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Personally, I believe the FiFi by Je Joue is a vibrator that if it works for you, you will love it. Know your body well before investing in this vibrator. Be sure that you would like deep, pulsing vibrations, rigid, firm pressure, and that your fingers are in excellent shape for pushing the control buttons.
Rechargeable, Silicone, High Quality, Comes with a storage box
Difficult Controls, Motors can not be controlled separately
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extremely useful review


The FiFi is a sleek and sensual dual stimulation vibrator that is design to simultaneously stimulate the clit and g-spot. FiFi's shape is an all-grown-up version of a rabbit vibrator, with no cutesy little animal faces in sight. She is long and lean, and looks like a classy vibrator that any movie star would be proud of. FiFi's vibrations are deep and strong. The vibrations in the g-spot head are strong enough to use her to release tension in the muscles in your neck and shoulders. Although FiFi could be used to stimulate your nipples, breast, or shaft of the penis, her intense strength may not be a winner for those purposes. FiFi can be used to stimulate the outside of the anus, but is not designed to be inserted.

FiFi can be used alone to satisfy, or she can be held in place or thrust while you and your partner have anal sex. You can also have your partner control FiFi while you lay back and enjoy the ride. My personal preference for the FiFi is solo play, because I like to be the one in control of her rumbly and intense vibrations. For me, putting someone else in charge of that much power near my sensitive areas sounds a little too risky.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Sensory play
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

FiFi's 100% silicone coating feels like pure silk, with no smell or taste. She is totally smooth, seamless, and dreamy. FiFi's smooth texture and elongated shape make her easily insertable for novice as well as veteran toy users. If you find yourself to prefer texture, any texture at all, FiFi my leave you wanting more. Her rigid structure and polished, silky texture are better suited to those that prefer slick, firm pleasure. FiFi has little to no drag, even with no lube, and glides easily over skin, both delicate and seasoned. FiFi rarely picks up dust or hair, but you may want to give her a quick rinse before play, just to ensure cleanliness.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the FiFi fell a little short of perfection in my personal opinion. The rigidity can work against some anatomies, and the clitoral stimulation arms can be a bit cumbersome. The control buttons are a pain to work, literally, as you have to press so hard that the buttons can leave an indention on your fingertips. The shape of the g-spot stimulator is longer and slightly pinpointed, so if you are still trying to discover your g-spot, or yours in near the opening of your vagina, FiFi tends to miss it completely.

The clitoral arms are not bendable, though they can be re positioned. The clitoral arms are an inch apart at the very tips when no pressure is being applied, and this can make it difficult to stimulate the clitoris, especially while trying to hit your g-spot at the same time. A trick that I use to bring the arms together is a rubber-band wrapped tightly around the base of them. This brings them together so that you don't have to hold them while holding the vibrator. Then the rubber-band can be removed so the FiFi can be cleaned. Another option is you can tilt FiFi so that only one of the arms rest on your clitoris. This is good if you need a more direct approach with your clitoral stimulation. There are independent motors in the tips of each arm, and the vibrations they provide are strong and deep. I found that the vibrations were not very consistent, that is to say, they were not always the same intensity, even if there was no pattern chosen. Sometimes, I could feel the vibrations jump back and forth between the arms, when I was trying to achieve a steady pressure and speed. This, for me, was distracting and often irritating, but that is a personal opinion, not everyone will feel that way. Each arm measures 2 inches in length from where they are connected to FiFi to the tip, and they stand 1 1/2 inches from the base.

Then we have the g-spot stimulator. Slender in shape, the tip manages to be bulbous yet pinpoint at the same time. The vibrations the motor in this thing crank out are almost like having a Hitachi inserted, in my opinion. Strong, rumbly, and deep, it almost makes my teeth rattle. The g-spot arm has little to no bend to it, so if you find you need things that have some give to them, you might want to look elsewhere. The smoothness makes it easy to insert FiFi, but the length and width of the head was all wrong for me to get any g-spot love. The insertable length of the the FiFi can go up to about 4 inches, depending on how far you want to push it in, but the arms for the clitoris are 2 inches long and an inch apart, so you've only got a small range to fit the FiFi to your body.

The charger for FiFi works very well, especially for a magnetic charger. The connection is firm, and a light comes on to let you know FiFi is charging. The light does not turn off as long as FiFi is plugged in, so you won't know if she is done charging unless you keep track of how long she's been plugged in. The user's manual says that 2 hours of charging for 2 hours of pleasure. The cord for FiFi's charger measures 54 1/2 inches.

    • Futuristic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The patterns and vibration intensities of FiFi cover a wide range of preferences. There are 5 different levels of vibrations ranging from barely felt to rattle your teeth out of your head. I would compare the lowest setting with maybe driving over the ridges on the edge of the road. You know, the ones on interstates designed to let you know you are about to go off-roading. They are felt, but are not intense. The strongest of the vibrations are comparable to a Hitachi Magic Wand in my opinion. They are very deep and can easily be felt throughout your whole body. One thing I found to be an annoyance with FiFi is that the variations between vibration intensities are not subtle. The jump in strength from one level to the next can be quite different, sometimes making it difficult to find the right setting for how you are feeling at the moment.

The control buttons for FiFi are not the most user friendly I've ever experienced. There are 3 control buttons on FiFi, a (+) button, a (-) button, and a (~) button. To turn on FiFi, hold the (+) button down for 3 seconds, then keep clicking the (+) button to increase the vibrations for 5 different intensities. If you find the intensity more than you care to have the (-) button will decrease the vibrations. To cycle through the patterns click the (~) button, and to turn FiFi back off hold the (-) for three seconds. The control buttons are small, and very hard to push, and that makes changing the settings on FiFi difficult while it is inserted. Even if FiFi is not inserted, getting these buttons pushed is almost an accomplishment (If only my personal buttons had as much resistance, maybe then I would do better at controlling my temper).

I did my best trying to visually represent FiFi vibration patterns, and here is what I came up with: (o= a short vibration, O=a longer vibration)

1.a short pulse o-o-o-o

2. an escalating pulse ooOO ooOO ooOO ooOO

3. an off/on pulse O O O O

4. a quick pulse oo oo oo oo

5. an intense, quick pulse OO OO OO OO

6. a long intense pulse OOOO OOOO OOOO OOOO

7. continuous vibration. oooooooooooooooooo

FiFi has three different motors. One motor is located in the g-spot head, and there is a motor in each clitoral stimulator. Vibrations come from each independent motor, but the motors can not be controlled independently. When you turn FiFi on, all the motors turn on, and they can not be set separately controlled. For example, if you would like the internal vibrations as high as they go, and the clitoral vibrations on a lower intensity, or a different clitoral pattern from the selected g-spot pattern, you are out of luck. I think it would enhance the toy a lot if you could control the vibrations separately.

The best thing about the FiFi are the vibrations from the g-spot head. They can be felt throughout the entire body, but the fact that it is difficult to get pinpoint vibrations on the clitoris makes it hold a lower interest for me. The FiFi is whisper quiet on the lower settings, but starting at the third level the toy begins to get loud. On the highest setting you could easily hear FiFi from behind a closed door.

FiFi is completely waterproof. You can take it with you in a bath, shower, hot tub or pool. The charger is magnetic, so that makes FiFi completely sealed off and impermeable.
    • Long lasting power
    • Rechargeable
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

The FiFi is covered in a body safe silicone. Because it is silicone, you don't want to store in uncovered with other silicone toys, as sometimes one silicone will bond with another, and the toys' silicone can be marred. Not to worry, your FiFi will come with a beautiful, sturdy box that will keep it, the charger, and the instruction manual together as well as lint, dust, and dirt free.

Her silicone can be completely sterilized with a 10% bleach solution, or you can wash her with antibacterial soap and water. Though silicone can also be boiled or put in the dishwasher to be sterilized, FiFi's internal motors are not compatible with this method of cleaning. The smoothness of FiFi makes her impossibly easy to clean, just take care to clean between the two clitoral stimulators, as fluid or lube can get down in there. FiFi's silicone is compatable with water based lubricants only, as a silicone based lube could degrade the material.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The outer box that FiFi comes in is nothing notable, just a thin, glossy card stock box. Two sides of this box are covered in short paragraphs in several different languages. The paragraph in English reads: "Demand more rabbit with your FiFi. Perfectly contoured with unique vibrations from each ear and shaft, FiFi gives you simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation, when and how you want it." The front to the box has Je Joue on in large letters with their heart logo above it. The back of the box has a picture of the FiFi on the right side with the Je Joue logo on the left side and "MORE RABBIT" written under that. This outer box is tactful enough, but its the box beneath it that is really interesting.

The FiFi comes nestled in a black, sturdy, cardboard box that is textured like linen. It has the Je Joue stamped on the top in silver with their heart logo on top of the words. The box is 11 11/16 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide by 2 13/16 inches tall. Inside there is a plastic insert that cradles the FiFi and a small box with a lid that pulls up to reveal the charger and the user manual. This box is classy, and could be used to present FiFi as a gift at a bachlorette party or for that special someone. It is very elegant and looks like something an expensive trinket would come in.

The user's manual has a brief description of FiFi's controls, and a small section on how to hook FiFi to the charger, but the majority of the book is a ridiculously obvious 'Do Not' list. Some examples include "Do not attach FiFi to the charger while it or your hands are wet" and "Do not dispose of FiFi or its components in a fire". The simple stuff that has to be written somewhere so that the company is safe from those brave individuals that live for danger.
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I am absolutely in love with the feel of the silicone on FiFi. Seriously, I want sheets and clothes made from this stuff, it feels like silk! Though I love the feel of the silicone, there is little more that I feel is positive about the FiFi. The shape is classy, but doesn't work for my anatomy, and the controls make me want to scream, in a bad way. I thought a vibrating arm thrumming along on each side of my clit would put me over the edge of orgasmic bliss, it really just left me frustrated and reaching for a faithful standby. This doesn't mean FiFi doesn't have merit. If you enjoy a slow build up, or have a leisurely amount of time to explore how FiFi works best for you, it may be your go to toy. Of course if FiFi worked for my anatomy, I would be thrilled with the high quality, powerful vibrator that she is. I gave FiFi 3 out of 5 stars because the controls are frustrating and almost painful to work, and when you pay a premium price, you expect premium results.


If it wasn't the controls getting me down, it was the awkward fit for my anatomy and inconsistent vibrations. I wanted to love FiFi. I wanted her to solve the dilemma I have with wanting a high quality, body safe, non-cutesy, rechargeable rabbit vibrator. Maybe I expected too much from FiFi. Maybe she was overwhelmed at all the demands that I placed on her. I'm not sure, but when my frustration reached an apex, and my satisfaction went through the floor, I became disheartened. I just couldn't get FiFi to do what I wanted her to.

I don't have hours to sit and fidget with a vibrator, trying to coax it into doing its job. Lack of versatility really frustrated me about FiFi. The motors all had to be doing the same thing, at the same time, and to switch controls in order to build up to an exciting finish would be almost out of the question, unless you have supersonic fingers.
Follow-up commentary
It isn't that anything about the FiFi has changed to make me like it more, it is that I have changed the way I use it. This vibrator does squat for me when I use it in the way that it was created to be used. It doesn't hit my g spot or feel good on my clit when it is inserted, and that is a real disappointment. HOWEVER, I have discovered that the g spot shaft actually makes an excellent clitoral vibrator for me, especially during anal sex. FiFi is easy to hold with plenty of power and it doesn't get in the way. So thankfully, I have been able to find a use for it and it is not sitting there taking up space. I think if I knew then what I know now about the way FiFi works, I would have chosen a different higher-end vibrator, but that's more due to my anatomy than to any fault that FiFi has.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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