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Mood: Passionate

The slim Mood Passionate is a versatile rabbit vibrator. The number of functions ensures that there is one for everyone and the colors are pleasing. The handle is a little awkward and it uses a lot of batteries, but the shape and functionality more than makes up for that. I do wish it came with a small storage bag, but since it's waterproof I forgive that oversight. This is a definite option for a first rabbit vibrator, especially for those, like me, who are not pleased by girth.
Size, 10 functions, longer clitoral attachment, waterproof.
Battery consumption, awkward handle position, size (might be too small).
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The Mood Passionate is a nice concept for a rabbit vibrator, especially for those who prefer a slimmer vibrator or toys that aren't shaped like animals. It is great for vaginal and clitoral use, although since the clitoral part is a little longer it can also be turned around for vaginal and anal stimulation (just use proper care...disinfect it or even cover it with a toy cover).

The Mood Passionate worked well for use with my partner; so rest assured, if you want a toy you can use during sex, this is a great option. This is one of the few rabbit style vibes I would recommend as a first rabbit for anyone (due to size, vibration patterns and ease of use).

Like just about every other vibrator ever invented you can use it for stimulation just about anywhere on the body, but because of the shape the traditional vaginal stimulation is the best way to use it. The best use I found was thrusting. Because the clit piece is a little longer I was able to thrust without losing contact with my clitoris (which is amazing...and brilliant...if you ask me). The result of thrusting with the constant vibration was an amazing orgasm.

A small bonus for those who prefer girth: I was also able to use the Mood Passionate during I had girth, vibration, and clitoral was explosive, and ended with a "can we do it again?!?!"

Material / Texture

The Mood Passionate is silicone, and does have a very slight sweet scent to it (nothing alarming or unusual though). The silicone is matte and has just a very small amount or drag to it, but because of the slender size is hardly noticeable. There is a small seam running the length of the vibrator, but the silicone is so soft you can't feel it at all.

Only the top 2.5 inches of the vibrator (not clit part) are flexible...the bottom portion is the motor. That flexible portion can be angled a little for g-spot use, although I am not sure that was the intention (I just noticed it can be done). The top inch of the clitoral portion of the vibe moves easily, and is soft, allowing just the right amount of pressure without causing pain during use.

The entire vibrator is smooth, so if you like a smooth's one for your collection. Just remember it is silicone, so water based lubricant is a must.
    • Light odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

For some reason this looks futuristic to me...not sure why though. The thickest part of the toy measures in at 1.25 inches thick (but the silicone has give) and the majority of the shaft is about 1 1/8 inches thick. This is a slim vibrator, but since most rabbits are thicker, I see that as a plus.

I won't say this is for beginners or more experienced users, but rather, this vibrator is great for those who don't necessarily want girth. I prefer a slim vibrator, and the size was perfect for me. It is a total of 5 inches insertable, so it isn't overly long...but it might be too short for some.

The shape and size make this an easy to use toy for anyone. It is almost fool proof. My only complaint, and it *really* irritates me, is the handle shape. I wish the oblong shape was turned 90 degrees. It is hard to explain, but I will try:

The handle is flat(ish) and oval, so when I hold it in my hand it slips out some. If the flat part was resting on my fingers rather than on my palm it would be much more comfortable to hold. My wrist was very uncomfortably angled and it made the vibrator seem heavier than it is.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are 10 functions to choose from and none of them are new or fascinating. The power button on the bottom will remember the last setting used when turned on. The top button changes functions. Simple...really can't mess it up.

The motors are in each part of the toy at the bottom portions (respectively), but the silicone does deliver a nice level of vibration throughout the toy. I will say that I didn't find the vibration levels to be super high or even high really. They weren't weak, but they were not really strong either. And the vibrations are a little buzzy rather than rumbly (I am very sure there are about ten people asking what the hell I am talking about here). The noise level matched the vibrations, so for those who want a semi-quiet toy this is a great feature.

The Mood Passionate is waterproof. You can take it in the shower or bath or where ever. I can't see a seal, but it didn't die in the shower (sorry, no visual on the seal means I will NOT put it in water to test).

Oh sucks up those batteries folks. Two motors means twice as many batteries, and since they are AAA they don't last quite as long.
    • Battery guzzler
    • Buzzy
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Alright, I will go over the silicone need-to-knows here:
Water based lube only, clean it with toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution (I don't recommend even trying to boil this), and it will attract lint so you may want to wipe it down with a damp cloth before use.

I store my silicone toys in pouches so no other materials try to get frisky with them (you know...because silicone is so wait...that's glass). If you have TPR or Jelly or something like that it could potentially melt and ruin your pretty silicone toy, so treat it well. It is also small enough to keep in a sock drawer or somewhere like that if you need some hiding ideas. It isn't discreet, so just letting it sit isn't the greatest idea ever.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I only have one comment on packaging (other than this it was classy and nice looking...nothing spectacular).

The battery instructions in NO WAY pertain to this toy. Period.

Ok, two comments...the box is a little large for my taste, so I tossed it and keep the toy in a bag.
    • Minimal

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