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Oh FiFi...

FiFi is a rechargeable rabbit vibe that is uniquely designed. It's available in a great variety of colored silicone. This unique design applies deep vibrations to the G-spot, but indirect vibrations to the clitoris. The ears for the indirect clitoral stimulation are stiff and apply moderate buzzy vibrations. These ears don't flex or move, so FiFi must fit your anatomy. Therefore she won't work for everyone.
Color options, good G-spot vibrations, unique design, safe material, and rechargeable.
Won't fit all anatomies, ears are buzzy, indirect stimulation, and hard to press buttons.
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FiFi is a rabbit vibrator with triple motors that provide internal stimulation and external stimulation. However, unlike most rabbit vibrators the clitoral ears split off of the shaft separating them far enough apart that the vibrations aren't place directly onto the clitoris. Depending on your anatomy they will either be placed onto the labia minora or the labia majora. This might cause you to move the toy around to get the vibrations more direct. These clitoral ears are stiff and firmly placed onto the shaft. They aren't flexible. Once you insert the shaft you have to try to aline this toy as bes

Though if your anatomy is male this could work to stimulate the perineum. The shaft of FiFi is shaped with a curve that fits the G-spot or P-spot. The shaft and the two ears each have their own motors, but these aren't controlled separately. The base of the shaft works as a handle so it can easily manipulated by the user. The user can be oneself or ones partner. FiFi can be used for Double penetration of your anatomy allow for it.

Material / Texture

FiFi is made of a luxurious silicone coat. Under the silicone coat FiFi is stiff and firm with little to no give. The silicone coat is amazingly soft and silky with little drag. Though if you find the drag is an issue some lube will solve that issue. Should you sniff FiFi you will notice a smell, but this is a smell that won't deter some from liking FiFi. The smell is like new floor mats for your vehicle. This new smell should wash away after some use and washings. Since Silicone is non porous it won't absorb any smells or bacterias so it's safe to share amongst partners. Though if you are not fluid bond be sure to use a condom or properly clean your toy. (See care section.) For those who have sensitive parts, there is no worry with silicone as it's latex free, phthalates free, and hypoallergenic.

FiFi has no added texture for extra stimulation. She is great for all levels of users alike.

Design / Shape / Size

FiFi is available on Eden in three wonderful color options that are similar to the other Je Joue products. These color options are Lavender, Fuchsia, and Purple, though some Je Joue toys are also available in black Eden isn't currently carrying the black. After a long time of decision making; I decided to go with purple as I have a Lavender MiMi and a Fuchsia Uma. The Purple FiFi seemed like the best option for me. The purple appears to be a greyish purple. It looks nice, but not as nice as the Fuchsia color of my Uma.

FiFi is Uma with two prongs attached to the handle end. FiFi looks like MiMi with a huge middle finger. The handle or base of FiFi is the basic flat egg shape of Mimi, but instead of the rounded top the top expands into a 5" insertable shaft. Where the basic MiMi shape turns into the shaft it is a thin 3" circumference or 1" diameter and curved, but expands to a 4.5" circumference or 1.5" diameter. Back to the base and before the thinning and the curve; FiFi has two 2" long prongs attached at a 50 degree angle from the shaft. These prongs are the clitoral ears. They are split making them V out. Each prong/ear has a circumference of 2". Below these ears is the heart symbol marking this a Je Joue item. On the flat side of the base or the vary bottom you will find the buttons to control the vibrations and functions. You have two magnetic buttons marked + and -. In the center of these buttons is one silicone button marked ~. All of these buttons are hard to press especially the ~ button. Be sure to apply a firm press multiple times on each button until you reach what is desired.

FiFi is a good size for all levels of users, but those who love girth might not be to interested in FiFi. The main issue with FiFi is the 50 degree angle of the ears/prongs. The flex some, but for the most part they are stiff. They won't move around to help with fitting to most anatomies, so she isn't going to work for everyone. I highly recommend figuring out if this angle is good for you. (See personal comments section for information on how.) A good thing about having controls that are hard to press is that the likelihood of it turning on during traveling is less likely. FiFi is very travel friendly, but remember to purchase an adapter if you're traveling out of the US. (To charge your toy, silly.) FiFi is definitely not discreet, but hiding her is easy enough. Purchase a Carry on bag or use a makeup bag for discreet storage. The original box is wonderful too.

Functions / Performance / Controls

FiFi is rechargeable with a charger that plugs into a standard US outlet. The charger magnetically attracted to the buttons on the base of FiFi. You are given a 60" cord to work with. The charger can be hard to get to stay on properly. However there is a red LED light that flashes when FiFi is charging to let you know it's on properly. When FiFi is completely charged she will let you know with a solid light. This usually take 2 hours and is good for two hours of use. The charger also has a blue light on it to let you know it's plug into the outlet. Turning on FiFi she also lights up with a solid red LED light.

FiFi is controlled with three buttons that are marked +, -, and ~. The + or - are to move the vibrations up or down. You must click them each time to move them up or down, which can be hard to click. To Turn FiFi on hold in the + until the Red light comes on. Then click until you reach the desired speed. You have 5 speed options using just the + and - buttons. The third button ~ controls the functions. There are 6 functions aside from steady vibrations that FiFi offers. The vibrations for the shaft and the ears are controlled together and can't be used without the other.

1. Pulsation
2. Escalating low to high
3. On and off pulsation
4. Fast pulsation
5. Pulsation that moves from the head to the ears and back
6. Slow pulsation with a pause of steady vibrations

Depending on what function you are on your vibrations change where they are located. But they are mostly located at the tip of the ears and the insertable shaft. The vibrations on the shaft are really good, deep, and rumbly vibrations that are equal to Uma. However the ears are weak, buzzy, and light. These vibrations are considered a moderate level. They aren't going to be enough for clit of steel ladies, but they will work for those who don't need POWER. FiFi is quiet compared to most rabbit vibrators you find aside from Jopen's. But she does tend to make a rattling noise because the ears are vibrating on an already vibrating shaft. Together the equal a rattling rabbit, but this rattling noise isn't something that can't be covered up with background noise. But you might find it as annoying as I do.

FiFi is completely waterproof so you can enjoy her in the shower, hot tub, or anywhere else there is water. The sound is muffled under water. But she doesn't heat up in water.

Care and Maintenance

FiFi is easy to clean because of the material. She can be wiped with toy wipes, a toy cleaner can be used, or just plain soap and water. Due to the non porous material she can be shared, but you will want to clean her with a 10% bleach solution before another user uses FiFi. This is for safety.

FiFi comes in this wonderful box from Je Joue that is nice for storage. However, if you find it bulky you can store FiFi just about anywhere. Just remember not to store her near toys made of Silicone. If the toy isn't compatible with silicone based lubes, don't store FiFi with them.

Silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. Though some may opt to spot test, I recommend against that because FiFi is an expensive toy to replace.


Je Joue packaging is excellent for storage or for gifting. Everything is neatly placed inside the discreet box. The manual explains the one year warranty.

Personal comments

"I highly recommend figuring out if this angle is good for you. (See personal comments section for information on how.) "

I have come up with an idea to get a better understanding of what angle you need for a rabbit style vibrator. While my idea has room for error it will be close enough to help. What you will need is a straight dildo, some tape, and a bullet. A partner might come in handy with the taping part.

First you will want to insert the straight dildo. Then use the bullet to find the right position to hit your clit. Tape the bullet into place so you can measure your angle. Now taping will be easier if you have a partner doing it for you, but it's possible to do it yourself. You will probably be a little off, but this will most likely not be enough to matter. To measure your angle use a Protractor. If you find that you are close to 50 degrees FiFi might work well for you, but too much more or too much less she won't work well. And you might want to skip on her.

If anyone is interested; here is a quick comparison between FiFi and Jopen Vr 6.5. Someone had asked about it on the forum and I responded.


I did figure out how to use FiFi for my body, but this required too much work for me. I'll admit I'm usually lazy when it comes to masturbation. I'd much rather grab a powerful vibrator and buzz one off instead of using a dildo to thrust into orgasm. FiFi required me to rotate her around. Which sent vibrations all over my labia Minora and labia majora as these are indirect vibrations to the clitoris. The insertable part was very nice because the bulbous head applied deep vibrations on my G-spot. I'm one of the lucky few that find FiFi's angle to fit my body, but she still isn't the toy for me. Overall, she is a good toy, but only worth it to a select few. Sadly, I am not one of those.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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