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I feel that this toy is definitely best suited to beginners who are looking for a step up from the most basic of vibrators. This is an elegant, non-intimidating introduction to rabbits and multi-function vibrators. However, if you're a more experienced user of sex toys, the vibrations on this smaller, slimmer, quieter toy may not be enough for you.
Quiet, classy, non-intimidating, safe materials. Great for beginners!
Unoriginal, disorganized, weak vibration patterns, poorly designed controls and handle.
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The Mood Passionate is intended to be used as a dual stimulation vibrator, providing sensation both internally and externally. The shorter, external arm is meant to stimulate the clitoris, but it can also be turned around to face the opposite direction when inserted, stimulating the anus and perineum. Be sure to keep your toys clean, especially when using it for both types of stimulation. This toy is best for women who are looking to expand on the most basic of vibrators. You know the ones! Perfectly straight, with the twist knob on the bottom? The Mood Passionate is the toy for you if you are looking for gentle stimulation and an introduction to rabbits and multi-function vibrators.

Material / Texture

This vibrator is made of silicone with a hard plastic base. There is very little smell to the material and no taste at all. The odor is slightly sweet and clean smelling. The silicone is quite soft and pliable, except for the areas that house the internal appliances. The smooth, velvety texture is perfect for beginners, with enough traction to provide the perfect amount of stimulation on your delicate parts. You can bend the shaft and the clitoral stimulator as well, but they unfortunately do not hold their position.

Please see the Care/Maintenance section for safety and cleaning information with regard to the materials.

Design / Shape / Size

The overall design of this toy is very attractive, though it is not the most discreet. It has lovely, sexy curves and looks very comfortable to use. Unfortunately, that's not quite the case. The base of the toy is oblong, making it somewhat difficult to grip and maneuver. The base also houses the battery compartment, which is very interesting and unique. Hold the shaft in your left hand and the base in your right hand with the buttons facing the ceiling. Twist the base towards you, then pull it straight off. Be careful, because the metallic ring around the base is not securely attached and will easily come off. The two triple A batteries slide right in one after another, similar to most flashlights. To replace the base, reverse these instructions, pushing the base back into place at a right angle to the rest of the toy, then twisting it back in line. There is a small rubber ring around the battery compartment to prevent water from entering. Based on my experiments, it is truly waterproof and can handle immersion to be used in the bath or the shower, if you're so inclined.

As for the size and shape...I really appreciate that the clitoral stimulator is not shaped like some cute little animal! That always creeps me out. This toy is tasteful and elegant which appeals to my sense of aesthetics, but the shape of it does not really fit my anatomy. I have yet to find a rabbit that fits me right. Though the main shaft is slightly shorter than most, making it easier for me to reach my clit with the smaller arm, the clitoral stimulator is still slightly too short to reach. The insertable portion appears to be gently curved to provide g-spot stimulation, but it is mostly ineffective, since the shaft is rather flexible. If the toy had been designed to be bendable and hold a slightly more dramatic shape, it would have been a vast improvement. I also happen to like a somewhat girthier toy than this, but its small size makes it great for beginners who may be intimidated by larger insertables. Its dimensions are as follows:

Overall Length: 8"
Insertable length: 4 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/8"

My number one complaint with the design of this toy is the location of the controls. They are basically in the worst place imaginable! I'm pretty sure the only way they could be more difficult to access would be if they were actually *inside* of the body when the toy is inserted...Ugh! With the toy inserted and the clitoral stimulator pointing towards your belly button, the controls are on the right side of the oblong handle. Depending on if you're right- or left-handed and on how you're accustomed to holding your toys, the buttons can be pushed with your index finger or your thumb, but no matter which method you use...You almost always have to twist your hand in a very awkward way. In addition, without any way to lock the buttons and avoid accidental powering on during travel, I would not recommend this toy for trips unless you remove the batteries.

The buttons themselves are half-circles of soft silicone. The one nearest to the base of the toy is the power button, which instantly turns the toy on or off. The button closer to the shaft, with a symbol on it that looks like the angular squiggle on a heart monitor, cycles through the toy's functions. Another big problem I have with this toy is that turning the power off does not cause the cycle of settings to start at the beginning when you turn it back on. The toy simply picks up again at whichever setting it was on when you turned it off. In my opinion, this makes it a far less versatile and user-friendly toy. It is incredibly difficult to keep track of which setting you're on, which makes finding a particular one nearly impossible.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations in this toy are located in the first inch or so of the head, where you see a slight bulge, and in the middle portion of the clitoral stimulator. I feel that these could have been placed better. I'd prefer the vibrations to be around the center of the main shaft and at the very tip of the clitoral stimulator. The functions of this toy are really unimpressive, in my humble opinion. They're not the most inventive or unique patterns around. One after the other, they are extremely similar to one another, with little variation. I honestly would call this vibrator with four functions...Not ten. It has varying speeds of steady vibrations, pulses, throbbing, and thrumming, in the following order:

1 - Strong, steady vibrations in both
2 - Slightly softer, steady vibrations in both
3 - Even softer, steady vibrations in both
4 - Rapid, escalating pulses in both
5 - Steady pulses in both
6 - Strong, slow throbbing in both
7 - Strong, rapid throbbing in both
8 - Strong, slow thrumming in both
9 - Strong, long pulses in both
10 - Soft, short, rapid pulses in both

I also take issue with the order that these vibrations are in. How illogical! I feel that the vibrations should start off soft and build to stronger settings as you cycle through the settings. The thrumming and the escalating settings are my favorite, but I wish that the vibrations were more powerful. This toy simply is not strong enough for my tastes. Although it is gentle enough for a slow, sensual warm-up and quiet enough to be used even when complete privacy is limited...I honestly have not used this toy regularly enough to know how efficient is it in terms of battery power. It sits unused for so long in my toy bag that I usually just remove the batteries and use them in another item instead.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning a silicone toy is extremely easy and with no nooks and crannies on this smooth toy, you can simply clean it with warm water and soap, a 10% bleach solution, or a toy cleaner. Many silicone toys can be boiled or thrown in the dishwasher, but since this is a vibrator and the silicone portion cannot be separated from its electrical components, you cannot use this method without ruining your toy. Take care to clean your toys before and after each use.

When storing your sex toys, make sure that your silicone items cannot come into contact with other toys, especially other silicone toys. Silicone has a tendency to react badly to certain materials, irreparably damaging it. As such, be sure to use water-based lubricant, not silicone lubricant.


The toy is packaged in a lovely cardboard box, with a window at the front to display the toy. It cannoy be used as a gift or storage box and it is a little bit excessively large for this smallish toy, but it is recycleable! Yay! Please be sure to recycle the packaging! :)

There are no instructions, which is unfortunate, especially regarding the battery compartment on this toy, which is a little bit unique in its design. Please see the "Design" section for my description of how to use the battery compartment.
Follow-up commentary
I've made a difficult decision. I hate parting with my toys, but I think it's time for the Mood Passionate to try for a new lease on life. I'm going to be sending this toy in for recycling with my next shipment. I've given it chance after chance only to be frustrated and disappointed each time. It doesn't fit my body well and is weak and awkward to use, with vibration patterns that are undeniably underwhelming.

After sitting unused for too long...Here's to hoping it can be melted down and made into something better!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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