I hate the controls on the Fifi so much that I cannot bring myself to rate it very highly, despite its other positive qualities. What ought to be a wonderful, sensual experience, with the toy's sleek, smooth curves and its variable vibration settings, becomes an exercise in patience.
Strong, rumbly, many-patterned vibrations. Lovely curves. Smooth silicone. Rechargeable.
Comparably short battery life. Infuriating controls. Too-short clitoral arms.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The FiFi by Je Joue is a rabbit-style vibrator, with an insertable shaft and a pair of individually vibrating ears. This toy is meant for female-bodied people who can insert the shaft vaginally and stimulate the clitoris with the external ears. This toy will work best for a person with a clitoris that is located fairly near to their vaginal opening, since the ears are not quite long enough for some. Contrary to Je Joue's claims, simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation with this toy is very difficult to achieve.

If so compelled, this toy could be inserted anally, since the ears would prevent it from slipping in completely. For male-bodied people, the ears may also feel good stimulating the perineum while the curve of the shaft presses against the prostate.

If you have the patience to attempt to navigate through the various settings, this toy seems incredible for solo play, providing a range of sensations for a long, sensuous exploration. For me, the ears must be strategically placed and I don't find this to be conducive to partnered play.

Material / Texture

The material is glorious and completely seamless. The toy has a solid core, with a layer of matte, velvety, high-quality silicone, with its familiar light scent detectable when you bring the toy near your face. Silicone is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and latex- and phthalates-free. At the tips of the rabbit ears the material is strangely loose and in between the ears it looks a little odd and wrinkled, both of which I found somewhat off-putting at first, though they're really just aesthetic issues. The only texture is an embedded Je Joue emblem below the ears, which does not come in contact with the body when in use.

The matte texture doesn't really do much to add extra stimulation, since it is very smooth and its slightly grippy quality is as enjoyable as a slick one might be when the toy is just inserted and being rocked against or very subtly thrust. On the other hand, if this toy had more texture I think it would distract from the vibrations. Beginners and advanced users alike will appreciate this texture and material, which retains temperatures well and resists dirt and bacteria. It can be easily cleaned and sterilized, so share away, but be sure to clean it if swapping between partners or bodily entrances.

Design / Shape / Size

The unique style of this toy is what attracted me to it in the first place, with its sensual curves and gentle-looking, finger-like ears. Not only does it look beautiful and comfortable, it comes in a selection of my favorite colors, from pale lavender to fuschia to dusky purple.

The shaft is very firm and stiff, with no give. While the curve of the toy appears conducive to stimulating the g-spot and its solid nature should be great for g-spot stimulation, it may actually be too long for most people to apply pressure internally while also externally stimulating the clitoris. The g-spot is located a mere 1-2 inches inside the vaginal opening. The shaft is significantly longer than that and in order to reach your clitoris with the ears, you'll likely need to insert it fully, passing up your g-spot. If you want a toy with the same shape and the same kick in the vibration department, just pick up the Uma, which is basically an ear-less FiFi.

The ears themselves flex apart, but not upwards, which is very frustrating. I do not need the ears to widen easily. I need them to firmly surround my clitoris, with enough flex upwards to allow for comfortable pressure as I insert the toy. No such luck. The ears bend so little upwards that it was impossible for me to get photos where the difference was even noticeable.

From end to end, the FiFi is approximately 7 1/2" long, with about 5" of insertable length. It measures just under 1 1/2" in diameter at its bulbous tip, narrowing to about 1" at the center of its shaft and then flaring out again to a raindrop-shaped base, where the ears are attached. This size is suitable to most anyone, though some beginners may find the blunted bulb tip to be slightly intimidating. Simply use a little lubricant and its smooth surface should allow the toy to slide right in.

The toy is not discreet or particularly easy to hide with its odd shape, though it may travel well, since the buttons are so difficult to press. More on that in the following section.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Despite having an array of vibration settings, performing well in the water, and being of a workable, if not completely ideal, shape and style, the controls are the absolute downfall of this toy.

There are three buttons +, ~, and -. Holding down the + for just under two seconds will turn the toy on a low, steady vibration. Clicking the + will cycle upwards through five vibration levels, from the lowest to the highest. Clicking the - will bring you back down and holding it in will instantly turn the toy off. When you turn it on again, you will start over at a low, steady vibration. The vibrations are located in the bulbous head of the shaft and in each of the ears. The shaft is ever so slightly more powerful than the ears, but both have deep, rumbly vibrations that sound like a purring, contented cat.

Aside from steady vibrations, the toy has six patterns, which can each be ramped up through the five different power levels. Pressing the ~ button will bring you to the first pattern and pressing it repeatedly will cycle through them endlessly. Irritatingly, there doesn't seem to be a way to switch back to steady vibrations via the buttons unless you cycle all the way through or turn the toy completely off, interrupting the entire building up process.

1 - Slow thrumming
2 - Slow rollercoaster
3 - Slow pulsing
4 - Medium pulsing
5 - Rollercoaster pulsing
6 - Pulsing with a short pause in between each pulse

Unfortunately, despite the fact that each of these functions is amazingly versatile and the vibrations are powerful and rumbly, the controls are miserable to use. If the difficulty of pressing the raised, metallic + and - buttons weren't bothersome enough, Je Joue has chosen an inlaid ~ button that is absolutely tiny. In order to click this button, you need to press ridiculously hard and with a firm part of the very end or side of your fingertip. Even pressing it in with a fingernail is difficult and may cause damage to the soft material over time. As a result of this issue, I find myself rarely using the patterns, instead just sticking with the steady vibrations and avoiding the frustration of the inlaid ~ button. Thus, I miss out on one of the best aspects of this toy.

Even worse, the buttons are on the very bottom of the toy. Why couldn't they have placed the buttons below the ears, where the Je Joue symbol is? That way, when you pushed down, you would be applying pressure upwards with the bulbous head, theoretically stimulating your g-spot more firmly. Instead, you must reach far down to push the buttons and, since they are so difficult to press, it may actually be painful to press hard enough to change the strength or setting. If I try to do it one-handed, the tip of the toy digs against my cervix. I have to hold it steady with one hand and use the other to press the buttons to avoid hurting myself.

I rarely find myself thinking about the noise level of toys these days, since I live alone, but I remember a time not so long ago when I lived in a college dorm with roommates. The noise level on this toy is in the middle range. When it is fully inserted and pressed against your body, it is fairly quiet, but it sometimes becomes louder and a bit rattly on the highest settings.

Care and Maintenance

To charge your FiFi, place the charging dock directly over FiFi's buttons and you'll feel the magnets pull it into place. When the toy is charging, a red light will flash. When fully charged, the light will glow steadily, until the charging dock is removed from the buttons. I love the idea of the magnetic chargers, but they can be a bit finicky. This one seems to work reliably and stays in place better than most others I've tried. Do not use the FiFi while it is charging and keep it uncovered so it doesn't overheat. Use your common sense and keep the charger away from water. If any damage is done to it or the toy itself, discontinue use. A two hour charge gives you two hours of use. There is no indicator to let you know the battery is low. The toy will just cease to turn on.

It is recommended that you wash the toy in warm soap and water, but you may also use toy wipes or cleaners, soak it or wipe it down in a 10% bleach solution. Never boil it or place it in the dishwasher unless you want to ruin the mechanical components. Dry the toy completely before charging and do not use any other types of chargers.

Only use water-based lubricant with FiFi as oil- or silicone-based lubes can damage the material.


The instruction packet (in English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese) comes with a massive list of DO's and DON'T's. Be sure to read this before first using the item and keep it on hand for future reference. It also contains your one-year limited warranty.

Here are some photos of the box. The toy comes in a thin cardboard box that opens to reveal a more sturdy, textured black case. This case can be used for storage, but it is a little bulky for my tastes. Removing the outside layer makes for a perfect give box. When you take off the lid, you'll find the toy nestled inside, with a small door that opens to reveal the instruction booklet and the charger.

Please be sure to recycle.

Personal comments

I want to love this toy. It's beautiful. Looking at it turns me on. Touching it turns me on. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite fit me properly, though it is workable with a little creative maneuvering. However, the controls just ruin it for me. I rarely find myself using this toy and when I do, I tend to become frustrated and amp it up quickly to the strongest, steady vibration, which makes the wide range of awesome patterns pretty superfluous. I am able to orgasm with the indirect clitoral stimulation, once I select a setting to stick with.

I am on a seemingly endless quest to find a rabbit vibrator that really works for me. To me, that means a toy whose shape stimulates me when inserted, whose clitoral arm reaches my clitoris with the right pressure and strength of vibration, and whose controls are easily used with one hand. Isn't that the point of a rabbit? To be able to stimulate yourself externally and internally with the same toy, thus freeing up your other hand for different endeavors? The FiFi falls to the wayside, among so many others. Here are some comparison photos I wish I could have seen prior to making this purchase.

The Mood Passionate and FiFi are surprisingly similar in style.

The Lelo Ina and the FiFi are very different designs, but with many of the same shortcomings - literally. The clitoral arms were two short for my body and two stiff to allow for much maneuverability upwards, resulting in too much pressure.

The FiFi's ears are similar to another toy intended to indirectly stimulate the clitoris - the Jimmy Jane Form 2. FiFi's ears flex outward much more than the Form 2, which may be helpful depending on the size of your anatomy.

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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