
Paraben- and glycerin-free
Subtly smells like green candy apple
Dries out fairly quickly
Not edible
Rating by reviewer:
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ID Moments is a pretty decent water-based lube|ID moments that has the added bonus of being hypoallergenic and free of paraben and glycerin. I do not know how many regular lubes have paraben, but I do know a couple of people with paraben allergies, so I imagine there must be a market for this lube. I myself do not have sensitive skin, but I did enjoy the mildness of this lube and its soft, pleasing scent. It has a subtle fruity scent and flavor, but I wonder if leaving the scent and flavor our might have made it even better for sensitive skin. It is not advertised as edible lube, but I tasted it anyway. It tastes like green candy apple, but it did sting my tongue just a little bit. If a small amount found its way onto your tongue in the heat of the moment, it would be fine, but I would not recommend using it for oral sex.

Like many water-based lubes, ID Moments dries out fairly quickly. It is hard to tell when lube dries out inside a vagina, so I placed a drop on the back of my hand and rubbed it back and forth until it absorbed into the skin and dried out. It became absorbed after about sixty strokes and left my skin feeling soft and very slightly sticky. Adding water, saliva, or natural lubrication to it can reactivate its slickness.

Because it is a water-based lube and not a silicone-based lube, it is safe to use ID Moments with absolutely any toy in your collection. Silicone lube is supposed to be the longest-lasting lube, but it cannot be used with silicone toys. (Some people claim that if you patch test first, you will find that most of your high-quality silicone toys do not get a sticky surface when used with silicone lube, but I have never tried it out, as I find that water-based lube is sufficient for vaginal and anal sex.)
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  • Epiphora
    Haha, 60 strokes. That doesn't sound like it was very fun to count.
  • Airlia
    Sounds very useful. Do you think it's worth the price?
  • Miss Cinnamon
    It confused me a little when the "parameters" tab on the EF info box said that it was unflavored, but then in the ingredients, it says "flavor" Tongue out I guess there's flavor... but it's not meant to be used for oral? What's the point of that? I have had issues in the past with glycerin-containing lubes because of yeast infections, so I'm glad that ID has come out with a glycerin-free, paraben-free lube. However, isn't sucrolose a kind of sugar too? I haven't had chemistry in a while, but the -ose ending would make it seem so... is it still safe for yeast-infection prone women?

    Thanks for the great review!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Miss Cinnamon you bring up an interesting point - sucrolose is a super chlorinated sugar compound. All the chlorine keeps the human body from digesting it (that's why it is considered calorie free) but I am not sure how it would impact digestion by a yeast. My guess would be that it would be okay for some one prone to yeast infections, but I know of no studies done on the subject.
  • buzzvibe
    I have sensitive skin and am prone to yeast infections, so I was really excited to try this lube since it's glycerin and paraben free. Unfortunately, it did not agree with my body chemistry or something, because it BURNED when I used it. At first I thought I had misread the label and grabbed a warming lube by mistake, but the burning got so bad that I had to get up and wash it off. Total mood killer. I'm now wondering if it was the sucrolose to blame since it's not in any of the other lubes I've tried.
  • LadieWithSwagg
  • spineyogurt
    Thanks for the review!!!
  • richsam
    Thanks for the review
  • CaliGirl
    Great review
  • Redweird
    Thanks for the review!
  • apryls
    thanks for the review
  • LoneOokami
    Thanks for the info.
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