FiFi - rabbit vibrator by Je Joue - review by SMichelle

Meet Fifi -- Uma with ears!

This rabbit vibrator kind of works for me, but then it kind of doesn't. I absolutely love the powerful, rubmly vibrations, and I love the fact that the g-spot curve hits my g-spot. I do find myself frustrated, however, as the clitoral arms do not perfectly line up with my clitoris. This toy won't work for everyone, unfortunately, but it is still a great little toy.
Powerful, Amazing silicone material, Rechargeable, Great g-spot curve
Shape won't work for everyone, Ears don't really line up with my clitoris well
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This beautiful vibrator is brought to us by Je Joue. It's available on in three colors, though unfortunately each of the colors can be considered a bit "girly". The color options, if you're wondering, are lavender, fuchsia, and purple. Je Joue's own website also shows Fifi being available in black, but that's not listed on EF's site at the time being.

As I won this toy, I didn't have the ability to select the color that I received, but I received the lavender. The lavender appeared like a very light purple on my computer screen, but it's really a beautiful light pink with a slight purple tint to it. It's a truly gorgeous color.

Moving on, FiFi is brought to us by Je Joue, and she can be used in many different ways.

There is the intended way -- as a dual stimulator. Fifi has a slight g-spot curve to it, and two attached clitoral arms. The shaft of the toy is meant to be inserted, while the clitoral arms are meant to stimulate your clitoris. The clitoral arms on this toy are a little different, in that they're two separate little attachments, and your clit is meant to sort of rest between the two "ears". This works out okay if the toy fits you properly, but sadly this toy will not fit everyone's anatomy.

You could also use Fifi as just a clitoral vibrator, by holding the head on your clitoris. The soft, rounded head does feel fantastic on my clitoris.

You can use Fifi anally, as the ears will prevent her from slipping too far. I haven't tried her anally, but the curve of her body might provide males with some pleasant p-spot stimulation.

You could use Fifi to massage other sensitive areas of your body, as well.

I, personally, feel that Fifi is best used in solo situations, but there is no reason why you can't use her in a couples situation.

Material / Texture

One of my favorite things about Je Joue toys is the silicone that they use! Fifi, like Uma and Mimi, is made out of some of the most amazing silicone that I have ever felt. The silicone is very, very safe -- in fact, it has earned a rating on 10 on Eden's safety scale! This toy is so safe because it's hypoallergenic, and both latex and phthalates free. It's also completely non-porous, so... yeah, it's very, very safe. There's nothing better than a safe toy.

As I mentioned before, this silicone is amazing. It's a very thin layer of silicone, resting over a much firmer inner core. So, you won't get any "squish", or flexibility, with this toy. While the toy doesn't have any give to it, it does feel incredibly soft. The silicone is velvety soft to the touch, to the point that I really cannot stop touching it. It feels amazing! If you have Uma or Mimi, this is the very same material that those toys are made out of -- it's very high quality stuff!

The silicone is completely smooth, with absolutely no texture to it. I did, however, notice a very faint, sweet smell coming from Fifi -- though I can only smell that if I put her right under my nose. I didn't notice any taste at all, if you were wondering about that.

Design / Shape / Size

Fifi is a decent size vibrator, measuring about 7 1/2" in length, with 5" of that being insertable. Fifi's head is the thickest insertable portion -- it measures about 1 1/2" in diameter. The thinnest portion of Fifi is her shaft, which measures around 1" in diameter. The little ears measure about 2" each, if you're wondering. I wouldn't recommend Fifi for those of you that are size queens, as she's not a large toy. Still, she should be more than enough for most users.

This vibrator is extremely similar to Uma (also by Je Joue) in design. In fact, it's pretty much Uma with ears.

Fifi's got the larger base, or handle, which features the controls on the bottom of it. As you go up from that handle, you'll find that the shaft gets thinner, before it gradually bulges out into the head. The bulging helps to create a very nice g-spot curve that hits my g-spot perfectly! The fact that the shaft is significantly thinner than the head does seem to cause my vagina to sometimes clamp around the toy, so that it takes a bit of effort for me to remove it. That's not really a problem though, because it's not like I need to pry it out. I just need to kind of wiggle it out slowly -- so no big deal.

Now, let's talk ears. The ears are found on the lower half of the toy, and they extend upward at an angle. There are two ears with a little space between them. The ears are not going to line up with everyone's clitoris. They are, however, somewhat flexible, so you may have luck positioning them in a way that will work for you. They don't really flex upwards, but you can push them all the way downward towards the shaft with ease. You can also push the ears together, or apart. So... you have your options.

This toy isn't super discreet. It doesn't look like a traditional vibrator, but I don't think you'll be able to pass it off as anything else.

Functions / Performance / Controls

One of my favorite things about Fifi is that she is rechargeable. She comes packaged with a magnetic charging cord. The cord is meant to attach to the buttons that are found on the bottom of Mimi. When Mimi is charging, you'll know it, because she'll flash a red light. When Mimi is done charging, you'll see a steady light -- so you'll know when to unplug her! Charging is super easy, but you do need to have the charger on just right -- thankfully the lights let you know when everything's okay. Just to note here -- you cannot use Fifi while she is being charged.

Fifi is controlled by the three buttons on the base. The buttons are "+", "~", and "-". To turn the toy on, you hold the "+" for about 3 seconds. The first vibration you're granted with there will be a very low, steady vibration; it's about 1 vroom and 1 bee on this level. Not very powerful, right? Okay, so press the "+" button again. In fact, keep pressing the plus button, and you'll find that there are 5 levels of steady vibrations! The vibrations at the most powerful level are about 3 bees, and 4 vrooms. The vibrations are also very rumbly, which is nice. It's a little less powerful than her sister Uma, but not by much. If you do get a vibration level that just seems to be too much for you, have no fear! Press the "-" button to decrease the vibrations.

Okay, so maybe steady vibrations aren't your thing... perhaps you want to spice it up with patterns? Well, patterns aren't quite my thing, but Fifi does offer you some options. To get to the patterns press the "~" button. This particular button can be a little hard to press, but it should loosen up over time. Back to the patterns.. there are 6 of them, that range from escalating, to different sorts of pulsation speeds.

Je Joue's own website states that this vibrator has three motors. One of the motors is located in the shaft, whereas the other two are located in each of the ears. This means that the vibrations travel well to all areas of the toy, as each area is powered by its own motor. While the vibrations travel throughout all of the important parts of the toy, the base doesn't really vibrate, your hand will not go numb. While all of this is good, it should be said that you do not have the option of controlling each motor individually -- which is a real shame.

This toy is waterproof, and it preformed decently in the shower. I have not tried Fifi in the tub yet, but Je Joue says that she is completely waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

If you find that you need lubricant with Fifi, you should only use water-based lubricant. This is because Fifi is made of silicone, and silicone is not compatible with oil or silicone-based lubricants.

Caring for Fifi is easy otherwise. You can clean her by washing her with antibacterial soap and warm water, or even with a toy cleaner or wipe. You can also sterilize her by wiping her down with a 10% bleach solution.

Storage is also no problem. You have the option of storing her in the package that she comes in, but I personally found that that took up too much room. I have decided to store Fifi in a storage pouch instead. If you want to store her in a pouch, you'll need to purchase your own, as she doesn't come with one.

Personal comments

This isn't a toy that I would usually purchase. Rabbits don't really do it for me, and this one comes with a high price. This toy came to be mine at Eden's 10th anniversary party, when I was lucky enough to win it in the riddle contest. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it, since... like I said, rabbits aren't my thing.

All of that said, I do like this vibrator. LIKE, not love. The ears don't really offer enough stimulation for me to orgasm with, but it's a nice teaser. I do enjoy the curve of this toy, though, but... I still wouldn't have purchased it on my own. I already own Uma and Mimi, after all. Really, Fifi is just Uma with ears (and Uma is just Mimi with a tail), and a little less power. It's a good buy, but it really didn't rock my world.
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