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17 reviews

The quality of the design is all there; it's waterproof, rechargeable, and has strong vibrations. The catch is that the shape may not work as well with your body and that it isn't exactly the quietest toy on the market. Do your research and if the design looks like it will be a good physical fit for your body, then the rest of the bundle is worth the money.

FiFi is a very well-made toy, sporting three separate motors, deep and powerful vibrations, a rechargeable battery, and superior material safety. However, it is difficult to switch between its different functions while it is in use, and the placement of the ears isn't quite optimal for me. Despite that, I feel like they are minor enough problems that I can still enjoy FiFi's benefits.

The Fifi is criticize for her hard to press buttons and anatomy specific design...well those criticisms can go out the window! You can learn to appreciate the Fifi, even if it isn't the perfect fit for your anatomy, with a little experimentation! The shorter clitoral arms allow for some thrusting, the indirect stimulation in some anatomy's will be an excellent tease, and the Fifi sports all of Je Joue's qualities. A fantastic toy, despite perceived problems.

FiFi probably won't work for everyone, but for those who will be a fit... well, you're lucky! FiFi offers all the qualities Je Joue offers. However, if you want direct clitoral stimulation and easy to use buttons, this will only be a frustration for you.

While the FiFi wasn't the vibrator for me, it's possible it will be better for others. I wish the vibrations were stronger and that the controls were easier to use, but I absolutely love the design and the silky smooth silicone. For those looking for a moderate-vibration rabbit vibrator that provides good clitoral pressure, though, the FiFi could be it.

This rabbit vibrator kind of works for me, but then it kind of doesn't. I absolutely love the powerful, rubmly vibrations, and I love the fact that the g-spot curve hits my g-spot. I do find myself frustrated, however, as the clitoral arms do not perfectly line up with my clitoris. This toy won't work for everyone, unfortunately, but it is still a great little toy.

Oh so disappointing. Fifi will be perfect for the right body but alas it is not mine. I got sucked in by her luxury qualities, triple motors and 5 vroom promise but she just didn't manage to satisfy. Though I may keep her around for her amazing rumbles to aid in a decent msssage, she just wasn't worth the hefty price tag.

I hate the controls on the Fifi so much that I cannot bring myself to rate it very highly, despite its other positive qualities. What ought to be a wonderful, sensual experience, with the toy's sleek, smooth curves and its variable vibration settings, becomes an exercise in patience.

FiFi is a rechargeable rabbit vibe that is uniquely designed. It's available in a great variety of colored silicone. This unique design applies deep vibrations to the G-spot, but indirect vibrations to the clitoris. The ears for the indirect clitoral stimulation are stiff and apply moderate buzzy vibrations. These ears don't flex or move, so FiFi must fit your anatomy. Therefore she won't work for everyone.

I was intrigued with the fact that this toy has three motors but I just wasn’t able to get the kind of stimulation I wanted. The FiFi is great for those who know their anatomy well and prefer indirect stimulation.

Personally, I believe the FiFi by Je Joue is a vibrator that if it works for you, you will love it. Know your body well before investing in this vibrator. Be sure that you would like deep, pulsing vibrations, rigid, firm pressure, and that your fingers are in excellent shape for pushing the control buttons.

this item is simply worth it. It is an unbelievable experience. It is not only quiet but makes it enjoyable for your partner to join. Just change where the buttons are and itll be 100%

The Fifi is a beautiful toy. It is well made and will no doubt bring pleasure to many. Unfortunately it just didn't fit my anatomy.

Je Joue took their time creating a rabbit-style stimulator; years after this company emerged with the innovative SaSi, it's finally breaking into dual stimulators with the Fifi. The wait has proven to be well worth it, though. Deep, rumbly vibrations come from three separate motors, providing stimulation to multiple erogenous zones at once. And with its smooth, matte silicone surface, Fifi should last safely and comfortably through a lot of play!

The unique design of Fifi drew me in. Combine that with Je Joue's soft silicone and I figured this would be a good rabbit for me. The shaft is pretty strong, but the ears are right at that frustrating strength that feels good but can't bring me to orgasm. The indirect stimulation didn't work out for me either. I ended up just using one of Fifi's two ears. Fifi has a design unlike any of my other toys, but it looks like this one will stay in the toy chest.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase. It has given me great orgasms. This is my first premium, rechargeable toy and I can't wait to buy more. I'm feeling a Je Joue Mimi purchase happening in the near future.

I liked using this as a regaular rabbit, but I preferred using the body more. This is great for anyone who's looking for a rabbit to fit your anatomy, and has relatively strong vibrations in both the body and the ears.

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