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Fi-Fi-Feeling Fine

Je Joue took their time creating a rabbit-style stimulator; years after this company emerged with the innovative SaSi, it's finally breaking into dual stimulators with the Fifi. The wait has proven to be well worth it, though. Deep, rumbly vibrations come from three separate motors, providing stimulation to multiple erogenous zones at once. And with its smooth, matte silicone surface, Fifi should last safely and comfortably through a lot of play!
Non-porous, rechargeable, dual stimulation, powerful, deep vibrations, variety of settings.
"Ears" a bit stiff for some, will not suit all anatomies, buttons difficult to push.
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Je Joue's Fifi is a dual stimulator that will work best for those seeking moderately strong stimulation to both the clitoris and interior of the vagina. Because its three motors cannot be operated independently, this vibrator cannot multi-task as an exclusively G-spot or clitoris centered toy. For this reason, the Fifi will only appeal to those that wish to enjoy multiple forms of vulva/vaginal stimulation consistently throughout a play session.

The toy's functions are easy to understand, and the toy's design is quite self-evident. For this reason beginners as well as toy veterans to the world of vibrators should have no difficulty operating and using the Fifi. Its relative simplicity also makes it great for couples play, as well as for solo use. At 1.5" in diameter, this vibrator will be best suited to those that enjoy moderately to large girth.

Material / Texture

The Fifi is firm and inflexible; its hard, dense inner form is coated with a thin, matte layer of 100% silicone. This vibrator will provide a good deal of pressure without much give due to its density, however the silicone is silky to the touch. The external silicone coating not only makes the Fifi comfortable to use, but it also makes it entirely non-porous and safe for sharing. Fifi will not satisfy those with appetites for intense texture, but it's a gloriously smooth ride for those adverse to texture. The matte texture of the silicone also provides just enough friction for lubricant to cling to the surface a bit better than it might with glossy silicones.

Design / Shape / Size

Fifi' shaft is identical to the Uma in shape. It consists of an 8" long shaft, with about 5" of that length being insertable. The shaft has a single motor in it, and seems to be placed at the tip. The "head" of the vibrator has a bulging bean shape, widening to nearly 1.5" in diameter. This bean shape tapers down into the narrowest point of the insertable shaft, which is roughly .75" in diameter. This smaller girth at the base of the insertable portion allows you to enjoy a sensation of fullness and pressure internally, without stretching the inner labia uncomfortably. The curve is somewhat slight, and may not hit G-spots that require deep, penetrating pressure. Those that enjoy mild to moderately strong pressure on the G-spot will be satisfied by Fifi, however.

The clitoral attachments of the Fifi are unique in their design. They are mounted onto a broad, teardrop shaped base that resembles the Mimi in its shape at about a 40° angle. The are each about two inches long, with a motor in each arm. Each arm is intended to sit to one side of the clitoris, cradling it in the nook between.

The stiff nature of the Fifi's arms may make use difficult for those that prefer some flexibility. The "rabbit" ears are quite unyielding in their position, separating easily only about an inch at maximum diameter. This will limit its effectiveness for some individuals, depending on their anatomy. Be sure to thoroughly consider the dimensions and design of this toy and whether or not it will work for your body!

Functions / Performance / Controls

Fifi is controlled with the same three button design featured on the Uma and other new Je Joue editions. The buttons are marked respectively with a positive sign (+), a tilde (~), and a negative sign (-). Depressing the positive sign for two seconds will turn the toy on to its lowest continued speed. By holding the negative sign down for two seconds, the toy can be turned off.

There are five speeds of vibration for the Fifi. After turning the toy on to its lowest speed, pressing the positive sign down will bring you up in speed. By pressing the button down four times, you will reach the highest level of intensity. Patterns can be activated once the desired level of intensity has been set with the (+) sign. The six pulse and escalation patterns can be cycled through by pressing the tilde down. In order to turn the patterns back off, you must cycle through all six settings, then press the tilde once more to return to the continuous vibration setting.

The controls are easy understand, but the buttons are small and require a fair amount of strength to depress. Those with arthritis or other disabilities that limit the use of fingers and hands may have difficulty using the interface. Fifi is also a bit loud; it can be heard through covers on any setting, and on its higher settings it may be heard through a closed door. However, a radio or television on at a low volume is enough to mask the noise.

Je Joue's Fifi is rechargeable through a magnetic charging port, meaning it is entirely water tight. This makes it safe to use in water.

Care and Maintenance

As it is coated with 100% silicone, Fifi can be effectively sanitized with a 10% bleach solution. It can be also be cleaned with antibacterial toy wipes or antibacterial soap and warm water. Due to the mechanical components of this toy, avoid using extremely hot water, and never boil this toy in order to sanitize. It should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. The 100% silicone coat is not compatible with silicone based lubricants, and should be used with water or oil based lubricants only. Do not store 100% silicone toys such as the Fifi openly with non-100% silicone soft toys. This includes PVC, rubber, jelly, TPR and other soft materials that are not entirely made from pure silicone. These other soft materials can be warped, dented or melted by the 100% silicone's close proximity. Silicone attracts lint and hair easily, so it is best stored in a plastic bag or a lint-free cloth storage pouch.

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